Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Tutorial: Newspaper nails.

Despite owning a ridiculous amount of nail polish, tools and nail art pens, I'm sadly pretty bad at nail art itself. That being said, I have found a way to have a go at it, in the form of newspaper nails!
These are actually quite appropriate for me, considering I'm a paper girl and all :)

You will need:
  • A top/base coat- obvioulsy its important to protect your nails from the colour, and to seal the newspaer print, (its important to use this otherwise it will simply rub off.)
  • A pale coloured nail polish- If you try to do this on a dark colour, it will not show up, so I recomend a pastel shade, (it is almost spring!) I've used H&M `Dazzling nude.`
  • Newspaper- this is clearly essential! I have chosen to use the text, but I'm sure it would work with images as well, just bare in mind that it will be in reverse on the nails.
  • Scissors- you just need these, not much I can say!
  • A liquid containg - I use a Clean and Clear lotion, (which is far to harsh to use on my face I find), but it contains alcohol which is what will make the ink transfer onto the nails, anything that has alcohol in it will work :).
  • A glass/conatiner- this is just to pour the liquid into, I like to use a shot glass, it's the perfect size!
  • Cotton wool pads/buds- these just help with tiding up the nails.
1. First, cut out ten strips of newspaper:

They dont need to be to big, just enough to cover each nail.
2. Next paint your nails with your base :

3. Once thats dry, paint on your chosen coloured polish:

Its really important that you let this dry completely before going on to the next step, other wise the only thing you will end up with is fustration and having to start all over again!

4. The next step is to pour your liquid into the container:
4. Then dip one of your nails into this the glass and quickly cover with a strip of newspaper and press firmly for about ten seconds:

5. You can then peel the paper of and you should be left with the transfered ink. If any of the paper remains on your nail, you can dip a cotton bud into the alchonol and rub down the nail, which will get rid of it. Repeat these steps on every nail!

6. Finnaly, paint on your top coat:

And there you have it! fun, easy nail art :)


  1. Love this nail design.*__*
    Thank you so much for the follow.
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    Lovely greets

  2. These nails are amazing, will deffinetly be trying these soon. Lovely blog would you mind checking mine out?


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