Friday, 9 May 2014

Trend #15: Head in the clouds.

Hello everyone,
Now I have always had a strange fascination with clouds; I just find it mesmerizing how they change constantly, they can look beautifully harmless and later switch to something pretty menacing. I have seen some gorgeous cloud printed garments popping up in a few places, so I thought it was only right to dedicate a post! 

Head in the clouds

I'm not a huge fan of printed leggings by any means, but these ones I think are subtle enough not to look tacky. I think they would look lovely with a grey over-sized jumper and  a big floppy hat. The Alice and Olivia maxi is a dress of dreams; the fabric and the print just evoke images of a summer wedding or a stroll long a stunning beach (It's a shame it will set you back £325.) This little skirt is just adorable, a really playful way to add a bit of this trend to your wardrobe. Both of these tshirts are stunning, the longer of which I think you could get away with as a dress (maybe with long white socks and a pair of converse?) and the other is perfect for dressing up or down with it's more abstract print. Lastly, this little steal of a travel bag is calling my name- so pretty! 

Are you a fan of this trend? 


  1. LOVE the skirt xxx

    x Maria x

  2. I love this trend! The make-up bag is the absolute cutest!


  3. I really like this trend!
    Isz. xx from


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