Sunday, 10 March 2013

50 facts about me: part two

So this is the other half of my 50 facts about me!

26.My nickname is `Alleybongo`, not really sure why, it just stuck!

27. reading blogs is one of my favourite things to do.

28.I keep a diary, which I would die of shame if anyone read!

29. I'm hopeless at sport, but I do enjoy swimming and badminton.

30. I own a ridiculous amount of nail polish.

31. I do a paperound every Thursday,( even all that snow and ice didn't stop me!)

32. I can be very secretive.

33. I prefer my hair curled to straight.

34. Prawn cocktail is my favourite crisp flavour.

35. I have performed in theatres before.

36. I would love a walk in wardrobe.

37. I love Edinburgh, its one of my favourite places.

38. I am the oldest `child` in my family.

39. I hate horror films, give me a rom-com any day!

40. I'm going to see One Direction in less than a month!

41. I really got into makeup when I was twelve. 

42. If I have an opinion on something,I will most probably voice it.

43. I'm doing work experience soon.

44. I have one younger sister called Philippa.

45. I don't really wear necklaces.

46. If I do well in my French GCSE, I could be going to Paris *sighs because it doesn't look likely*

47. I enjoy reading, Ive just finished `Fever` from The Chemical gardens trilogy, can wait to see what happens next!

48. I think Miranda is hilarious.

49. I really enjoy organising and changing the layout of my room.

50.I hope this was quite interesting!

I have a lots of posts planned for the coming weeks, so watch this space!


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