Sunday 27 July 2014

July 2014 favourites.

Hello lovelies,
I've not done a favourites post for a few months, I don't tend to have enough to have enough to talk about, but July has been an exception! My summer so far has been amazing, and I can actually day that July has not flashed before my eyes, but been slow and enjoyable. 

-MAC Fix+-

First up is my MAC Fix+. I'm sure I have featured this in a favorites post last summer but it has been a god send this month. I've been loving this spraying this on just after I finish my makeup to keep it looking light, but also on no makeup days just to stay cool! It smells so good and leaves it super soft.

-Bourjois Java rice powder-

I have to start with the packaging of this product, how pretty! I love that it is the same vintage design as the product has when it was released in 1879, 150 years ago if you can believe it! Inside it has a really handy bit of plastic that you twist so that the perfect amount of product is dispensed meaning it doesn't end up all over everything else. I like to use my real techniques contour brush and dip into the powder, tapping to remove the excess and then sweeping over the high points of my face. Although you know how much I love my MAC soft and gentle, this one is perfect for a more subtle highlight. As with most Bourjois products, this one is scented, it smells so good!

-L'oreal True match-

I'd been wanting to try this foundation ever since the blogger hype began, and I can honestly say that it deserves all of the praise it's had! I was matched to the shade CI `Rose Ivory` and it is perfect for my pale skin. It is a much higher coverage than I usually have but I adore it, it doesn't feel heavy or look cakey at all and  gives a lovely glowy look, which I'm sure is the main reason it is compare to the Giorgio Armani Luminous silk as a wonderful dupe.  So basically, go get yourself a bottle!

-Miss Sporty liquid concealer-

I was on the hunt for the collection lasting perfection concealer yet again, which of course they didn't have in the lightest shade (the annoyance was real) so picked up this old favorite of mine. I like to use this under the eyes and on blemishes and it works equally well covering both. It has quite a light finish so I don't find it looks cakey although I do like to really blend it it to avoid highlighting the areas I'm trying to conceal! This is such a bargain at only £2.99.

-YSL glossy stain Corail holdup`-

I've reviewed this in full here, so it's best just to read that to find out why I love it so! But in short, this is the perfect glossy, muted lip, coming from a girl who is loyal to a lippies and not a fan of lip-gloss. It is such a lovely luxury to have and a summer staple, plus it brings pack prom memories!

-Tk maxx makeup brush-

I bought this brush at the start of the month on a bit of whim after spotting t in Tk maxx (I know it was in branded packaging but I've no clue what is is!) I've been loving this with cream products; it contours like a dream with my Bourjois bronzing primer and is fab with my Sleek cream blush trio. I love Tk Maxx, I know some people aren't keen because it does have that jumble sale vibe, but if you look there are some real gems!

-Real techniques pointed foundation brush-

Another brush I've been loving this the Real Techniques pointed foundation brush. Now this is the one out of the core collection that I never really had a use for, but since I bought True match, they have become the perfect pair! I like to start from the center of my face dipping the brush into my foundation and then working it over, building but the coverage with extra layers if I feel I need it. I urge you to give this brush another go if you just have it sat redundant in you collection, it's also fab fro apply a primer if you don't wan to use your hands. 

-Eyeko skinny liner-

This has to be the bets magazine freebie I have ever received, thanks Glamour! I'm a daily winged liner wearer, and this one ticks all the boxes; easy to use, ultra black, long lasting and precise, full review on the way!

-Kleenex shine absorbing sheets-

When I saw these in the 99p store the other day I had to pop them in my basket. They are a total lifesaver if you find your face gets shiny though out the day. I simply pop one of these sheets out, blot it over my face and then lightly dust some powder over and I'm good to go again!

So that's what I've been loving lately! I've been having the best summer with lots still to look forward too, including meeting up with my blogger bestie Lily, so so excited!

What have you been loving this July? What do you think of my favorites? 


Thursday 24 July 2014

A picnic, palm print and Polaroids.

