Sunday, 24 March 2013

My bedside table.

Hello lovelies.
What a boring Sunday I've had! literally just done homework all day , still only four days until my Easter break (not that I'm counting down or anything...)

For today's post, I though I would give you a glimpse at a little corner of my room; my bedside table!

The actually table was made by my Grandpa, who is like the best maker/fixer :) I love that it slots perfectly into place between my bed and the weird pillar thing. Its also a great size and has a little draw type thing underneath, where I keep my diary and blogging book :).

So, I will start at the back!

All of this stuff is actually resting on a fairytale book, which is lovely and also the perfect size! The little flower thingy, is a sort of DIY I did, I just found these faux flowers and wanted to use them, so I feel the bottle with beads, tied some ribbon around the neck and popped them in the top :)
Right of that we have my Harajuku lovers perfume in `lil Angel` I can't think of a worse name for a perfume, but I love the scent, so I keep it here to remember to use it!
Next to that, I keep some body sprays, this is the only Charlie scent I really like, I think the others are a bit grannyish, but I'm a huge fan of `touch` , the other spray I have here is a new impulse, which I adore :)
Finally, I have an Aldi deodorant :) it's actually really nice and a great deodorant.

Sorry about the lighting!

At the side of my table, I like to keep the books I'm reading. I have here, two of the Chemical Garden trilogy books, these are so good! if you enjoy reading then I urge you to give these ago :) , I can't wait to read the final instalment . Also I have `50 dresses that changed the world` which is a lovely, quality hardback from the V&A, perfect for when I just want to flick trough something. Next along is `the statistical probability of love at first sight` which is a ridiculous but great love story. And finally I've got Jane Eyre, which I am reading at the mo :)

I keep my little alarm clock here, it changes colour every hour! Personally I love thing like that :) I keep a pocket mirror here as well.

I also have a collection of lip balms, which are really here because I have no where else to put them, but I think they look quite cute :). I like to keep some handcream at my bedside as well, and try to put it on every night before I go to sleep.

Other things I keep here include my Ipod and dock, phone (when I'm being organised!) and my little Ikea bird lamp with a few bracelets on it and things on it.

Technically not my table, but I thought I would share the side of my bed as well! I have some fairy lights wrapped around the bars, which I think is really cute and makes them a bit more interesting. I also keep all of my big/ long necklaces on the side here.

So that's my bedside table! I'm thinking of doing a few more of these posts for different places in my room :)

Whats on your bedside table?


  1. You've used your small space well! That perfume bottle is especially cute. I have a lot of mess on my bedside table. Mine is full of mainly makeup and organisers,a lamp, lots of sprays and clutter! :) xo

    1. Haha! Thank you :) I have to be hyper organised :p x


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