Thursday, 2 May 2013

April favourites.

It's that time again for me to recap what I've been loving for the last month :)

-MUA Undress me too pallette- 

As I've mentioned a few times before, I'm trying to get more into not just doing a simple flick of eyeliner, so I have been seriously loving this little palette! First off all, value for money, this wonderful little thing is just £4, which works out at roughly 33p per shadow! how crazy is that?! When the quality is so good, it simply baffles me how it can be so cheap! My favourite shades are `Shy`, a creamy nude with a subtle shimmer, `Reveal`, a lovely taupe colour, and `Devotion` a browny gold with a metallic finish. I think I'm going to have to buy the original now as well!

-Simple kind to skin refreshing shower gel- 

My Mum bought me this a few weeks ago, because I needed some new shower gel, and initially  I was a bit like, oh, no scent! but actually, Its really nice not to be putting something perfumed onto my skin for once! It really is refreshing and leave my skin feeling so soft and smooth after I use it. I don't have particularly sensitive skin on my body, but I imagine if you do this would be really great as its so gentle. 

-Balmi lip balm (mint)- 

I had been wanting to try one of these for a very long time, and seen as they were half price when I bought it, (only £2.50!) I decided to get one :) I didn't really want the mint one, however I love it! It's quite nice not putting something sickly sweet onto my lips for a change! It also makes your lips go all tingly when you put it on, so it has a really nice cooling effect. I like to put this on in the morning before school, and its still on my lips by lunchtime, finally a lip balm that works! And finally, how cute is the packaging!

-Rimmel match perfection  foundation- 

Where to start with this one! I absolutely love it! I bought this after I ran out of my bourjois healthy mix, and I honestly think this is better! It matches my skin tone really well and the wear time is excellent, whereas I found my old foundation would be going slightly patchy about half way through the day, this one stays put until I want to take it off! If you are looking for a new foundation or just want to try this out, I can highly recommend it :)

-Rimmel Apocolips in `Celestial`- 

I bought three of the appocolips, and this is by far my favourite. It's the most wearable shade out of the ones I picked up, and I just love it! It's a really lovely toned down pink, that I find goes with practically everything.  I'm sure you have heard all the blogger hype surrounding these lip lacquers, and I can agree, they really live up to it! 

-Batise original dry shampoo- 

This is more of a new favourite than a new one. I wash my hair ever other day (I went through a stage of doing it everyday, and my hair actually suffered for it,) so I like to use this on my second day hair. It really does give it a bit more life, body, and helps it look non greasy, so it really does do what it does on the tin (can!) My sister and me get through this stuff pretty fast, I think we've probably try every scent now! I really like this one though, it reminds me of lemon sherbert! :)

So thats it for another month! what have you been loving lately? 



  1. Hey, I just found your blog and so glad I did. I've really enjoyed reading through it and will making a few cheeky purchases after I leave (thank you).
    Following you on bloglovin now. Hope to stay in touch x

    1. Aw thank you so much for such a lovely comment! + glad you enjoyed! X

  2. I love love love the Match Perfection Foundation and the Batiste shampoo as well ! :) x

    1. Their just the best arnt they! X


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