Monday, 6 January 2014

Review: Lush Star light, Star Bright bath melt.

Hello my loves, I hope your all alright. 
It was my first day back at school today after a blissful two weeks off and I really wish I was still on holiday! Things are going to get tougher now in terms of classwork and revision, but I am determined to make the best of it (see my 14 goals for 2014!)

During the holiday's I deiced to use the `Star light, Star Bright` bath melt form Lush which I received in two gift sets at Christmas;

As you can see, it's pretty glittery; this put me off a bit initially (no one likes having to scrub a bath out after using something) but that silver was quickly gone after running it under the tap  and I was left with a cream star with a chunk of blue in it, so pretty!
 It has a faintly Lemsip smell about it at first (which just for the record I cannot stand, I would rather have the worst cold ever than drink on of those things) but that settled into a far more lemon meringue scent which I adore and made a change to the usual very sweet bath products I use . 
This isn't the most spectacular Lush products, but the white foam and glitter was lovely, although I did resemble Edward Cullen for a bit after my bath, I can't say I minded :) I think this is specifically a Christmas product, but I'm sure you can buy it all year round so I would definitely repurchase. 

Have you tried this bath melt? Do you like the look of it?


  1. Looks really pretty and sounds like it smells amazing!x

    Lauren Evie

  2. Oh my gosh, its so pretty!
    Before reading your review I wondered if this would make a mess but I'm glad you mentioned it was easy to clean up! I love glitter but hate the mess :)
    Sierra Calah ♡ Berry Stylish  

    1. Haha it is! + Aw I'm glad you liked that :) it wasn't very messy which is always a bonus x

  3. seen this in store and just one touch i was covered in glitter wasn't sure how it would be in a bath but it looks lovely! xx
    An Uninventive Name

    1. That is true, I picked it up to put it into the bath and my hands were covered! x

  4. I saw this at Lush recently and was immediately a little bit weary of trying it because it's so sparkly. But I also still kind of wanted to try it because it was sparkly.
    I didn't end up getting it, but maybe next time.


  5. It looks so pretty!!

  6. I'm becoming much more a bath girl lately so I'm going to indulge into getting some bath bombs and will give this a try, looks very pretty :-) x

  7. I think the glitter would get on my nerves but I do love Lush's bath bombs! :-)

    I had a fair few for Christmas myself.. Xx


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