Saturday, 1 March 2014

February 2014 on There's something about Alice.

Hello everyone, pinch punch first day of the month! 
February has flown by, but I am so happy it is March; the days will be longer, brighter and warmer- plus the countdown to my birthday can start ;)

Here's a recap of all the posts this moth, plus what you and I have been loving! 

Your favourite post- This months most read was my January favorites, I love writing and reading these so I'm glad you enjoyed! I'm not actual doing a favorites for February, as I haven't really been loving anything new. Although I'm sure March will hold lots of new beauty bits for me to adore! 

My favorite post- I really liked sharing how I style my hair and the products I use with you guys, so it's pretty self explanatory what my favorite was! 

My favorite blog- This month I have been loving Amber's blog Lovely Notions. Her posts are always so informative and her photographs to die for. She also seems like a right sweetheart and I am incredibly jealous that she is studying in New York soon! 

Do you have a favourite post of mine this moth? What has been your favourite blog? 


  1. Alice you're such a sweetheart! It really means so much that you enjoy my blog and it's so gratifying to have you feature me in this post. Thank you Alice, I hope you continue to enjoy what I post :)

    1. Aw your welcome Amber! I really do enjoy your blog :) x

  2. Alice, i love you're monthly blog recap, it is useful and for me, you're such a good blogger :)
    Michela xx


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