OOTD #53

Hello everyone, I feel like long time no outfit of the day! I am feeling so uninspired by what I'm wearing lately, I honestly cannot wait to go shopping! However I did like this outfit, It managed to keep me pretty cool in this crazy heat we are experiencing in the UK (although I did change into my little Primark shorts whilst lounging!) as I wore this for a lovely picnic with a few of my fave girls, I've popped some picture into this post because it was such a fab day. 

Crop top- New Look 
Maxi skirt- Monki
Sandals- New Look 

This crop top is such a pretty one for summer, it's a good length too so sits perfectly with my skirt. 

I haven't done these newspaper nails in so long! I have a really awful tutorial on them here if you are interested (so cringe) 

I went for my standard summer makeup, light gold eyes with winged liner and pink blush and lips. 

We had the loveliest day soaking up the sun and munching all of our food.I really need to get out into my village more because this day reminded me just how pretty it is. I saw so many places that would make the perfect outfit backdrops!

What do you think of this outfit? What have you been up to in the sun? 

Saturday 19 July 2014

My skincare routine - revisited.

Hello everyone, 
I've not posted in over a week, but it feels like so much longer for some reason! I just thought I'd take a little break rather than forcing myself to blog, I'm a strong believer in keeping things enjoyable, and I think it really shows when someone wants to be writing and when they are simply doing because they feel they have to. 

But anyway, it's been an absolute age since I last shared my skincare routine and it has change quite a bit since I did a whole post on it. I have struggled with blemish prone skin since becoming a teenager, but I these products definitely help and I am happy super with my routine right now! 

-Eye makeup remover-

To be honest, I'm not that faithful to any eye makeup remover, but this Simple one and the L'oreal Micellar water are my favourites. I just soak a cotton pad with which ever one I'm using at sweep it over each eye until all the mascara, eyeshadow and liner is gone! 

-Face washes-

I like to use this Nivea Cleansing mousse if I want to take of all my makeup without using the above, sometimes it's just nicer to use a wash, it means I can take off all of my base makeup at the same time too. This one has a lovely foamy texture and is perfect to use in the morning when I'm in the shower. I'm always a little wary of trying new products, but this one didn't break me out at all. 

This La Roche-Posay Foaming gel cleanser has got holy grail status for me , I absolutely love it! It has a lovely gel texture which feels balm like in a way, and is just the best thing after a long day. I like to use this in the morning (again in the shower) or at night. I have noticed a huge difference in the number of breakouts and general appearance of my skin since I have been using this (I'm on my second bottle) and I am going to repurchase it for a long time to come!


I have used this toner since I first got into skincare, it does the job perfectly, leaving my skin feeling smooth and extra clean, I always tone before I apply my makeup because I feel like it gets rid of any excess oil so the overall finish is far better. 


A good moisturizer is a must in anyone's routine, and this one suits my skin perfectly. It is rich without being heavy and absorbs really fast. Also how cute is the tub! 

-Blemish treatments-

I have tried lots of product to try to clear my breakouts, but this is by far the best, I have done a full review here so I wont go on too much about it, but what you really need to know is how fast and effectively it works. I apply this to a spot before I got to sleep, an by the morning it will be smaller, less sore and less red, and if not that then totally gone. So much love for this product! 


My current favorite face mask and what I have been reaching for most for a while is Lush's Love Lettuce one. It is meant to brighten, soothe and exfoliate and it does what it says! It leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth and really makes a difference to how clear it looks. 

-Lip balm-

Finally, not technically a skincare item, but I always apply a lip balm last thing before I jump into bed, this one is amazing, it feels really luxurious and smells divine. 

So that's my routine, I don' use as many products as some people, but often keeping things simple is best! I mainly focus on making sure all of my makeup is off and that my skin is as clean as possible.

What do you think of my routine? What products do you use?  

Thursday 10 July 2014

Review: YSL glossy stain `Corail hold up`.

