Sunday, 16 June 2013

Only know you love her when you let her go.

OOTD #15
Happy Fathers day everyone! I'm not actually going out anywhere today, but I still fancied wearing a pretty dress :)

Earrings- River island
Necklace- Accessorize 
Dress- eBay (love label at Topshop)
Watch- Olivia Burton
Tights- Tesco
Converse- Office

I bought this dress quite a while ago now from eBay, but for some reason I never got round to wearing it, but this morning I just thought there was no time like the present! It's such a lovely deep plumb colour that I love for autumn/ winter, but seen as it's not exactly blazing sunshine outside right now *looks up to grey sky* I thought the colour would work :p

This is officially my favourite necklace :) It just goes with EVERYTHING!

I have been looking for one of these earrings out of the pair for yonks, and I found it in the bottom of my school bag, so I popped them in as quickly as possible! In other news, I also found my eyeliner, it was in my pencil case :p.

As soon as my Essie polishes came, I knew which one would grace my fingertips first, Action! I love this colour, i think it goes really nicely with the purple as well. 

Of course I also added my watch.

Right, I'm off to bake a cake! Enjoy the rest of your sunday :)

What do you think of my outfit? What are you doing today?



  1. the dress is so pretty!xxxx

  2. This look is amazing!
    I love the purple dress and you earring is gorgeous. And so is the watch!
    I love everything ahaha.
    Congrats on a fabulous blog!

    Always a fan,

    PS: if you can, check out

    1. Haha thank you! + I'm following you :) x

  3. Love that dress, its so pretty! Your necklace is really cute too!

    Imogen <3

  4. Really lovely blog!

  5. I have a necklace similar to your one, they are just beyond praise! Whoever invented them deserves a medal :)
    Aoife xx

    1. Haha yes they do! It's crazy versatile :) x

  6. Looks great on you! You look gorgeous! Love your necklace...Anything from head to toe! (: I enjoy reading your blog, I've following. Oh and I've folllowing your instagram too(: I hope you would return the favor (:


    1. Thank you! + ill defo check you out :) x


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