Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Review: Vichy Normaderm Hyaluspot.

Hi everyone, 
First of all I would like to apologize for my lack of activity this week, I am up to my eyes in school work and revision (and will be for a while to come) so it feels like I've not even had time to sit down, let alone blog! But, saying all that, I have a review for you of a product which has been a huge help to me lately. 

As I'm sure I have mentioned plenty of times, I suffer from really blemish prone skin, mainly bought on by hormones and stress; it honestly makes a huge difference to my mood depending on how my skin is behaving, so I have tried my fair-share of spot treatments, and finally, I have found one that really works for me! 

Say hello to Vichy's Normaderm Hyaluspot, a clear gel product that I apply after washing my face beofre hoping into bed. It is packed full of spot fighting ingredients like hyaluronic acid and antibacterial salicylic acid + LH, which I feel have been really helping. It's billed as being `invisible` however it is noticeable on the skin, but I must say this isn't an issue for me considering I am just going to bed. The scent reminds me of green tea for some reason, I have no idea if that has any basis, but it does! I like the applicator as well- it applies just the right amount of product and seems perfectly hygienic. I find it gives a slightly uncomforable tingly sensation after it's applied, but it's nothing I can't take- and I am prepared to live with that because of the benefits

So basically, the reason I'm so fired up by this product is that when I wake up, the blemishes I have applied it to are noticeably smaller, less red and less painful- even from the first use! After using this a few nights in a row, they will have totally gone. I have found it most effective on spots that are about to come up, in a sense `nipping them in the bud`. My only criticism is that it leaves the skin around the spot super dry, I have found my concealer clinging (never a good look) to these patches, but i have found using a moisturizer and actually skipping concealer fixes the problem. This costs £10.50, pricier than some treatments but still noticeably cheaper than the likes of Origins- and worth every penny!

I hope this review was helpful- it's fab to find a product that really lives up to it's claims!

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Have you tired this product? What is your favorite spot treatment? 


  1. Sounds good, and it is cheaper that the likes of oragins and stuff like you said!

    Sharlotte | UK Beauty Blog

  2. Great review and product. I used Normaderm for a while a few years ago and it really helped my skin. I haven't tried this particular one was it wasn't available back then, but I can understand why it's drying - it's pretty normal for something with the salicylic acid in it. Hope your skin heals quickly and then you can just soften those dry areas with a bit of good moisturiser. x

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it :) + Thanks for the tips! x

  3. still need to try this out, i love the vichy and La Roche Posay products!



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