Tuesday, 8 October 2013

October Primark haul.

Hi everyone,
 last Saturday I went on a trip to primark to get a few things for autumn, I didn't actually see a massive amount that I liked, but they did have some things that I loved! 

First up are these tights which I bought for halloween to wear with this dress.

They're meant to be over the knee, but on me they ended up being just below, however I'm sure they'll still do the job, they were really cheap as well so I can't really complain! 

Another legwear oriented purchase were these socks; 

These are so cute and I already know how I want to wear them, hopefully I can "rock my keds and tube socks" ;)

I've finally got round to buying a new pair of black jeans, my zara ones have seriously faded!

These are in the Topshop `Joni` style and are so comfy.They were a snip at £10 as well, I need to get a few more pairs I think! 

This is one of my favourite purchases of late, I've been looking for a velvet skirt for a while and I finally found one!

The colour is so rich and for course it feels really luxurious being velvet. They also had this in a bottle green and navy so if red isn't your cup of tea I'm sure one of them would be! 

If you read this post, you would have realised that I have a lot of love for tartan at the moment, hence the next two tops. As this is a monochrome piece, it is going to go with so much, and also, it's got a collar! 

The other top I picked was this cropped one; I love the high neck and colours :) I've tried this on with the jeans and it looked so nice, so expect an OOTD soon! 

Finally, I bought some new earrings;

I've already worn these non stop and I love the stud design :) 

So that's what I bought in Primark!

What do you think of these items? What have you been buying lately? 

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  1. I love all these things! The velvet skirt is so cute!
    Can't wait to see your Halloween Outfit! :)


  2. I love the cropped top! It's so pretty!
    Alice x

  3. I love this post! I bought a similar skirt but mine was from New Look :)

    I am a new follower to your blog and so far I am loving all your posts!! Please check out my blog if you have time :) it would mean a lot xx


    thank you :) ☼

    1. Thank you :) + sure I'll check it out! x

  4. that velvet skirt is lovely and I love that black and white tartan top!
    Jemima <3

  5. i love all the tartan print! :) the top reminds me of my school skirt

    check out my blog, if you have the time?

  6. I love all of these picks! The black jeans kind of look like the American Apparel Disco Pants! :) x


  7. Love the tube socks, reminds me of the American Apparel sports socks! And I really like the tartan, looks like a perfect print for the autumn/winter :)

    Runzhi xx
    (500) Days of Makeup

    1. Thank you :) + they do look like them! x

  8. Great post, love primark at the moment!


  9. I love it all - especially the skirt! I enjoyed reading this a lot!


  10. I love the black and white collared top! So cute! x


  11. i like your new earrings! maybe we can follow each other? let me know! <3 http://exality.blogspot.com/

  12. isn't primark the best haha!? i bought the tartan crop top the other week too. followed you on bloglovin and i'd love if you could check out my blog too:)
    lily x

  13. The velvet skirt and the earrings look gorgeous! xx

    // Inês Paúl //

  14. Everything is so lovely! I bought those over the knee socks but they ripped on my first wear:(! They're so nice though, I am after another pair. I love the socks too they're gorge.



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