Friday, 10 May 2013

I'm sorry to be honest but this love is no good boy.

Another day another outfit post :) this wednesday I had a mock interview (I'm doing work experience soon so it was just to get us used to the process), so this is a smarter outfit than normal!

Earrings-River Island
Blazer- Republic
Shirt- H&M
Watch- Olivia Burton
Pumps- Deichmann

I bought this blazer a while ago and had been wanting and simply waiting to wear it! I'm a little bit in love with the colour; it's the perfect dark blush, I must admit I was matching the blossom outside! It's also made from a really lovely light, silky material, which is great for the current high temperatures. It's cut really well and just sits really nicely everywhere. I personally think that adding a jacket can really change any look, so I'm really glad I could whip this beauty out from my wardrobe! I've now finished gushing about jackets :)

I've had this shirt since about september and it has served me well! It makes me look massive in the above pictures because the wind was blowing up the back! but it actually fits and hangs really nicely. I think the oversized pockets add a nice extra little detail as well.

I bought these trousers specifically for the interview and i really like them! they fit nicely and are tight, I really can't be doing with any of those bootcut flare things!

I bought this necklace at the weekend and it's not been of my neck since! I love the way it just pokes out of my collar, adding a bit more interest. I had been eyeing it up a few weeks ago and when I saw it again I just couldn't resist :)

These earrings were a gift from my lovely friend Molly and I thought they went beautifully with the springy look I was going for.

Of course my watch was on, looking all punctual and professional  ;)

I popped on these pumps (try saying that super fast!) as I obviously couldn't wear vans/ converse and I didn't really fancy tottering around in heels all day.  By the way, sorry if my ghostly feet are blinding you, they look so bright/white on my computer screen!

On a different note, I've now reached 18 subscribers on bloglovin! that is might be nothing to some people, but to me it's so satisfying and I'm so grateful for all my lovely followers! so, if you have been reading and like what you see, follow me! If you leave your blog URL in a comment I will defo check you out and probably follow :), so in short, thank you guys!

What do you think of my outfit? what would you wear for an interviews?



  1. Lovely posts!

    Hope you can check my blog out soon:



  2. Such a lovely outfit!

    Also love the nina nesbitt lyrics! xx

    1. Thank you India :) + I know ;) I love her! X

  3. Great outfit! I love the blazer and the jewelry, especially the cute heart earrings. You have a great blog, I'm following you now on bloglovin. Please visit my blog and if you like it follow me too so we can keep in touch :)


    1. Thank you! + I'm going to check you out now :) x


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