Monday, 16 June 2014

Life through my lens #10.

Hello everyone,
 I have finished all my exams! (cue fanfare and whooping) I cannot tell you how good it feels to know that I don't have to look at a text book or sit in a stuffy/freezing exam hall for a few months. I feel like they all went reasonably well, I guess only time will tell now! Although waiting until the 21st of August might just drive me insane first...

I thought to get back into blogging again, I'd do a round up post, I love writing these and I hope you guys like reading them too :)

My new favourite thing, which I have sadly only been able to find on one occasion// Nina  Nesbitt in the car // Vogue and nails evening // Models Own Indian ocean // Being all cute after Lauren's meal // Co-ord loving (OOTD) // Breakfast in the sun // I finally bought a Polaroid! // History revision // Prom makeup booked at YSL (heart-eyed emoji) // Cutest tea-room in Olney // OOTD // Elle fanning is such a beaut // Made my bed all cozy // Brownies // FOTD

Forever watching Clueless // I'm fast becoming a smoothie addict // Water + ice + lemon // A thrown on outfit I ended up liking // Wanderlust // the prettiest clouds // Current favorite eye makeup (FOTD) // Lush relaxation // My tutor got everyone Mr. Men books- Little miss bossy over here! // Leavers // Playing with my barnet // Physics exam enthusiasm // Fave top // Last exam day called for ice cream // Tyler's birthday // Throwback father's day 

So that brings us right up to date with my Instagram- well done is you got his far! I have got so much to look forward to this summer, not to mention prom on Friday! I have some interviews this week for various things which is a little daunting, but I'll no doubt let you know how they go, not to mention Friday! Thank you to those of you who have followed my blog recently, and of course to those who have for some time, my little patch on the internet has been eerily silent recently,  but I have lots planned for the next three months on here!

So far today I have had a shower, let my hair air dry, had carrot cake for breakfast, re-read the fault in our stars up until chapter six and played Ultraviolence on repeat; happy Monday!

What have you been up to lately? Have you finished your exams? 



  1. Cool pictures! Loving these kind of posts

  2. I was literally just talking to my sister about Elle Fanning, she is such a babe! And I also just finished my exams!! whooo hooo!! Hope you have a great summerrrr! :) xx

  3. Oh, I do love a chatty catch up post like this! You bed looks so inviting (in a non-sexual way, of course!) and ''as if'' you're a fan of Clueless just like me!! :D (hope you got that reference).

  4. Love these pics! I love Clueless too. Classic movie, classic Alicia Silverstone.


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