Monday, 11 March 2013

Collection: Barry M nail polish.

I, like a lot of people, love Barry M, and it will come as no surprise that I have now got quite a collection!

The reason I love these little colourful pots of joy, is the selection and price. I just think there fantastic and easily rival more expensive brands. I also love that they are always coming out with new collections, like the textured polishes and jelly high-shine (which I am dieing to try!)  

Pink Sapphire glitter-

This polish was a gift, and I love it; I probably wouldn't have chosen it myself, just because I already own a lot of glitter polishes, but I'm really glad I have it! I like to use this mainly as an accent nail, over any colour really, just to jazz it up a little. I like that it has different shaped glitter particles, in different colours, it makes it a bit more interesting that if it had one variation.

(Barry M `pink sapphire glitter`  over H&M `blue my mind`)

my picture really doesn't do this justice! Hologram is a gorgeous topcoat polish, which I think adds a lovely touch to my nails. I really like using a doting tool to add individual flecks in specific places as well, especially when outlining the edge of my nail or something!
(Barry M `holographic` over I have no idea what!)
Black crackle effect-

Honestly, I'm not the hugest fan of this polish, simply because I can never seem to get the effect to work for me! I like the idea and how it looks on other people, but I'm not sure its for me. One way I really want to try this is next Halloween over orange though!

Superdrug Xmas (!?)

I'm not really sure what this shade is called! but I love love love it. It was also a present around Christmas time, and on the side of the bottle, it simply says `superdrug Xmas` , but I think it was part of the space themed collection they had out around that time. As you can see from the bottle lid, it is a foil type polish (I think). It certainly applies as if it is, I literally use one coast and its perfect! I love the colour as well; its a greeny/ copper , which I've never seen before and am happy to have in my stash!

Mint green-

This has possibly the most boring name ever, I personally love polishes more when they have good names! However, I do really like this colour, its the perfect pastel blue/green, and I think a really good dupe for Essie's `mint candy apple`, and at a fraction of the price! I find with these polishes they don't chip much either, always a bonus!

Peach Melba-

Oh Peach Melba! what do I need to say about this colour? Every blogger in the world seems to love it, and with good reason. To me it is just the most perfect summer shade (A milky coral I would describe it as!)I love it and can't wait to have it on my talons again come summer!

Berry ice cream-

Spotted the theme yet? I love my pastels, and Berry ice cream is no exception! This is simply a lovely lilac, that I think looks lovely with an accent nail of topshop `Razzmatazz` The name is also really sweet :)

Red wine-

This shade has been on my nails all winter, I think its the most classic deep red just like red wine. I find I need a few coats to get the right opacity, but when it looks so lovely, who cares!

(Barry M `red wine`)


This is the last one on my list, (But hopefully not for long!) Mushroom is a gorgeous taupey brown, which I think has been my top autumn/ winter shade. Its going to be tucked away for now though, i need a splash of pastel colour on my nails!

(Barry M Mushroom)

Soo... that's it for now! Sadly, I'm having to break from blogging until Thursday,I have a french speaking assessment that I need to prepare for *yay*

 What shades do I need? whats your favourite Barry M colour?



  1. I love the peach one and also the mint green one!
    I've never really bought many Barry M nail products, I may start though!
    Your blog is so cute, would you come check mine out and maybe follow?xx

  2. Start a collection! Haha! + thank you! + please follow me aswell :p hopping over to your blog now ! Xxx

  3. Ah I just did a barry m post a second ago. You have such a lovely collection, the H+M blue is so vivid! xo

    1. Thank you! + I know, I've got a post on my h&m collection coming up soon ;) + I love your blog! If you could follow it would mean a lot! X

  4. Ohhhh I love Barry M, I've probably got about 30 of their polishes now! xox

    My blog (:

  5. omgosh what fun polishes! xx

  6. Barry M is my absolute favourite polish brand. I own Nails Inc, Models Own, OPI, POP, Essie etc but Barry M is just amazing :) Great post!!!! xx

    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Thnk you! + yes they defo beat all the pricer brands :) x

  7. I love Barry M polishes, you've got a great collection, doll! :) XO


  8. I love collection posts, and I hope this becomes a series!! I'm such a geek for organization, but I really love lists and this one did not disappoint. Great collection, doll! xx

    1. Your wish is my command! I have a h&m collection coming up :) + thank you for following me! X


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