Wednesday 30 April 2014

On Wednesday we wear pink.

OOTD #46

Hello everyone, 
As you may or may not know, today is ten years since the infamous film Mean Girls was released, (can you believe it was 2004?) |I think this could be one of the most quoted films ever, and I for one blummin' love it, so  I thought I would pay homage by creating an outfit inspired by the main charter Cady Heron. I was having a bad face/bad hair/ bad body day when I shot these photos, so please excuse that! 

Lacoste Polo- Vintage (eBay) 
Jeans- Topshop Joni
Ring- Pandora
Bracelet- Pandora 
Heels- Deichmann 

I'm pretty proud to say that my polo is the same brand as Cady's (or Damien's should I say) This Lacoste one is one of my best eBay finds, it was only around £3! It's super comfy and because it's cropped look lovely with anything highwaisted. I really should wear it more because it's so versatile. 

I thought my gorgeous Pandora bracelet went perfectly with this ensemble. I'm totally obsessed with it! I'm really loving simple pieces of jewelry at the moment and this defiantly ticks that box.

This is one of my favorite spring nail polishes, Maybelline's Mint for life. It goes really well with this shade of pink too. 

I popped on my nude heels on as a little nod to when her character becomes one of the Plastics, a bit different to her usual `sneakers`!

Are you a Mean Girls fan? What do you think of my attempt at Cady's outfit? 

Sunday 27 April 2014

My 16th Birthday gifts.

Hello everyone, 
I asked in a recent post if you lovely lot would like to see what I was gifted for my Birthday, so that's what I'm sharing today! 

Just a quick disclaimer; I know some people are not fans of these kinds of posts, I'm not doing this to show of or brag in any way, shape or form! I am incredibly grateful for all my gifts and  lots of people said they would like to see a post like this, so if Birthday `hauls` aren't your thing, click away now. Phew! 

Alright, lets kick things off with makeup (fanfare please). 

Ah, would you look at that! I was lucky enough to receive a MAC palette from my sister (cheers Pip) and I love it. I already have two shadows in the shades Fig and Amber Lights and they are both just gorgeous. I've been using Amber lights the most, it is the perfect gold for the crease and outer corner and is just so pretty. Fig looks goregous swept all over the lid with lashes of Mascara. I cannot wait to get filling this up! Can you recommend any shades? 

I also received the blogger favorite MAC soft and Gentle mineralize skin finish from my babe Lauren. I am a woman obsessed! I have been using this goregous highlighter daily and I just can't get enough. Full review in the pipeline. 

Next up is two lovely lip products. I have been lusting over this Rimmel Apocalips in the shade Luna for an age now, and let me tell you it did not disappoint. It is the perfect peachy nude and looks equally good with a gold or bronze eye look as it does with winged liner. The other is a Sleek matte me which I've not tried before. I've read a few review on these, but I've not really seen much blogger hype surrounding them. I'm a little on the fence with them; I adore the colour but I find the texture a little odd, it sort of just sits on the lips I feel. More testing needed I think! 

I've also now got three new Bourjois offerings in my stash. I am loving the bronzing primer, it is just perfect! It is a great colour, even on my pale skin and blends like a dream. Although I like the Java rice powder, I'm not internally sure how to use it! I find it a little two glittery as a powder, and not quite bold enough as a highlighter (suggestions please!) This little blusher was actually free with the purchase of the other two items. It's nice enough but not as pigmented as I'd have liked. 

I was also gifted some new nail polishes. The Liliac Barry M one is just perfect for spring and I actually had the black crackle at some point before so It's nice to have it in my overflowing collection again! White nails are everywhere at the moment so this is Maybelline one is going to get a lot of love from em this season. 

Next up are the beautiful pieces of fine jewelry I received. The locket was from my parents. It's rose gold and has a teeny tiny diamond in it; I am totally smitten with it! Rose gold is my all time favourite (well done mum) so I just adore it. It goes with everything and was firmly on my neck all Easter. The Pandora ring was from my beautiful best friends who oh-so-cleverly presented me with it inside a celebrations box, and had me totally fall for the fact that that was my main present. One day I might be less gullible! All that aside, I love the ring and it was such a thoughtful gift, I honestly feel a bit weird without it on during the day now. My Mum's friend also bought me a stunning Pandora bracelet with the prettiest glittery pink charm, I Instagramed it here if your curious!

I bought a few items of clothing when we went to London, both from the Carnaby street branch of Monki. I picked up a striped long sleeve crop top and a black maxi skirt, both if which I'm obsessed with an wore to Oxford the other day so you will be able to see them in an OOTD soon. I also bought a really pretty dress from Topshop which i wore for my Birthday meal, check it out here

You can see the stripped top here (which I seriously need to stop wearing!) along with a goregous checkered top from the Chelsea Girl range and river island, I love the '60s vibe it has (thank you Lauren and Molly!)

My Grandparents gifted me this gorgeous Paris themed jewelry box which looks so lovely sat on my window sill. They also sent me a New Look voucher, my order is hopefully winging it's way to me as we speak! I also bought some Muji storage finally, I love it so much, defo worth all the hype surrounding it. 

I also received a bunch of beauty goodies from my friends; S&G is one of my favorite brands, so all of these products have already been put to good use. I always have a makeup bag with me, so this Ted Baker one will be perfect for travelling, especially as I'm never one to travel light! The I love... products are so lovely and I've been seriously enjoying the bubble bath, with my new Yankee sampler as well. 

My Lovely Auntie sent me some Accessories goodies (thanks Gill if you're reading!) I'm obsessed with frilly socks as you probably know and these one are the perfect length for me to wear with my Chelsea boots. The little purse is just adorable, as is the Paris notebook!

And off course, no birthday is complete with out some chocolate, mmm.

I'm sorry I've been a little MIA this week, I really have to be spending all my time focusing on revision for my up coming exam,s now, although I would so much rather be blogging! I will do my best to keep writing post because I honestly enjoy this so much. One thing I can promise though is that I will be back full force come summer time! 

Wednesday 23 April 2014

Spring inspo.

Hello everyone,
I was recently scrolling through one of my favourite places on the internet, Pinterst, and I deiced that these pictures were too pretty to be kept to myself! You must have guess by the title that these are all spring themed, I love this season; not too hot not too cold, lots of excuse to eat chocolate e.t.c. e.t.c. so I hope you take some inspo from them too. 

All photographs are from Pinterest (one or two from Google images)

You may have sensed a theme; classic makeup, co-ords, lace, pastels, pale blue and any kind of head gear is doing it for me right now. I mean would you look at that gingham bikini/underwear? *swoons*, and this post has further affirmed my need for a pair of ripped skinnies and skate shoes. Send funds please. 

What are you being inspired by at the moment? Do you love spring as much as me? 

Oh and leave your Pinterst usernames bellow, I love finding new boards to follow! Mine is alicecevans808.

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