Tuesday, 16 September 2014

What's in my sixth form bag?

Hello everyone,
Like lots of you, I'm back at school; sad because that means no more summer fun, but happy to be starting something new an actually using my brain again. It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of stationary and honestly look forward to doing my back to school shop every year! 

So, the bag. This one is from M&S, actually my sisters, but my gorgeous beige one from accessorize simply isn't' big enough for everything I need to carry around (sad sad times) but fear not, it will still be loved and used! I think this one is quite Alexander Wang-esque; all good in my book. I tend to carry it on my arm, but it does have a shoulder strap which is a life saver by then end of the day. Truth be told, I wouldn't really think to look in M&S for bags, but they has some stunners!

Ah, stationary (heart eye emoji) All of these are from WH Smith, which is where I tend to go every year. I think the dark florals on my pencil case are so pretty and look super good with my bag. Inside I just have the usual pens, pencils, ruler, rubber, blah blah. These fine-liners were such a good buy, they're fab for writing or underlining, as well as drawing mind maps (personal fave.) These post-it notes are just for general doodling and notes, and they also make good DIY folder dividers. 

I'm longsighted, so my glasses are a must. I actual really like the frames I have, so I might have to do an outfit post with them soon! 

I bought this purse at the start of the year from the accessories in Covent garden, it's lasted so well! The fact that it has three different leather shades means it looks good with any bag. We have school cards that we use to buy food from our common room, but I do like to pop to the shops for something to munch on during my study sessions- all I've been buying is cookies and it's becoming a bit of an addiction...

Obviously I have my phone, and ear phones are a total essential. Whether I'm trying to focus in a study session or am walking home, they always always come in handy!

This year rather than being given books and things by school, we've had to provide our own. I study 4 subjects (English lit, psychology, politics and French) so I have four ring-binders (not at all fun to carry around) but they are the best way to organize all of my notes. I labeled them using a Dymo machine, which I can't lie was such a good purchase! I then take in a A4 refill pad for all of my notes. Finally I have my planner (the prettiest one Paperchase had to offer) which make sure I always know what lesson I have next and when homework is due, I literally couldn't function properly with out one!

So that's what I lug about with me everyday (plus text books and booklets- but they would have totally ruined the photo) I'm enjoying sixth form so far, but the work really is non stop! 

What's in your school bag? What do you think of what's in mine? 


  1. Glad you're liking sixth form! Your subjects sound like so much work! Mine have been quite hard too, but I'm loving it so far. All your stuff looks so pretty! I just carry one folder for my current work and then have 3 separate ringbinders to file it into at home, plus my journal and stuff for textiles. But my bag still seems so heavy!
    lily x

  2. At the start of the year I have so much stuff in my bag but by the end I only have a few scraps of paper, I just cannot cope with a heavy bag! We get issued a disgusting school planner so no pretty ones for me :(

    Elizabeth's Boredom

  3. I love your bag it definitely looks a little Alexander wang-eske for sure! How are you finding sixth form? I love this little idea, it puts a little twist on the whole 'what's in my bag' tag! Tabitha x


  4. I love your colorful stationary :)
    Miki xx

    If you'd like to check my little blog:

  5. We are glad to read you are happy with your Dymo label maker. Those colorful notebooks look gorgeous with the vintage tape on them. ^CP

  6. I have those fine liners and they're incredible, really handy and such usable shades! x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  7. what is taking psychology a level like? do you do the aqa exam board? do you have to remember a LOT of case studies cos that is what i have heard?is it very science and maths based and essay based? also is it interesting? is it a hard a level to take?


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