Tuesday, 26 March 2013

You didn't tell me you didn't need me.

This is just a simple school day outfit today :)
T-shirt- Amazon
Necklace- Mum's :)
Jeans- Zara
Vans- Schuh

This is the kind of thing I wear for school a lot, we can wear any patterns, which is so annoying! so everything has to be plain, which is where being a bit creative comes in!

This Tshirt was crazy cheap, something like £3.79 on amazon! Its just a simple raglan/baseball top which I now have in three colours :) I love the bright blue of this one, I think it's nice and loud :)

I bought these jeans in a Zara sale a while ago, I love the fit and the little details on them ; you cant really see , but they have little gold zips on the bottom.

I'm wearing my beloved Asos jacket again, I'm not sure if I mentioned this in my last OOTD, but its actually part of my Birthday present, Ive already got so much wear out of it, but I have to say I was freezing a little bit cold :)
I love this necklace, and have well and truly stolen it from my mum :)

These are probably my most worn earrings, simple but effective.
(miss selfridge)

And finally, I'm wearing vans because there comfy :)



  1. it's a nice outfit.. +follow on bloglovin girl (:


  2. I love tees like this, you look gorgeous! xo

    1. So do I , these ones are so cheap as well :) + thank you! Xxx

  3. Love this outfit, simple but very cute. I really need to get myself a pair of earrings like that!

    1. Thank you :) + you should! I wear mine practicality every day :) x


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