Wednesday, 1 January 2014

14 goals for 2014.

Hello everyone, Happy new year! 
I literally do not know where 2013 has gone, for me it was pretty good, actually thinking about it, it was great :) Although I'm not the biggest fan of change, I have a good feeling about 2014 and I am determined to make it amazing. 

I'm not usually one for really making new years resolutions, but I have deiced to set my self fourteen goals (seven blog related, and seven personal) in the hopes that if they are written down, I will be far more likely to stick to them.

Blogging goals:
1. Try to post at least once a week, I do this normally, however this is my exam year (GCSE's will be the death of me I'm sure of it) so I'll be under much more pressure and have lots of revision to do, but I am determined to keep my blog going. 

2. Refresh my design; whether it's just little tweaks here and there or a full on change, I'm sure to get bored of it at some point! 

3. Join this century and get Twitter and link it to my blog, and perhaps to the same with my Instagram account account. 

4. Do more collab posts; I love the blogging community dearly so I want to really throw myself into it and engage directly wit more bloggers.

5. Attend a blogger meet up or event (see above!)

6. Do more lifestyle posts. I really enjoy doing my Instagram/general life round up posts, so I need to do more!

7. Perhaps reach between 400 and 500 followers? I don't want to jinx it because that is a lot of people if you ask me, but if I did my life would be made!

Personal goals; 

1. Do well in my GCSE's; I'm hoping to get all B to A* and am fully prepared to work hard to get those results.  Wish me luck! 

2. Stress less. I am awful at worrying and then ending up getting myself into a state, normally at moment when I need to be working hard. I am going to really try not to breakdown every time something gets tough and instead channel that negative energy into something positive. 

3. Get a second ear piercing, I want to do it around my 16th birthday in April, so I guess we'll have to wait and see!

4. Drink more water; I'm already pretty good at this, but I'm going try and drink a bottle every. single. day. 

5. Change my room about. I'm desperate to refresh my room. Just like the blog, I'm getting bored of it! 

6. Explore different  makeup and clothing looks, I think it could be interesting! 

7. Get up earlier at the weekends; I am guilty of staying in bed for far too long on those lazy Saturday and Sunday mornings, but I want to really make the most of my time this year and not waste my time lying in bed re-watching YouTube videos! 

I'm going to make this into a page next to my bucket list, so check to see If I check things off! 

I wish you all the bets for 2014 and I hope your feeling as positive about the New Year as I am :) 


  1. These are such good goals, I think I might need to do this too! It's just hard balancing blogging with school work and spending time with your friends! People don't realise how long it takes to make a blog post which you are happy with :)

    1. Thank you Taylor :) + I know, it really does take a lot of effort! x

  2. Brilliant goals, best of luck for fulfilling all of them :) Happy new year x x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  3. I love this - great post! All the best for 2014 :) xx

  4. I hope you achieve all of them! This is a brilliant post for the beginning of 2014, very motivating! Might do it on my blog as well… Thank you for sharing xx

  5. great post !! Happy new year doll ! would you like to follow each other on GFC and on Bloglovin :) xx

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  7. Getting up earlier on the weekends is a great goal! That would be a hard one for me! Happy New Year!


  8. Great post! Good luck with sticking to your resolutions and hope you had a great new year

  9. Fantastic goals. Also, once you've managed to wake up early for a week or two, you'll start to wonder how you ever managed to sleep for so long!

    1. Thanks :) + I guess I'll have to wait and see! x

  10. These are amazing goals!! I could never get up early at the weekend so good on you! Happy new year xx


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