Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Review: Lush Blackberry bath bomb.

Hello everyone, 
The main thing on my bath time agenda at the moment is relaxing.  What with sitting hunched over books or staring at a screen all day for the last few weeks, coupled with mega stressful exams, lets just say at the end of the day I had been feeling like the worst version of myself. However, one thing I have learnt in my 16 years is that a good bath can do wonders for your mood!

So the other night with an incredibly tight back and my hands covered in all kinds of ink, I decided a good soak was in order; step up Lush's Blackberry bath bomb! This one is specifically designed to de-stress, and it definitely helped me wind down. 

Right so lets start with scent, with it's frankincense and bergamot it is frankly heavenly. They are both specifically used to help you relax and I have to say it was a huge help, I layed back and within minutes I felt much better and my back a lot less sore. It turns the bathwater a lovely deep purple, there is nothing in there that requires any clearing up once your done, some might say it's a bit dull by Lush standards, but I like that it want to extravagant because to be honest I was just so sleepy! Although saying that, there is a little `Boom Boom!` message inside which made me smile way more that a little piece of paper should aha! Unlike some  Lush bath bombs, this one doesn't leave any residue on the skin once you're out, but it left me feeling so soft, perfect if all you want to do is hop into bed. 

What bath-time treat do you use to chill out? Have you tried this one? 


  1. Love lush :)

  2. I love the colour this bath bomb leaves the water, it's so pretty! x

  3. Ahh lush bath bombs are amazing! This one sounds lovely, such an amazing colour too. :) xx

    Angela | The Sunday Chapter

  4. I have tried this one and it is lovely! I think this was the first ever bath bong from Lush I ever used!!! Ahh, and the little note thing just perfect?! :D

  5. Sounds lovely! I want x


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