Wednesday, 7 May 2014

April 2014 favourites.

Hello everyone, it's April favourites time!
I've discovered lots of gems this month, plus somethings that I've been loving for a while are finally making an appearance.

-Nivea Refreshingly soft moisturising cream-

This moisturiser has been a skin savoir of mine lately. It's pretty thick, so you only need a small amount for the whole of your face, meaning this pot is going to last me quite sometime! It's super creamy and feels really luxurious (not at all oily or sticky) despite only being  few pounds. Nivea is a fab skincare brand and I would recommend this to anyone. Oh ,and how sweet is the packaging? Of course I chose this one over the plain version!

-Nivea cleansing mousse for dry and sensitive skin-

Another Nivea product I've been crushing on is this cleanser. I've been using it to take my makeup off in the evening because it feels so lovely. I just rub it all over my face (not quite onto my eyes but really close under the lash line!) and pretty much everything is removed. It works particularly well if I've used my favorite L'Oreal micellar water beforehand. Although I don't have sensitive skin, I often buy that option just because it is generally gentler and less likely to irritate my skin (and lead to a dreaded breakout...)

 -La Roche-Posay purifying foaming gel -

Another cleanser I've been obsessed with for a little while now is this La Roche Posay one. Lots of people have gone crazy for this brand (we've all read reviews of the Effaclar Duo + right?) and I for one have been loving using this cleaner at night. It's like a gel and feels so lovely a apply and I honestly look forward to using this at the end of the day! I can tell that this had improved my skin lots (along with the other skincare products I've mentioned) and have already repurchased another bottle.

-Rimmel Fix & perfect pro primer- 

I recently ran out of my last primer (Nivea Express hydration FYI) and have found that I will never look back from this one. I can't tell you how well this improves the wear time of my makeup, before when it had looked pretty patchy by the end of the day, it's still going strong; take now for instance, I have had my makeup on since about eight in the morning, and at half seven it still looks decent!  It has that lovely velvety feel and being white in colour it makes it easy to make sure you have blended it all in. 

-Real Techniques powder brush-

As ever, I have a RT brush to rave about! This makes it easy as pie to dust on the perfect amount of powder (Rimmel stay matte is my personal fave) and it never looks cakey or obvious. As with all of these brushes, washing it is effortless and I can see this lasting forever.

-MAC mineralize skinfinish Soft and Gentle-

I've recently really been getting into highlighters, so when I was gifted this for my birthday, I was over the moon! I have to say that Soft and Gentle is most definitely worth the hype, it gives the priestess gold sheen to the face, defiantly a spring summer staple in my makeup bag, I have used it everyday since I got it.

-Bourjois Bronzing primer-

This is another product I've had my eyes on for ages; I love it as much as I hoped I would. Despite being crazy pale, this leaves no harsh orange line and creates the loveliest natural contour. It smells absolutely divine as well!

I was lucky enough to win this in Stephanie's giveaway a few moths ago, we all know that I love eyeliner, and this one is one of the best I've tried! It gives a really deep black line that doesn't budge, essential when you are a cat eye lover like me. It's really easy to use because of the tapered nib, perfect if you are just getting into eyeliner.

I also won this mascara; at first I thought it was just a gimmick because of the shape of the wand, but I have to say I was wrong! It gives a really fluttery effect and never goes clumpy, and doesn't smudge under my eyes (an issue I seem to face a lot) Defo give this a whirl next time you're at a Rimmel stand.

Guess whose Apocalips addiction is back...  I have been reaching for Luna and Stellar lately, both stunning shades, perfect for the transition into spring. Luna is such a pretty peachy nude, and stellar is a really punchy pink red. 

-MAC palette with the eye shadows Amber lights and Fig -

I promise to stop going on about my baby soon! But I simply couldn't do my April favourites without mentioning my MAC palette. Both the shadows I have are such lovely shades, and I have used them lot already. They really are the wonderful quality everyone says they are, the question is, what shades should I pick up next?  

What's been in you April favorites? What do you think of mine? 


  1. I need a cleanser for my sensitive face skin, I should try your Nivea cleansing mousse :)
    Michela xx

  2. love!

  3. I have written a blog post about my MAC palette and have some great colours which I recommend! I will leave a link:

  4. I'm a sucker for La Roche products, they're always on my favorites!


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