Saturday, 25 May 2013

Hello there.

Hi everyone! It feels like forever since I last blogged. Basically I've been rushed off my feet lately, what with a science exam, preparing for an English and History CASS, organising an interview for my work experience, as well as various rehearsals, it feels like I've been lucky to have time to sleep, let alone blog! I am however, officially back, and as it's half term, I'm going to try to devote a large proportion of my time of my time to blogging :)

In other news, I've started reading `The fault in our stars`, which I have no doubt you have all heard of, but if you haven't, get yourself a copy ASAP!

So there we have it, I have not been swallowed by a black hole or abducted by aliens, I have just been incredibly busy! I've just taken so photos for a new OOTD, so keep your eyes peeled for that! 


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