Saturday 31 August 2013

You took the time to memorise me, my fears my hopes and dreams.

OOTD #26 

Hi everyone,
 Sorry my posting has been pretty all over the place lately, if you are an English school girl (or boy) then I'm sure you are aware that this is the last week of the holidays *cries*
so I've basically just been trying to get ready to go back. I've now managed to sort my shoes and bag, but have a look at this post if you're still on the hunt for one!

I wore this to meet some friends and potter around the cutest little place called Moffat; we ate lots of food, bought some sweets from the cutest little sweet shop (by the way, Moffat toffee is a winner) and went on the swan pedalo's, which this outfit wasn't really that practical for, but it was all good! 

Top- Matalan 
Watch- Olivia Burton 
Midi ring- River island 
Converse- Office

Ahh, I just love this top! The print is so unique and it fits so nicely, it was a total bargain as well (see it in the haul!) I thought it looked really cute tucked into my favourite skater skirt, so the little cherubs are just poking over the top :) 

My nail polish, Essie `Bikini so teeny` actually matches the colour of my skirt, so this all turned out very coordinated! 

My gorgeous bag also made another appearance, truth be told it's not really left my side since I bought it, which can actually be said for my watch as well. 

I thought my converse went perfectly with this ensemble, because they make it a lot more casual and of course they are super comfy. 

So I hope you're all enjoying the last days of summer. I'm sort of in two minds at the moment, I want to get back into the routine and actually use my brain again, but then I know this year going to be pretty stressful.  I am however going to the cinema today so I don't need to be thinking about school right at this moment! 

What do you think of this outfit? How are you feeling about getting back to school? 

Monday 26 August 2013

Mercedes-Benz #SocialReporter: Summer trends competition.

Hello my lovelies, I hope your all enjoying the bank holiday :) 
I was recently contacted to bring you guys the  `Mercedes-Benz #SocialReporter` competition. The Idea is you `Submit an entry that represents your summer look for 2013 – i.e. all the things that have excited you about the UK fashion scene this season and you could get your chic on as Mercedes-Benz's #SocialReporter for fashion. You can add as many pieces of content from as many social channels as you like` Sound good? 

For my entry, I created an outfit  which combines all of my favourite summer trends;  

I think this would be perfect for a causal day in a seaside town, picture this on the beach, the pier, in a cute cafe and then for a mooch round the shops! 

I love all of these pieces individually but even more as a whole.The super 90's thing going on this summer instantly makes me think of a scrunchie, which makes me want Zoella's hair even more (is that possible though?) because I think it would look amazing in a high ponytail with all that ombre going on.

 If you have been reading my blog this summer then you must know I have a whole lot of love for yellow nail polish and crop tops, often in the same post and the ones above set my heart a'beating.

 I have been eyeing up this gorgeous skirt Topshop skirt literally all summer, and I think it is now out of stock *cries*, but never the less graphic prints and midi skirts have been all the rage this season. 

Boho, Hippy chic, festival inspired; what ever you want to call it, this trend  has been having a moment, every summer of course, but this summer the high-street went crazy with those vibes, and I was definitely not complaining. 

And last but by no-means least, white, particularly in the form of converse, which I personally have lived in this summer!  
So for me, this outfit is summer 2013, and I rather like it :) 

So, you've created your look, now what? Well you simply add your entry to the site and you're entered into the competition. And let me tell you, the winner is a lucky one, because this is the prize; `Submit an entry that represents your summer look of 2013 for the chance to win access to an exclusive fashion event with Mercedes-Benz. You will be mingling with celebrities and VIP’s and report your experience back via social media. Activities include interviewing Tanya Burr over lunch and attending a fashion party and events. Round trip travel to London, accommodation and a personal chauffeur are included. So decide your look – is it what you wore to a festival, how you styled your favourite summer trend or a selfie of you looking summery and upload to the Social Reporter site`

This competition closes in two days (the 28th of August) so get your entries in ASAP to be in with a chance of winning! 

What do you think of my entry? Whats your favourite trend been this summer? 
Leave comment letting me know if you enter and I'll defo check it out! 

Sunday 25 August 2013

I figured out that joy is not in your arms.

OOTD #25

Hello everyone! 
This is the first of the outfits I photographed for you lovely lot whilst on holiday last week;

Jacket- fashion union 
Tshirt- Zara
Watch- Olivia Burton
Bag- Matalan 
Jeans- Matalan 
Walking boots- Amazon

I just wore this to go on a walk and a potter about where we were staying really.

