Thursday, 24 October 2013

Celebrity style #6: Lana Del Rey.

Howdy y'all,
Recently, something strange has gone on; I have fallen head over heels for Lana Del Rey. Late to the party on this one I know, but hear me out! I had never really listened to much of her music, but just sort of admired it from a far. However recently she is all I've been listening too, and singing at top volume too as well I might add. So once I'd had a chance to enjoy her voice, I did what any sensible blogger would do, checked out her style! Luckily I can confirm that she has ticked this box for me as well, it seems she can now do no wrong in my eyes! 


1. Reason #1 why I'm infatuated, lana gets red faced but can still look gorgeous! I love the red converse and band tee combo, as well as that old 90's chestnut, the shirt around the waist. A pair of denim shorts are a staple in anyones wardrobe so this look is a fab one to recreate. 

2. I adore this outfit; the mint/pale blue looks goregous with her skin tone and hair and I love addition of the flower crown. The detail on the front adds a unique twist to an otherwise plain chiffon skater dress which makes it for me.

3. This is such a cute outfit, the highwaisted skirt and crop top combo accentuates her tiny waist and I love the sheer panels going on. Navy, polka dots and white is always going to work, but Lana wears it in quite a daring way which I think she totally pulls off.

Whenever Ms. Del Rey steps out onto the red carpet, she just oozes old school Hollywood glamour, which is just what a glitzy event should be about! 


1. I'm not usually one for patterned dresses, I think they're far too loud and just clash which everything, however as this one is black and white, it tones it down and the print is just so elegant and really flatters her figure. 

2. Red on a red carpet can also be quite risky, but Lana does it again! I love the way it's draped at the top, it makes it seem so effortless. I think her minimal jewelry and lack of clutch add to the impact of the dress because there is nothing else that draws your eye to it. 

3. The most classic look out of the three; this cream number is so goregous. It screams glamour and is perfect on Lana. The belt and the waist is really flattering and pulls everything together, I love the gold clutch as well! 

Lana is well known for her gorgeous locks and 60's inspired makeup; 

1. The most `Lana` look out of the three. I adore the peach blusher and nude lips, and of course the winged liner.

2. Ah I love this look! The smokey eye against her pale skin here makes it so striking. Her skin is absolutely flawless, probably photoshopped, however I'm sure it is naturally radiant! 

3. This has to be my favourite look, I can't get enough off the lip shade, so perfect for autumn. The gold eye is so pretty as well, I'm glad she didn't go really strong on the eyes here as well, it would have been a bit too much!

So as I continue this love affair, what do you think about Lana's style? What is your favourite look? 


  1. shes so stunning, her make up always looks flawless!


  2. she has amazing style! such a classic look

    abi from a little dust

  3. I cannot get enough of Lana Del Rey, she's an absolute beauty! I need her hair, face and wardrobe xx

  4. Hi Lovely, love your blog, looking forward to next post! keep in touch

  5. I love Lana Del Rey too, she's definitely my favourite artist :)
    I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger award over on my blog:

    Alice x

  6. i love Lana's style they're just so stunningly classic!

  7. I love the third red carpet dress too! It's gorgeous! xx

    // Inês Paúl //

  8. Hi there^^,
    I think the second pic in the first row is awesome! I love this minty colour of the dress!
    Your blog is gorgeous!!!
    XOXO Sophia

  9. Alice I absolutely love you for this, 1. because lana is my favourite person in the whole world ever, her voice is utterly beautiful and her style tops everything and 2. you spelt her name right unlike so many bloggers who are so called fans! Love this post, your writing style is so good too!


    1. Hehe thanks Imogen! I can't really understand how people can spell her name wrong :p x


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