Saturday, 16 March 2013

Out of focus, eye to eye.


Hello all!
 If you live in the UK, you will know that yesterday was Red Nose day! for most people of my age, this means raising some cash for this amazing cause, and one of the best ways to do it is buy wearing what you want for school, and bringing in a donation. So... seen as my school is always non- uniform, but with a strict dress -code, I thought I would take full advantage buy wearing all the things I'm not normally allowed to wear! 

Anyway, onto my outfit:

Sorry about how gross my hair looks( I just got out of the rain!)
Denim shirt- River island
T-shirt- Zara
Disco pants- Misguided
Socks - M&S
Converse- Schuh

I love this t-shirt; I like the colours and the motif in general really! I bought it a size up, so its quite over sized, but that's how I wanted it :). It was also a total bargain, this beaut was £3.99, reduced from £16.99! I always think its worth having a look in the sale section in Zara.

I wear these disco pants a lot, and hopefully I'm getting a proper pair ( not the AA ones, but a pair with the pockets and a zip) so i'll be waering them even more!


My denim shirt was also a little sale item, I bought this after Christmas; it was half price, £20, down from £40 :) I had my parka on over this as well. I wanted to take theses shots outside, but it was pouring :(

Necklace- Republic

Earrings- primark

I decided to keep my jewelry quite simple for this outfit. I have quite a collection of crucifix necklaces now, and I love the turquoise colour of this one. Ive just got a simple pair of studs (in both respects!) for my earrings, nice and simple :)

I wore my trusty converse as well, I honestly think these are the comfiest brand of shoes ever! I thought I would wear socks with stars on, just to match my T-shirt :p I also wore my little DIY anklet as well.

I didn't have time to put much make up on this morning, But I did my eyeliner and applied Topshop `Brighten Rock` to my lips, I think its the perfect neon pink :)
Obviously I'm not wearing any red *Slaps wrists*, but I did have a red nose..

I did like my little dinosaur. 

As a class, we raised £85.30 for this fantastic charity., which I thought was pretty good, considering we normally have a measly £12 or something! I'm going to the theatre tonight with my family, I have no idea what to wear!

How did you spend your Red Nose day?



  1. I missed loads of the red nose day coverage due to uni work which was a shame! Well done for raising so much money. Also adore your t-shirt, very sci fi esque :) xo

    1. Haha! Thank you :) + that's the beauty of catch up tv I guess :p x


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