Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Collective haul: H&M, Primark, Boots, Superdrug.

Hello everyone :) This is a compilation of the things I have bought over the past few weeks, enjoy! 

First up is the item I bought longest ago, which is this gorgeous skirt from H&M;

H&M Geo print skirt- £20.00

I saw this skirt in store and just fell in love! I adore the geometric print and the silky material. It's not quite a skater skirt because it doesn't sit on my waist, so I think it's more of an A-line mini. Twenty pounds is a lot for a skirt but I think get a lot of wear out of this!

I also recently went to Primark with my Mum and sister. I didn't actually see a tonne I liked, but what I bought I love.

This is my favourite thing I picked up; it's just a basic cami shape, but I am obsessed with the blue and black contrast! I already know how I want to wear this so look out for an OOTD! 

Primark contrast cami- £4.00

Next up is  just a basic really, I think this will still look good in autumn because it's monochrome! I love the aztec print and how it hangs on. 

Primark aztec sleeveless top- £5.00

I seem to pick up another pair of these bed shorts every time I go to Primark now. I love the print on these ones, they are defo Cath Kidston/granny chic/vintage inspired!

Primark floral bed shorts- £3 or £4

I love the lace trimming at the hems, so cute!

I actually picked up some jewelry this trip which I haven't done in a while in Primark. They seem to go through phases of having loads or nothing at all that I like.
I'm loving turquoise at the moment, so I thought I would get this pendant to incorporate it into some outfits! This was really cheap so I couldn't really say no :) 

Next up were these really lovely earrings;
Primark blue and gold earrings- £1.50
I love this colour blue! Its so pretty with the gold edging. 

I also bought a little floral crown, I wanted one of the bigger ones (thats literally like a crown) but they didn't have any!

Primark floral crown- £2.50
I also went to Boots and Superdrug on another trip. My main aim was to buy one of the Maybelline Baby lips which have finally been released in the UK , but my Boots isn't stocking them :( I really hope they do in the future but the lady I went up to said they wouldn't be *cries*. However, all was not lost, because I got my hands on the other things I was after!

I saw online that Models own had a three for two on, so I took full advantage!
The first shade I picked up this crazily bright pink called `Bubblegum` from the Iced Neon collection;

Models own nail polish in `Bubblegum`-£5.00
Oh my god, I LOVE this colour! I put it on as soon as I got home on my fingers and toes and it just looks so lovely! It's super vibrant and just screams summer. The wear time is also amazing, I've had it on since Sunday without a top coast and there's not a chip in sight!

The second colour I went for is one I have had my eye on for a while. Indian ocean is part of the Beetlejuice  collection and is such a gorgeous polish!

Models own nail polish in `Indian ocean`- £5.00
I painted a friends nails with this and it looked so lovely :) I'm glad it's not going to end up being a top coat because often I find polishes like this don't give a proper, solid finish. 

The final shade is Hedonist from the Hed Kandi range;
Models own nail polish in `Hedonist`- £5.00
I love this shade! I've seen it bobbing around in the blogosphere and I knew it had to be mine! My sister also has a shade from this range called Disco Heaven which I think would look amazing over this :) 

With my Boots points I decided to purchase a new mascara; 

I have always heard pretty good things about this Mascara so I'm looking forward to giving it ago, it was only £4.99 (or free in my case!) so I'll be interested to see how it compares to the other Maybelline mascara's.

I was going to get this is Boots but it was typically sold out, so I turned to Superdrug and they did not fail me! I've been wanting a new blusher brush for ages so of course I went with real techniques :) 

Finally, I also purchased a new cream blush from Look beauty; 

I decided on the shade `Melon` and I love it! I was worried it would be very similar to my Topshop cream blush in `Head over heels` (which is gorgeous by the way) but it's actually much pinker. 

So thats everything I've bought recently, what do you think of my purchases?

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  1. I love all the clothing here! Especially the pj shorts and the primark tops! Great haul!

  2. The models own varnishes look amazing Alice you so have to do a full on review and swatches for me:-) Love all the stuff you purchased:)xx
    - From Annie ToadRoad

  3. You've got some beautiful things you little shopaholic! xx

  4. I've been looking for new pyjamas for a while and those floral pyjama shorts are so cute! I'm going to have to have a trip to primark soon :)

    1. I love the Primark pyjamas, they have such a great range! x

  5. I really love that primark contrast cami looking forward to the ootd :) xx

    An Uninventive Name

  6. I love all of it! SO lovely, we have very similar styles :) xx

    Lauren Evie

  7. Absolutely love your blog.
    If you are looking for the babylips, they are being stocked in superdrug at the bottom of the Maybelline stands.

    xx Chloe

    1. Aw thank you Chloe! + Thanks for the heads up! I need to buy one :) x

  8. Great haul! That aztec top is so pretty (:

    1. Thank you :) It has really grown on me since I bought it! x

  9. Great purchases Alice. The skirt is gorgeous.


  10. Please check out my blog:)

  11. Love the blue cami top and skirt! :)
    Teenage Daydreams X

  12. Love every single piece you bought <3

  13. That mascara is my all time favourite! I really hope you like it :)

    1. Ohh! I do like it so far :) I might do a review :) x

  14. I may buy that crown (so cute!) and I want a blush in that color!
    kisses :)

    Mónica <3

  15. I love the skirt and the aztec top! You have such a grew style!
    Alice xx

  16. Ive been wanting to try the 'red' nail varnish for ages its bloody beautiful!

  17. i've been meaning to get some bed shorts for ages, i will have to go to primark now they're so much cheaper then where i was looking! i have been to like 5 different boots looking for babylips, i think it might just be online atm which makes me sad! x

    1. I know! I was literally on a mission to find them, with no success :( I really hope they are in store soon! x

  18. i love those pj shorts! I think i have to go and get me some!


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