Thursday, 10 July 2014

Review: YSL glossy stain `Corail hold up`.

Hello everyone, 
Sorry I've been so absent this week,I have had a lovely one so far, lots of things to do,and luckily I've not been bored at all this holiday yet! 

As you may remember me mentioning, I had my prom makeup done at the YSL counter in my local Debenhams.  The price of having my makeup done was redeemable against a product if my choice, so I deiced to go for the product used on my lips; so step up the YSL glossy stain in `Corail hold up.`

As you can see it is the most gorgeous colour, a peachy coral with the perfect amount of subtle shimmer. The texture of the gloss starts off feeling like water on the lips but after a while it settles, becoming more like a lipstick but i actually really like that. Because It is a stain, the intensity can be build up by leaving a few seconds between the coats you apply, meaning it can be very subtle or as strong as you want it.

It has fab staying power although I do like to whip it out an reapply every so often! The packaging is obviously to die for, but I would expect no less from YSL! The scent and taste reminds me of cherries, normally I prefer lip produts not to have too much of a flavour, but this one is just right. This retails for £25, so is definitely a luxury item. If I'm honest, I'm sure there are lots of glosses on the market for less that are just as good, but really you pay for decedent packaging as well as the product, and I loved having this treat for prom! 

Have you tried the YSL glossy stains? What is your favourite gloss? 


  1. This sounds great
    such a lovely colour
    Hope you had a good prom
    Rachel XX

  2. This looks lovely! You looked so pretty at prom as well! x x

    1. Aw thank so much Scarlett , so did you! x

  3. Oh wow, that's such a pretty colour x

  4. I've always wanted to try one of the glossy stains, this shade looks like one I'd pick up myself. I think the new l'Oreal versions of these are supposed to be really similar because they're made by the same brand :) I would probably pay more for the packaging though it is so luxurious :o x


    1. I really want to try one of those! x


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