Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Review: Sleek blush palette.

I thought for my first beauty review, I would talk about something that I seriously love; my Sleek Blush By 3 palette.
I have the Lace combination, which includes three shades; Crochet, Guipre and Chantilly.

(in order above) 
Chantilly- This shade  is a beautiful warm orange , it can look slighly daunting in the pan, but is a dream once applied. I think it looks gorgeous with gold toned eye make up.

Guipure- This is definately my favourite colour out of the three; it is a wonderfully rich dusky rose with flecks of gold running through it, need I say more?!

Crochet- Finnaly, Crochet is a bright corally pink, which is great if you are trying to create that china doll look.

What sleek say:
"The blush by "3" palette has been formulated with intense pigments yet the shades can be layered in oreder to achieve the required intensity. "

I totally agree with the point on intense pigments; if you are too heavy-handed you can end up looking slightly like a clown! Although saying that these blushers do make for a gorgeous pop of colour on the cheeks, which still looks natural, and they are perfect for creating a subtle flush aswell on days when you perhaps want the focus on another aspect of your make up. 

I also love the packaging of this product, its simple but very effective.

I love the matte casing witht the shiny lettering :) The packaging is also really sturdy and means the blushers last fantastically; I have drops this beaut many times, but it's still going strong. I also find it doesnt get two mucky, which often ruins the apperance of makeup items. I have had this little set since October and havent even made a dent in it, so I really can see it lasting me forever :)

Do you have this palette or any other sleek blushers?



  1. love the colors! :*


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