Monday 21 October 2013

Life through my lens #2.

Hi everyone, 
I, like a lot of bloggers, adore photography, and while I'm no Annie Leibovitz, to me you simply can't beat whipping out a camera (whether that be on your phone or on something far snazzier) and capturing things you love. 
I have decided to share some snaps from my life lately with you lovely lot and hope to make this far more regular; because lets face it, who doesn't love a snoop over somebodies Instagram feed or a flick through their photo albums! 

Loving dark vampy nails after months of pastels and brights//Unicorn braid selfie//playing with some of my lipsticks; tell me that doesn't look pretty!//Starbs with the sister after a day of shopping//London bound = hot chocolate, milky bar buttons and Company//London is so beautiful by night// Gorgeous new cut-out boots from new look, OOTD coming soon!//Getting ready for a birthday meal with my favourite girlies//Rainbow from my bedroom window after some crazy rain.

Be sure to follow me on instagram @alice_808 :) 

What have you been up to lately?


  1. Love it Alice its such a great idea I'll look forward to future posties:-)xxx p.s it does look pretty!:)
    - from Annie ToadRoad

  2. I really like the cut out boots, they're so cute!
    This is such a cute post!

    Alexandraindia∞ Check out my blog? ∞


  3. Those cut out boots are gorgeous :) xx

    // Inês Paúl //

  4. I love your instagram alice, it's one of my favourites! xx

    velvet ghost| fashion blog ♥


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