Friday 31 May 2013

Half term haul.

Hi guys, I've got a little primark/ beauty haul for you today :) 

I went to Primark quite recently, so I just picked up a few bits , but I really like what I did buy :)

The first thing I spotted was this beyond cute pinafore! 

Denim pinafore- £12.00

I've been wanting to jump on the pinafore bandwagon for quite some time, so I was really pleased to find this gorgeous denim one for only £12! I literally can't wait to wear it, expect an OOTD soon :p I'm also loving everything denim at the moment; jeans, shorts, skirts, shirts... 

Neon pink jumper- £10.00

I popped this beauty into my basket after being drawn by the colour from across the room! I'm not even a huge neon fan, but I just love this jumper. It feels like really good quality, and I just thought it would be the perfect spring knit, and looks very similar to one I saw recently in topshop for about 4x the price as well!

Raglan skater dress- £8.00

I love this dress! One of my favourite sporty styles is raglan/ baseball tops, so this was a winner from the start, add a skater skirt into the mix and I'm sold! I think this will look lovely with converse and pop of colour on the lips :)

I also bought some more hair-bands, I would love to know where all mine end up!

Laser cut slipper pumps- £8.00

I bought these little tan slipper-pumps because I've been looking for something like this for quite a while. I can imagine this will look lovely with a cream sleeveless shirt, blue jeans and a tan! I love the laser cut detail, as it just makes them a bit more interesting. Don't you think these look more Zara than Primark? I would have paid Zara prices as well!

If you read my post yesterday, you will know that I ended up buying a few beauty bits then, so here they are!

I've wanted this sleek blush in `pixie pink` for quite some time, and I've finally got my mitts on it :) To me its the perfect dolly pink colour, it looks a bit scary in the pan, but it applies like a dream and looks gorgeous on.

Sleek `Pixie pink` blush- £4.95

Yours truly wear `pixie pink` for just a subtle flush of colour.
I then headed over to the maybelline counter, trying to find a dupe for Essie's `Fiji`. I ended up buying `nebline` from the color show range, which I think is actually a little pinker than Fiji when on the actual nails , but it's a lovely shade nonetheless!
Maybelline color show nail polish in `Nebline`- £2.99

 I also decided to purchase `mint for life`, which is now on my toes! Its a gorgeous creamy mint which looks so nice with a tan :) 
Maybelline Super stay nail polish in `Mint for life` -£4.09

I've been really impressed by the quality of these polished and I'll definitely be buying more  in the future!

So thats what I've bought this half term! What have you been buying lately?


Thursday 30 May 2013

You always take it further than I ever can.

OOTD #11

Hi everyone, operation OOTD had to be moved inside for this one, whatever happened to that lovely sun?!
So basically, I had an interview on Tuesday for my work experience, which didn't actually end up happening, so that was quite annoying, but I still like what I wore! 

Shirt- River island
Skirt-Miss selfridge

I bought this shirt in the Christmas sales last year because I just couldn't resist the sweet print, look at it!

How cute are the little cats?! I also adore the pale blue colour and the detail on the collar. I think it's nice and smart without being dull :)This skirt is a really essential in my wardrobe, I couldn't live without it!

Of course my watch was also firmly on my wrist!

My make up was pretty standard for me, I didn't want to go two over the top. My eyes look weirdly green in this picture as well :p. 

 Although this trip was a bit wasted on the whole interview front, I did buy a few make up bits and I found some shoes for the wedding, all of which will be revealed later on in the week :) 

What do you think of my outfit? 


Wednesday 29 May 2013

May favourites.

Hello dolls, seen as I'm being super efficient on the blogging front, a post everyday this week so far i'll have you know ;) I thought I would share my May favourites before this month even over. Now thats dedication for you. 

-Palmers gradual tanning moisturiser-

 I bought this at the start of the month, after feeling ashamed of my pasty body! This is the only gradual tanner I have ever tried, so I don't really have anything to compare it to, but I really like it. It smells divine at first, (just like all palmers products; chocolate!) however it does develop that horrendous old-biscuit-fake-tan smell. I would say its pretty speedy for a `gradual` tan, however thats fine for me because it means I don't need to reapply to frequently in order to really see the effects. The first time I used it the result was a bit patchy, but like everything, practice makes perfect!

-Mac Fix+-

I bought this in April and I have been using it almost everyday after setting my foundation with powder (Rimmel stay matte to be precise,) and it has done exactly what was promised; adds radiance, finishes make up. I have really loved setting my make up with this, because if it is feeling heavy, it fixes it (excuse the pun) straight away. To be honest probably isn't worth the £13.50 price tag, but I can see it being a lifesaver in the summer.

-Maybelline color show nail polish :`urban coral`-

I purchased this beaut at the same time as the tan, because I was just drawn to the brightness of the colour! I'm not sure if this range is new, i've certainly never noticed it if it's not, but I have to say I am really impressed by the colour range, and have since bought another (I will show you that later on in the week!) and the price, only £2.99! The consistency of these polishes is wonderful as well. I can't really comment on the wear time, because I usually change the colour before it gets a  chance to chip.The only thing I can fault this polish on is the spelling of colour, so American!

-No7 fanomenal lashes-

I love this mascara! It's really good if, like me, you don't like clumpy lashes, this definitely gives a more fluttery finish, which perfectly complements my eyeliner flicks!

 -Vera Wang Lovestruck floral rush perfume-

I don't know why I didn't include this in my April favourites, because I have been loving it since the day I got it! This to me is the perfect summer perfume, not too sickly sweet whilst still being very feminine. I also love the bottle, it looks so pretty sat with all my other perfumes :)

So thats what I've been loving this month! what's been in your favourites?


Tuesday 28 May 2013

A walk in the sun.

Hello lovelies, I have a life style post for you today :)
On sunday me and my family went for a walk to make the most of this beautiful weather! In England it's the law to rush to your local park/beach/garden and soak it up! We went to a place called emberton park, (like a lot of other people!) and just had a lovely wander around. 

How sweet are these little goslings?!

How have you been enjoying this weather?


Monday 27 May 2013

I think that it's best if we both stay.

OOTD #10
Hello everyone, I hope your enjoying your bank holiday and the glorious weather we have at the moment! Also this is my tenth OOTD! these are definitely my favourite posts to write, and I hope you lovely lot like them as well!
Me and my family went for a picnic at Stowe gardens today, it was really sunny and relaxing ,the perfect bank holiday combo for me.  
Sunglasses- Primark
Watch-Olivia Burton
Converse- Office

If you have been reading my blog for awhile, then you may recognise this dress, because I wore it for my birthday back in April, but in a more dressed up way. It is definitely on the very short end of the dress scale, however, I think when you make it more casual, you can get away with it. I also apologise to your eyes for having to witness the paleness that is my legs, definitely wiping out the tan tonight!

Keeping with the vintage feel of this dress, I wore my favourite sunnies and watch, as well as my best loved Apocolips in `Big bang`. I'm seriously loving red lippie at the moment, which you may be able to tell by looking at my outfit posts! I didn't add a belt like I did before, because I wanted to keep it casual :)

These are defo my favourite sunglasses, can you believe they were only £2.50!

Not sure why I'm looking so serious in the first picture here! But this was today's makeup look. 

I also shoved on my converse yet again :)

Enjoy the rest of your bank holiday guys! what have you been up to today? 


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