Monday, 18 March 2013

Collection: H&M nail polish

Quite a lot of shops now have their own make up ranges; the likes of Topshop, accessorize and new look are all on that bandwagon. Obviously everyone loves the Topshop range, (which I adore too,) but I'm going to be telling you about the H&M nail polishes! I haven't heard much about these in the blogging world, (if anything,)  but personally, I love them!

My collection!

These polishes are a very reasonable £3.99, and last ages with a top and base coat. I also really like the bottles, I think there just a bit different :)

Red nail-

First up is Red nail! This colour is just a classic red, perfect for when going for a vintagey look! A great thing about these polishes is that they dont take many coasts to reach the desired opacitity, perfect for an impatient person like me!

Check me out-

This polish is a lovely coraly pink, it looks absolutely gorgous with a tan, *looks down at the palest hand ever* and is a lovely summery shade. I'm really looking forward to matching my fingers and toes with this little gem when the weather gets it's act together.
Get a rose 4 me-

I love this colour, because it is such a perfect pastel/ nude shade. If I just want an undersated, neutrel colour, but something slightly more intersting than a beige, I would defo go for this. The consistensy of these polishes is also fabulous, they look so shiny when they've dried! This also looks lovley with a gold glitter :)


Can I just start buy saying how much I love the names of these polishes aswell!? this is a gorgeous gold with pink tones in it, I just love it! its probably my go-to gold and I use it quite a bit. Another thing I like about it is that the colour works for every season, come rain or shine, this looks lovely :)

Lady luck-

This has to be my favourite polish im my H&M polish, its the perfect mix of green, blue and gold;  its just so pretty! I love the finish and shine it has, it actually reminds me quite a bit of the Models own beetle-juice collection, becasue it has that gorgeous mix of colours in differnt light.  I dont think the colour is done justice in the bottle, so hear it is all its glory!:

Blue my mind-

Blue my mind, is a lovely neon, indigo colour. I absolutely love it! as you can sewe from the grubby lid, I use it a fair amount :) It's so eye-catching and vibrant, and I'v actually worn it quite a bit this winter, in an attempt to brighten up those dull day's!

Dazzing jade, purple glitter & dazzling nude-
Finally, we have my mini polishes, I think htese are some thing crazy like 99p! the quality is exacty the same as the larger bottles. as you can see, I have used dazzling jade a lot! I just adore the rich blue colour :) I bought purple glitter around christmas time a few years ago, and I love the mix of glitter, I though it was a top coat, however I love that it is'nt, its such a gorgeous solid shimmer! dazzling nude is also a firm favourite, a perfect pale colour; nudes have been alover the runways for this spring/ summer, so I will be wearing this a lot more :)

So there you have it! my collection, I always have a little peak at the make up section when I'm in htere, so no doubt I'll soon have a few  more :)

Have you tried any H&M polishes?


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