I love the si-fi feel to this tee, its pretty over-sized and baggy, but that just how I like it! I bought this in a Zara sale a while ago, it had been reduced to £16, and then then to £8 and finally to £4, so I couldn't resit adding it to the collection.  

I thought my nail polish, (Essie's Action) would go really well with the colours in the top. I do love a good contrast. I've also been loving my midi ring, so pretty. 

I thought about changing into my converse and then taking these pictures, but then  I wanted to  give you a true representation of what I actually wore instead!My walking boots! I was walking after all :p I actually really like the colour of these and they are incredibly comfy.

Ah, my new bag, AKA, the love of my life. Its just so pretty! I finally have a bag that is the same shade as my watch strap as well, yay!

I feel this last photo is a little pointless, because the sun is stopping they're being any chance of you being able to see my make up, but still, here's my face. 

Hey face :) 

I hope your all enjoying the second to last week of the summer, like seriously since when did six weeks go so fast? So far today I have been recovering from a sleepover using as an excuse to lie in  , catching up on a few YouTube videos and blog posts and listening to Ellie Goulding *starts sing the title of this post*, so pretty standard really!

What do you think of this outfit? What are you up to today? 

Friday 23 August 2013

Empties #2.

Hi there, It's time for another empties post :) 

But first I thought I would update you with what's been going on for me lately. Like many of you I'm sure, I got a GCSE result yesterday,I'm just going into year 11 so I've only finished one GCSE, which was science, and I got an A! I was relieved more than anything, but obviously happy as well, it's nice to know that hard work does pay off! 

Afterwards me and my family went for afternoon tea at Fawsley hall which was beyond lovely. My mum had a voucher for it from one of her friends for her birthday so it was lovely that we could all benefit! (outfit post coming soon!) 
Other than that I'm just trying to get organised for the new school year which is starting to creep up on me. The joy. If anyone knows a good place to buy school shoes, please do let me know, because I literally tried on every pair in Clarks and none fitted, I am starting to panic! I also had a really lovely holiday in Scotland, really just relaxing and catching up with friends and family :)  

Now, onto the empties! The majority of these things are from last month, and I'd had all them them quite a while; I always seem to finish things at the same time!

First up is a shampoo. All of my family use this and we all love it! I wash my hair every other day and this shampoo always leaves it feeling clean and nourished. I have quite fine hair which is what this is specifically aimed at, and I find it doesn't weigh my hair down which is perfect because I cannot stand that! I'm not sure it makes my hair particularly shiny, but that doesn't really bother me. 

Would I repurchase it? I already have!

I bought this base coat with one of those `three pounds off` vouchers that they often have in Boots for No7, and I'm pretty sad it's finished. I used this as a base and top coat most of the time and it gave a really smooth, gel like finish, which is of course desirable! I would definitely recommend it :) 

Would I repurchase it? Well next time there's on offer on, guess what i'll be making a bee-line for... 

Next up is a product I featured in my June favourites post and I finished it pretty soon after writing it! This mask really does nourish the hair and leaves it feeling so soft afterwards, just what a hair mask should do! 

Would I repurchase it? Yep :)

Ah, the Lush sweetie pie shower gel, I'm telling you, you have to smell this! As with all Lush products, it has an element for fun and is slightly gimmicky, but what's wrong with that? I actually gave one of these away in my recently, so I hope  Brittany likes it as much as I did! 

Would I repurchase it? Although I did like it, I rarely buy a bath/ shower products again (I like to try new things!) so probably not. 

This face wash is a bit of a classic for me; it was the first one I ever bought and I've got through my fare share of bottles, the simple reason being its good at its job. I know that it agrees with my skin (it's never caused me to break out,) and it smells divine and its a pretty pink colour :) 

Would I repurchase it? Without a doubt, but I'm happily using another face wash right now, so in a bit!

This was the deodorant I kept in my school bag in the last term or so. I love the scent and it's a compressed can so it takes up less room and makes it so cute! 

Would I repurchase it? Sure, see what I did there ;)

This is another part of my skincare routine (see all of it in this post!) I like to sweep this all over my face, targeting particularly blemish prone areas. I always leaves my skin feeling really clean and has a sort of hospital-y smell (?!) that i actually really like. Weird.  

Would I repurchase it? Yes, I need to! 

This is possibly the least exciting empty thing ever; nail polish remover *yay* I get through nail varnish remover like nobodies business, and this one did the job fine. 

Would I repurchase it? Yeah, this is a thing I'm not fussy about! 

