Friday, 8 March 2013

50 facts about me.

Hello. Howdy.Hi there.
Right, so I guess this is the bit where I introduce myself; I'm a fourteen year-old with a love for beauty and fashion, and this is my place to share that!
I thought I would do the tag that every blogger and their mum has been doing right now: 50 facts about me, hopefully it will help you get to know me!

1. My idea of heaven is an unlimited supply of custard creams. I just love them!

2. When I'm older, I really want to own two sausage dogs. Preferably a long haired one called `Jumble` and a short haired named `Coco`, (as in before Chanel). Now tell me that wouldn't be amazing.

3. I would love to road-trip America.

4. I've only been abroad twice.

5. I have had the pleasure of meeting Zoe and Louise (of Zoella and A sprinkle of glitter,) they were so lovely!

6. My initial spell out A.C.E.

7. I feel naked with out my `cat-eye` flicks.

8. I adore London. Everything about it; the culture, the people the fashion...

9. I take English, English lit, humanities, maths, science, french, history,drama and textiles at GCSE level.

10. I don't now what I'd do with out my tangle teezer.

11. I love to sing; especially at the top of my lungs when drying my hair!

12. I have a candle addiction.

13. My favourite shop is Topshop, I could literally spend hours in there.

14. I don't have a specific career in mind, but I'm interested in retail/media/fashion.

15. I have a major girl crush on Taylor swift (post to come!)

16. I once fainted at a swimming pool, wearing only a towel *awkward experience*

17. I am currently taking part in my school's play.

18. My school is non-uniform, but that's changing next year.

19. I would happily live in a pair of disco pants or my onsie.

20. I'm relatively tall.

21. I've never dyed my hair, but I'm dieing to ombre it in the summer!

22. I love photographs. I take pictures of everything on my phone , because I love looking back at all the memories.

23. I think rudeness is one of the worst traits a person can have.

24. I actually enjoy school.

25.I'm an April baby.

I'm doing this in two halves, otherwise I think it would make for quite a long read!


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