Monday, 27 May 2013

I think that it's best if we both stay.

OOTD #10
Hello everyone, I hope your enjoying your bank holiday and the glorious weather we have at the moment! Also this is my tenth OOTD! these are definitely my favourite posts to write, and I hope you lovely lot like them as well!
Me and my family went for a picnic at Stowe gardens today, it was really sunny and relaxing ,the perfect bank holiday combo for me.  
Sunglasses- Primark
Watch-Olivia Burton
Converse- Office

If you have been reading my blog for awhile, then you may recognise this dress, because I wore it for my birthday back in April, but in a more dressed up way. It is definitely on the very short end of the dress scale, however, I think when you make it more casual, you can get away with it. I also apologise to your eyes for having to witness the paleness that is my legs, definitely wiping out the tan tonight!

Keeping with the vintage feel of this dress, I wore my favourite sunnies and watch, as well as my best loved Apocolips in `Big bang`. I'm seriously loving red lippie at the moment, which you may be able to tell by looking at my outfit posts! I didn't add a belt like I did before, because I wanted to keep it casual :)

These are defo my favourite sunglasses, can you believe they were only £2.50!

Not sure why I'm looking so serious in the first picture here! But this was today's makeup look. 

I also shoved on my converse yet again :)

Enjoy the rest of your bank holiday guys! what have you been up to today? 



  1. Such a cute outfit, I love wearing my converse style shoes with dresses and skirts!! I have those sunnies, and I wear them 24/7!!!

    Great post.

    1. Thanks Ellie :) I love my glasses and converse, I don't think I'll wear anything this summer! x

  2. That dress is so cute. I love the look of a flirty dress with socks and converse shoes. c:

    xo, Janiecy

    1. Aw thanks janeese :) that's one of my favorite looks! X


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