Now this is a product that I really liked, this body wash had little red dotty things in it that when you rubbed into your skin, sort of popped and had tiny bits of glitter in them. Now thats my sort of shower gel. This has the classic Sanctuary product smell which is heavenly and leaves the skin super soft. 

Would I repurchase it? Like I said with the Lush shower gel, I like to try new things! So maybe, but not immediately. 

Another thing I seem to use up like there's no tomorrow is eye makeup remover. I wasn't actually a massive fan of this one; it took quite a lot of effort (and product) to fully remove everything which is not ideal when I'm wanting to jump into bed! It did have a nice smell though :)

Would I repurchase it? Well I have since gone back to my faithful Simple makeup remover, so I'm guessing you already know the answer ^. 

Lastly, a staple in the old routine, the Primark 4 in 1 face wipes. I always have a pack of some sort of face wipes handy, and these ones are such a bargain I always try to pick some up when I venture into Primark.  

Would I repurchase it? Always! 

What have you used up lately? If you got your GCSE results/result then I hope you got what you wanted as well! 

Wednesday 21 August 2013

Pre-holiday haul.

Hello everyone,
I'm now home! I had a really lovely holiday, but it is nice to be back. Before I went  up to bonny old Scotland, me and my sister went for a spot of retail therapy,( Nothing new there then!) So these are the bits I picked up;

A few days previous to our little trip, my Mum treated me to a few things from Matalan (not somewhere I usually make an effort to go to, but I was pleasantly surprised!) I spotted this bag and I instantly feel in love!

Matalan tan bag £10

Just look at it! I've been after a new day bag for a while and this one ticks all the boxes; not to small, with tan and gold detailing. I've used this everyday since I bought it and it really is perfect. It was also only £10, so perfecto :) 

This little shirt was actually from the kids/teen section which I wouldn't normally look in, but I saw the unique print from across the shop and I couldn't resist! I just adore the kitsch pattern with the little cherubs, aw its so cute! I'm not usually a fan of shirts with short sleeves, but this one is a winner.  

Matalan short sleeved angel shirt £12

I also love the gold detailing on the collar, I've already got some outfit pictures with this so look out for them soon! 

The last thing I picked up in Matalan was this pair of jeans, which they were calling jeggings but the only difference I can see is that they don't have a zip or belt loops, but they still feel like denim.

Matalan jeggings £12

These are super comfy and you know, you can never have too many jeans! 

One thing I have been after for a while is a midi or finger top ring, and I finally found one in River Island.

River Island finger top ring £2

I love this because its just so dainty! I've worn it everyday since I bought it and annoyingly it has already started to tarnish and today I ended up with a lovely green ring mark left on my finger, not a good look. I will however keep wearing this, and for only two pounds I can't really complain. 

Next stop on the list was Lush, one of my favourite places :) I've heard so much about this face mask, the `Mask of Magnanimity` in the YouTube and blogging world, so I was eager to give it ago myself!

Lush mask of Magnanimity £5.25 

I've used this once and I was really impressed, I should have a review up soon :)  

I also bought a new bath bomb, standard Lush behavior I'm sure you'll agree!

Lush `Butterball` bath bomb- £2.50

I went for `Butterball` this time. I'm making it my mission to try all of them :p This one is designed to put moisture back into the skin and contains vanilla and coca butter so smells lovely and comforting, I literally can't wait to use it.

Whilst in Superdrug, I noticed that some Revlon products were on two for ten pounds, so of course I took the opportunity to pick up some new Lip Butters!

Revlon Lip-butters in `Juicy papaya` and `sweet tart` £7.99 each 

 I deiced on the two shades `Juicy papaya`, a peach shade, and `sweet tart` a rosey pink. I adore both of these and have worn them lots already, you'll be sure to see them in some `face of the day` posts!

I finally managed to track down the Baby lips in Boots (its only taken two trips...) I went for the basic `Hydrate` option; 

Maybelline Baby lips in `hydrate` £2.99 
So far I have been really enjoying using this. I would definitely like to try a tinted one because this one is a little boring, but I like it nonetheless. If you have tried a tinted one let me know if they're any good!

Finally I treated myself to another colour tattoo; 

Maybelline colour tattoo in `on and on bronze` £5

I went for the shade `On and on bronze` which is a gorgeous rich bronze shade with a slight shimmer. Like all the colour tattoos, this makes and excellent base for powder shadows, but still looks fab on its own. 

So that's what I purchased before my holiday :)
what do you think of my purchases? What have you been buying lately?

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