Friday, 10 January 2014

Haul: Shopping the sales.

Hi everyone, today I have a clothing haul for you.
 I haven't had a proper clothes shop in a while, so you can imagine I was thrilled when I found so many things I liked at sale prices! You might have noticed the lack of outfit posts around these parts, however now my wardrobe has had a little refresh, I should have far more to share with you. I want to apologist for the inconsistent quality of these images; the winter light makes things impossible!

I'll start with what i didn't pick up in the sales, these three tops are from good ol' Primark;

Polka dot top with collar - £6

You may have realised that I love anything with a collar, I'm a tad obsessed with them! Navy and white is a winning combination for me and I thought this was just so cute.

Textured daisy print top - £6

This isn't something I would usual gravitate towards, but it actually really like it. I tried it on and I was completely smitten! This is going to look so lovely in the spring with some high waisted jeans and leather accessories. 

Pink and white collared top - £8

Lastly is another collared top (I would say sorry but...) The classic pairing of pink and white got things off to a good start, but what really sold it was the overlapping of the collar, not something I've seen before! 

River Island Chelsea girl paisley printed top - £10 reduced from £22

River Island was high on my agenda for a spot of sales shopping, I always find some lovely hings in there. Although I didn't come away with a lot this time, I love what I did buy. I've actually already worn this (OOTD later this week) because I just love the print and the fit . I also think it was a pretty good price. Chelsea Girl is their retro collection, and we all now anything remotely vintage pulls on my heart strings! 

Topshop pajama shorts - £5 reduced form £12

I picked these up because in my eyes you can never have too many pj shorts, also the print and lace edging was too cute to resit. 

Topshop sleeveless plaid shirt - £12 reduced from £26

Ah I have wanted a shirt like this for so long! This is perfect for a pair of jeans and converse and I love the faded style of the colours. 

Next tartan trousers - £18 reduced from £38 

These are one of my favourite purchases, plus they had a great saving! I would never usually like red and purple but I think on these it just works. I've already thought about how I want to style these so look out for that :) 

New Look monochrome daisy print cami - £6 reduced form £12

This cami top is a perfect transitional piece and I'm hoping will look good with everything! I love the delicate daisy print so I'm sure I'll get a lot of wear out of this one.

Miss Selfridge coral strappy dress - £10 reduced from £40

This is definitely a summer item, but one I can't wait to wear. I seem to have purchased a few orange things which is not usually my colour but I can't seem to get enough of it at the moment. This is the ideal beach or park dress so I'll be wearing it a tonne when the weather eventually warms up. 

Miss Selfridge monochrome polka dot shirt - £15 reduced from £32 

This is definitely one of my favourite things I've bought in a while- I'm in love! The mix of large and mini dots is so eye catching and it looks great tucked into anything high waisted or worn over for a more tunic style.  

Urban outfitters gold and silver mix watch - £18 reduced form £37 

Finally, last but by know means least, I bought a new watch! This one caught my eye whilst browsing the Urban Outfitters sale and I had to order. I adore the mix of gold and silver as well as the subtle geometric face and the shape of the hands, but don't worry, my beloved Olivia Burton will not be neglected (how could it be?) I just fancied a bit of variation! 

It's my sister's Birthday today, so we're taking a trip to London, I shall report back as and when! 

What is your favourite form my sale picks? What have you found any gems this year? 


  1. Great post, I especially love the first 3 tops! :) x

  2. you've picked up such nice things! my favourites are definitely the daisy top (such a bargain), the watch, the oversized shirt and the flowery cami.. you've got some good bargains there!

    love Katy @ THE RAWRDROBE

  3. Definitely a successful shopping trip! I love the tartan trousers! They'd look so good with the daisy print cami and a smart jacket! x

    velvet ghost| fashion blog ♥

    1. I would say so! + Yeah that would look lovely :) x

  4. I looooove all the collars!:-)
    - From Annie ToadRoad

  5. Hi again, I've nominated you for the sunshine award so go check out my blog! x

  6. I NEED to go to primark now! I love all things with daisy print, infact i think i'm kind of obsessed by the print!


  7. You got some amazing bits in the sales you little bargain hunter! I can't wait to see you wearing them and hope you had fun in London! xx

  8. Absolutely love your primark tops! They're gorgeous and at such a great price!

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  9. I loveeee the tops! the cutest one as the pink one in my opinion
    E | Beauty/Skincare | Cocoamourr

  10. The dotted top with the peter pan collar is the sweetest thing I've ever seen!

  11. Wow, brilliant finds! Those are such great clothing items, I really love how feminine they look, very stylish too. :) Would you like us to follow each other in GFC and BlogLovin'? I would love to stay in touch and be friends! :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xo
    Chriissydollxo Blog | BlogLovin'

  12. hey alice! love your blog - i just read your piece on and found it really helpful :) now going to enjoy reading through your lovely looking site! P.S you have a great eye for bargains... particularly loving the miss selfridge spotty blouse which i had my eye on when it was full price, woo! x

    1. Thank you Sophie! I'm really glad you enjoyed it :) x

  13. Love the Shirts ,gorgeous!
    follow new ,mind follow back? :)


  14. I wish we had Primark in the US! It seems like they have such cute clothing!
    Lovely Notions

    1. I feel your pain! They really do :) x

  15. I love your paisley top from River Island the best :) x

  16. I love this all! Especially the collared tops. I wish we had a Primark in the US... Great haul. I just posted a haul to my blog that I would love for you to check out.

    Maggie D. xx


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