Monday, 27 January 2014

Top five: Real Techniques brushes.

Hello everyone,
I have loved Real Techniques brushes for quite a while now and have collected a fair few. If you were new to the makeup world, I thought it might be useful to share a guide for my top five favourites. All of these brushes are wonderful multitaskers that I use daily; they wash perfectly and are top notch value for money. I'm sure most of you are aware that these are the work of the Gorgeous Sam Chapman of YouTube fame- excitingly they have recently announced that Nic will be joining the team - I do love those sisters!

-Real Techniques Base shadow brush-

First up is my all time favourite brush for eyeshadow, this does it all; it is perfect for an all over wash of colour, working into the crease, whether you are creating something subtle or really smokey, it does it all! I also find it works equally well with both powder and cream products which is a big bonus is you love the 24 hour colour tattoos like me! The shape is very similar to the famous MAC 224 brush which I haven't tried, but I would love to know just how they compare.

-Real Techniques Stippling brush-

This is summer brush really, I like to use it with cream blusher and a low coverage foundation to create something lovely and light. My perfect foundation to pair with this is my Rimmel match perfection, like in this FOTD. Although this might look a little scratchy, it couldn't be softer as with all of these brushes. I adore the pink and black handle as well. 

-Real Techniques Buffing brush-

This is the best multitasker; I use it for foundation, powder, bronzer, blush and highlighter! This has a lot of love in the blogosphere and for good reason, I have had this for over a year I think, and despite a fair few washes, it has not shed once or lost its shape which i think is fantastic. I bought this as part of the Core collection which cost a little over £20, so you basically pay five pounds per brush which is amazing given the quality!  

-Real Techniques Blush brush-

This has to be the softest brush of the bunch, it is ridiculous! I find it id the perfect shape for apply blusher to the apples of the checks as well as higher up over the cheekbone. As it has a tapered shape, it is also great for contouring with.

-Real Techniques Contour brush-

Last but by no means least is the contour brush. My main use for this is to blend in concealer both under my eyes and on blemishes, which I must say is a breeze , far better than using my fingertips. Of course it is also fab for contouring, and recently I have taken to applying highlighter with it; the possibilities are seemingly endless! 

So these are my top five - Are any of these your favourites? Are you a Real Techniques fan? 


  1. These are basically my favourites too although I think I use my powder brush more than my stippling brush x

  2. I adore these brushes too, well who doesn't! Aso isn't it Sam that makes them not Nic...but yea great post xx

    1. Please forgive me I was rather sleepy when I wrote this! X

  3. I love my real techniques brushes! My favourites the expert face brush.
    Chloe's Little Nothing

  4. The buffing brush and blush brush are my favourites too x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

  5. My favourite is the expert face brush! Love it :)


  6. I love the real techniques blush brush too. I think it's great for super pigmented blushes because it doesn't pick up TOO much product, and lets you control the intensity1 Great post btw!

  7. I love the real techniques brushes and the buffing brush is a favourite xxx


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