Monday, 22 July 2013

Celebrity style #4: Anne Hathaway.

Hello everyone :)
Its time for the fourth installment of celebrity style *yay* I haven't done one of these posts in forever, but the time has come! 
This weeks celeb is the fabulous Anne Hathaway. Anne is one of my favourite actors; hello Les Mis, Bride-wars and The Devil wears Prada :)

Let's start with her casual style;


1. This is quite a typical `Anne` look. She seems to often favor eastern inspired prints and this gorgeous blouse is the perfect example of that. Anne is also seldom seen with out a pair of sunglasses (see above!) and I love the shape of these ones. The navy trousers and flats keep this outfit practical but far from boring.

2. I think this is my favourite laid back look. I just adore the way this dress fits Anne; it's super flattering but also looks really comfy and relaxed. I would never think of wearing orange with this oatmeal-y colour, but it looks fantastic! Your attention is drawn to the shoes but the dress still makes an impression; top marks Anne!

3. Next we have a really simple, classic outfit. I'm a huge fan of skinny jeans and I love how Anne has paired this black pair with patent brogues. Mixing blue and black can occasionally be a risky business but Anne gets it spot on. I'm also very envious of that bag!

I always look out for what Anne is wearing at red carpet events, and I can say she never seems to put a designer-high-heeled-foot wrong!


1. This look is my ablouste favourite on Anne. I think she just looks stunning. This couture Chanel ensemble highlights her amazing figure and is just so elegant. White has been all over the red carpet lately, but the secret seems to be keeping it simple, understated and chic, which is certainly what Anne has done.

2. Strictly speaking this isn't a red carpet look but I though it was only right to include a LBD! especially as this Dolce and Gabbana one is so sweet. It's so simple but Anne really makes it work. Pairing it with this long antique-y necklace makes all the difference, and of course, a pair of sunnies! 

3. This dress seems very 20's inspired and Anne's pixie cut can only add to the effect! The beading is stunning and I love the strappy top. This is a bit random but one reason I have a soft spot for Anne is she is always smiling which I find incredibly endearing!

Anne's makeup also always gorgeous;

1. I love this youthful pink look. The finish is very dewy and her glowing blusher really extenuates that. Anne has really lovely brown eyes and has gone for a purple look here which really brings them out :)

2. When Anne cut her long hair, a lot of people weren't keen but I personalty love her new do! Her hair looks so sleek and glossy which looks amazing with this vampy makeup look and I'm now dieing to know what lipstick this is!
3. Lastly is a nude lip and smokey eye combo. I love how the eyes have been made slightly `cat-eye` as well. Anne's brows are always immaculate as well, can she get anything wrong!

So that's my take on Anne Hathaway's style :)
 I'm still pretty shocked that it is actually feeling summery in the UK, I'm just not used to not being able to complain about the weather! I've also just herd that Kate (Middleton) is in the earlier stages of labor, so I'm mentally sending my best wishes :)

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Whats your favorite outfit? Do you a fan of Anne Hathaway?


  1. i love this, anne always looks flawless, it made me so sad when she cut off her hair in les mis! x

    1. I know! I'd always known her with her long hair, but I think she really rocks the shorter do! x

  2. Great post! I too love her style very much looking forward to the birth of the royal baby :D

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    1. Doesn't she :) + Ohh, I'll check it out! x

  4. Love your blog x

    Feel free to check out mine!

  5. hey hun
    thanks for your lovely comment! I love this post!!
    this seems an amazing place and those look stunning!
    xoxo &keep in touch!!!


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