Thursday, 7 August 2014

How much is my face worth?

Hello everyone, 
I love these posts because you a) get to share your most used products (so some unsung heroes) but also b) because I'm intrigued by how much my makeup actually costs me! These are the products I reach for when I want my make up to be simple and unfussy, but I absolutely love it. It's neutral so goes with anything I'm wearing and I can do it all in about ten minutes. Just a quick disclaimer, this is not a post for any form of bragging, just a bit of fun!

-On the face-

Rimmel fix and perfect primer - £6.99
Miss sporty liquid concealer - £2.99
L'oreal true match foundation - £9.99
Sleek contour kit- £6.49
Sleek blush in Pixie pink- £4.49
MAC soft and gentle mineralize skinfinish- £23.00
Maybelline fit me powder- £5.99
total = £59.94

-On the eyes-

Urban decay naked3 palette- £37
Eyeko skinny eyeliner- £12 (free with Glamour magazine!)
Maybelline rocket volum' mascara- £7.99
Total =£56.99

-On the brows-

MUA Pro-brow palette - £3.50
Maybelline BROWdrama - £4.99
Total = £8.49

-On the lips-

Rimmel appocalips in celestial- £6.49
Total = £6.49

So in total, the makeup I wear daily, if I was to purchase all of the products at once, would cost me £131.91, ah that is a lot! Since I've starting working, it has really put what I spend my money on into perspective, like when lunch a Pret costs more that what I earn an hour, you start questioning theses things! However, makeup is what I'm all about, and I've collected these products over time or as gifts, so I can live with that total, especially when I've found things that suit me and products that I would happily rave about all day!
How much is your face worth? 



  1. Haha I would not like to know what my makeup collection was worth ���� x

  2. I noticed this when I started working to. An hour of boring work just for a sandwich? no thanks! I'd rather have the money. Love this post, I've done a few of those over my blog too. x

    Lizzie's Corner


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