Saturday, 23 March 2013

I just want to know you better now.

Hello all, it's Saturday!
I've been really tiered this week, but for know good reason, so the weekend is going to be a welcome break :)
Like quite a lot of the UK, it snowed again last night where I live, I am so sick of it being cold and  really need some sun!I hope it's warm by Easter. Although it's freezing, I really wanted to wear my new leather jacket! I never dress for the weather, so I was fine :) I'm actually in denial that it's still feels like winter...

Leather Jacket- Asos
T-shirt- Topshop
Scarf- Boden
Leggings- Matalan
Boots- M&S
Earrings- Claire's
Ring- Republic

Let me start with my new leather jacket! this arrived yesterday and I love it! It's currently in the asos sale, for £35 down from £50, which I think is a brilliant saving. Obviously it's not real leather, but I think it feels really good, durable quality. Initially I was slightly put of by the sleeves, because they're cropped, but I actually really like them now. It also has some lovely little details, like the quilted shoulders and buckles on the side. Leather jackets seem to be having a bit of a `moment` right now, but I know I will wear this forever, as they never really go out of fashion. In short, I just love it!

My T-shirt is another Toppers purchase. I know you cant really see it fully,  but I couldn't face taking my coat off!

I love the slouchy fit of this tee, and it looks great left loose or tucked, I've opted for the latter here :) The swallow print is also really sweet; one thing I do love about Topshop is their designs. I will probably feature this on my blog when it's slightly warmer!

Now onto my leggings, I picked theses up a few weeks ago and have lived in them and my other pair (a dark grey,) simply because they are so super cosy! their really thick compared to a lot of my other leggings, so have kept me nice and warm. I love that they are almost like rinding pants, with the seem running up the middle. The little gold zips are a nice touch as well. I hadden't been into Matalan for a while, but they actually have some really nice stuff.

These boots are actually my mum's, but I stole them :) they're really warm and comfy and I think look lovely with my jacket, even if it does look a bit motor-bikey :)

I thought my outfit was looking a bit too monochrome, so I added this neon pink scarf! its so soft and cosy and the perfect bright pink, it always cheers me up as well :)

I've kept my jewelry quite simple today:

I like these earrings, because I think it makes me look like I have more piercings :) I've actually had these for ages, I haven't been in Claire's for so long!

I always seem to have a cross in my outfit somewhere, so today its in ring form :) I like this, as it has a sort of drop feature, rather than being actually attached, I don't know! hard to explain...

Ive got H&M `Get a rose 4 me` on my nails, which I've been craving to wear after I blogged about it this week! I attempted some nail art (polka dots to be precise) , but it didn't turn out to well :)

Sorry about how uneven my eyes look!
My make up is just standard today really, I used my trusty Cream puff on my lips (shade three!) which I love for a my-lips-but-better-look. I've just shoved my hair up into a messy bun, my favourite easy hairstyle :)
There we have it! I have English work which needs doing for a CASS this week, so it looks like that's what I'm going to be doing today.
Whats the weather like where you live? How are you spending Saturday?


  1. I love this outfit Alice, so simple and pretty! xx


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