Thursday, 27 March 2014

Diet mountain dew, baby, New York City.

OOTD #42

Hello everyone, 
I hope your all having a good-week so far, buy the time you read this I will have done the first day of my ten hour textiles exam, here's hoping it's gone well! This is what I wore for a spot of shopping on Saturday, I love the combination of pastel blue and pink- plus the little kitties are too cute. In other news, my blog has now hit 500 followers (500!) I can't tell you how happy I am; this was my goal for the whole of 2014, so to have reached it now is just wonderful. Thank you all so so much!

Blazer- Republic
Shirt- River Island
Earrings- Topshop 
Watch- Olivia Burton (here)
Bag- Matalan 
Jeans- Topshop (here)
Boots- Topshop (here)

This blazer is something I like to pull out of my wardrobe every spring. It's super versatile and I feel like it adds a preppy edge to any outfit. I can't work out whether blue on blue is totally wrong or a fab combination (opinions please) but I think it works in this outfit. This little bag is the perfect size to just perch on my arm - I'm just hoping it doesn't make me look totally obnoxious! 

You can see the adorable print better here, it want a real rag-doll cat now! I think it's a lovely touch that the top button is a stud, it's just a bit different. I'm obsessed by this shade of blue at the moment, I definitely  need some more of it in my wardrobe.

My Olivia Burton watch went perfect with the my bag, and I think these touches of tan leather help bring it all together. 

My new favorite footwear of choice have made another appearance - they really are super comfy too! 

What do you think of this outfit? What have you been up to today? 

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  1. Your shirt is soooo cute & your watch is so nicee!

    Charlotte /

  2. I absolutely love your shirts!! :)

    Tabitha Beckett - xx

  3. Your shirt is so fab!

  4. I absolutely love your blazer! You are right it is perfect for Spring x


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