Hello everyone, 
Sorry I've been so absent this week,I have had a lovely one so far, lots of things to do,and luckily I've not been bored at all this holiday yet! 

As you may remember me mentioning, I had my prom makeup done at the YSL counter in my local Debenhams.  The price of having my makeup done was redeemable against a product if my choice, so I deiced to go for the product used on my lips; so step up the YSL glossy stain in `Corail hold up.`

As you can see it is the most gorgeous colour, a peachy coral with the perfect amount of subtle shimmer. The texture of the gloss starts off feeling like water on the lips but after a while it settles, becoming more like a lipstick but i actually really like that. Because It is a stain, the intensity can be build up by leaving a few seconds between the coats you apply, meaning it can be very subtle or as strong as you want it.

It has fab staying power although I do like to whip it out an reapply every so often! The packaging is obviously to die for, but I would expect no less from YSL! The scent and taste reminds me of cherries, normally I prefer lip produts not to have too much of a flavour, but this one is just right. This retails for £25, so is definitely a luxury item. If I'm honest, I'm sure there are lots of glosses on the market for less that are just as good, but really you pay for decedent packaging as well as the product, and I loved having this treat for prom! 

Have you tried the YSL glossy stains? What is your favourite gloss? 

Friday 4 July 2014


Hello everyone,
I'm sure you are sick of me moaning on Twitter about wanting to go shopping, but seen as I don't get paid until the end of July, I still have some waiting to do! With that in mind, I thought I'd assemble an idea on what I want to spend my pennies on once they land in my purse.


Topshop checked smock // Topshop lace bralet // Monki carpet print top // H&M mint crop top // New Look striped bardot crop top // Topshop bleached denim jacket // Topshop black Joni jeans // River Island tile print smock dress //  River Island embellished black playsuit // H&M black chiffon kimono // Topshop powder blue scalloped shorts // Vans slip on shoes // Office slip on sandals // River Island black hat

Ok, so first up the kimono, this H&M one is a total bargain and will go with everything. I think it will give a lovely summery edge to outfits non? The black playsuit looks like it could have the potential to fit me (tall girl problems) and I love the beading. the two dresses below just look like the perfect thing to throw on a hot day (wishful thinking I know) and could be dressed up for down. The denim jacket and black Joni jeans are staples that I have lusted after for an age, it's high time they are in my wardrobe!  The bralet is such a pretty, delicate piece and the shorts are in my current favourite colour. The three t-shirts just caught my eye whilst browsing online, they are all such good prices! As I mentioned in my last post, I now work in Office, so there is shoe temptation everywhere! I'm hoping to pick these pairs up soon. And finally, the black floppy hat, need I say more?

What do you think of my picks? What are you after at the moment?

Wednesday 2 July 2014

Across the sky of ageing uniqueness.

OOTD #52

Hello everyone,
Right first off apologizes for how I look in these pictures, not feeling my natural hair or how luminously pale I am, but whatever. Anyway, I wore this to a little local festival the other week, can you believe this dress cost me just £5 in the H&M sale! I love it an I know I'm going to get so much wear out of it all year round, Plus it is feeding my stripe addiction... 

Sunglasses- Primark
Dress- H&M
Watch- Olivia Burton 
Bracelet- Topshop 
Converse- Office 

Sorry for how odd my back looks here, but I love the low back! I'm drawn anything with more of an unusual cut so this is right up my street.

I added my favorite little charm bracelet in an attempt to feel a little more festivaly (pathetic attempt I know) but well it's pretty and not to heavy for when it's hot. 

I wore my watch too, although I'm sure you are so sick of reading that sentence aha! 

I popped my converse on again, comfy and casual and ideal for wandering about all day. 

I'm working today and Friday, but I'm off on Thursday and the whole weekend and I have lots of fun things coming up! It's my annual school trip to Alton Towers on Sunday, and actually the last time we will all go together so I'm super excited for that! If i'm honest I just can't wait to get paid! so many bits I've got my eye on right now. 

What do you think of my outfit? What are you up to this week? 

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