Thursday, 21 March 2013

Tutorial : How I curl my hair

In this post, I'm going to be showing you how I like to curl my hair. I've never seen anyone else use this method, (I would be interested if you do!)This actually came about incidentally; I randomly decided I would curl a few strands of my pony-tail and leave it up for the day like that, I took it down when I go home and loved the effect (natural looking beachy waves, so now, this is how I always curl my hair :)

What I use:

  • Hair brush: I choose to use a tangle teezer to brush my hair, but any brush would be fine. If you don't own this fabulous little thing, I urge you to buy one! after using my tangle teezer, I cant use a normal brush! their seriously good :)
  • Heat protectant spray:obviously when using heat on your hair, its important to protect it! I like to use this V05 one it leaves my hair really soft and smells lush as well :)
  • Texturising spray: I love to add a slightly messy beachy finish to my hair, so I use a salt spray! This also smells amazing. 
  • Curling wand: I love this little babaliss beauty! It's perfect for creating tight curls or loose waves, It also heats up really fast, so it's great for that morning rush! 
  • Hairband: this ones a bit of a no brainer! I like to use a thicker band, as they last longer for me, I tend to bit a bit rough with them :) 
  • Comb: I don't use this religiously, but it can be useful to separate out certain sections, I like the double end on this too. 
  • Back combing brush: my one if a good old primark bargain (one pound to be exact!) I don't back comb properly, because it can be really bad for your hair, but I like to tease certain sections around the front, to help give my self a bit more volume.
  • Clips: I tend to use one ,much larger clip, but I couldn't find it for the life of me! however, these work just as well! 

This way works on both freshly washed or second day hair, but I tend to do this after I have washed and blow dried my hair.

1. Turn on your curling wand and brush your hair! please do excuse my oh so glamorous dressing gown ;)

Simply make sure you have no knots or tangled, this will make it much easier later.

2. Spray your hair with heat spray, make sure you pay particular attention to the ends, because this is where mot of the heat will be focused.

If you feel like you have added to much, you can always brush your hair again, but I recommend using a fair amount.

3. Put your hair up into a high pony-tail.

I find this really is the easiest was to curl my hair, it's a lot less time consuming that trying to curl individual layer, because their all tied up!

4. ( I will try my best to explain this part!) Take a section of the ponytail from either side, the size of the section will determine how tight the curl is. Personally, I like to take quite a small piece, because I like to be able to shake it put and loosen the curl at the end.  So, take your section and wrap it around your wand, I like to hold it for about twenty seconds.

I hope that wasn't to confusing! it's super easy, just quite hard to explain.

The curl should look like this!

5. When you have done this, take your clip and fasten them around the front, like so :)

6. Continue curling and clipping until you have finished the whole pony-tail. It should look like this!

7. The next step is to take down the pony- tail, et voila! At this stage, I like to spray with my salt spray, just to add a little more texture, you could also spritz with some hairspray, but I find my curls hold with out it.


This really is too easy to do, This regularly takes me about 10- 15 mins, I have it down to a fine art now!

How do you curl your hair? Let me know if you try this :)



  1. i will definatly try the pony tail thing, i have that wand but the curls never really turn out as i like them too! Lovely blog btw x

    1. Do it! It's so easy :) + thank you lovely :) x


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