Sunday 30 June 2013

Haul part two.

Hello my lovelies, it's time for the second part of my haul :) 

The one place I really wanted to visit on my most recent trip was (as ever) Topshop, I tried on a few sale items but they were all too big or just looked weird which was annoying because they had some really nice stuff , so I ended up just picking up two things, but I'm head over heels with what I did buy!

Now this first thing is pretty weird for me; I'm not a fan of leopard print at all, to me personally it just looks tacky, it's something I would never wear, but I seriously love this top!

Topshop strappy red leopard crop top- £10.00 

I think it's because it's not too leopardy, and I love the contrast between the black, white and red. It's a crop top, yes I know, another one, but  I can see myself wearing this all through the (all be it currently non existent) summer. This was only ten pounds as well which I consider brilliant for old Topper's! I must say this whole blogging thing is making me much more open to try things; neon, chains, leopard, what's next I wonder! 

The other thing I treated myself too in topshop was a new lipstick, which is not out of the ordinary at all :p 

Topshop lipstick in `Rio Rio`- £8.00
It looks much more pink in this photo than in person- sorry! 

I decided on the shade `Rio Rio` which I have been eyeing up for a while now. It's a really lovely read and not like any of the others I have in my collection; It's much more orange toned and bright than my other shades, so I love it, it's defo my new baby :). 

I also went to Lush to stock up on a few old favourites; This Yuzu & Coco bubbleroon was the first thing I ever bought from Lush, and I think it's probably the one I love the most!

Lush Yuzu & Coco Bubbleroon- £2.95
If you have never tried this then I urge you too! It smells amazing, I'm not really too sure how to describe it but it always reminds me of white chocolate and general yumminess!

I also decided on `Space girl`;
Lush Space girl bath bomb- £2.10

I love this bath bomb! It always reminds me of palma violets which is just fab :) I also adore the little pink bits of glitter, I mean what's better than a little bit of sparkle in the bath?

I bought these two things when I was in Wales (but I forgot to photograph them last time, doh!) so strictly speaking they shouldn't been in this haul, but I still wanted to show you them.
I bought this tanning mitt for obvious reason, I hope it does the job.
Primark fake tanning mitt- £2.00
I will be sure to report back as and when I use it, which I think will be this weekend as my legs are a pale embarrassment at the moment!

 I've never tried any false nails before, but I couldn't really say no to these considering they were only a pond in Primark, I have no doubt you'll see them in an OOTD soon :).
Primark false nails-£1.00
I'm not entirely sure about this next purchase; I sort of bought these on a whim in Republic and as I'm not one for drop earrings at all I'm not really sure how I feel about them!
Miso at Republic turquoise drop earrings- £3.00 

I do like them and I think with my hair down in a sort of wavy fashion they could look really nice peaking out, you will see how I get on with them if they appear in an outfit post I guess! These were only £3.00 in the sale so it's not like it's going to break the bank if I can't make them work, but I just thought it would be fun to experiment :).

Next and last stops for me was superdrug ( not Boot's I hear you cry, not this time, my bestie is doing her work experience in there, so I went to keep her company :p) I bought some more of my V05 heat protect spray as my current one has almost run out. I love the smell of this and it does a great job of protecting my hair and always leaves it feeling super smooth afterwards.

V05 heat protect spray-£3.69
The V05 range was on offer for two products for £5.00, so I decided to get a new hairspray, I'm not really a big hairspray gal, but I used some of my aunt's one of this last weekend and it left my hair so soft and obviously held my waves really well, so I thought it was time to buy some! 

V05 hairspray-£3.05
The last thing I picked up was the Sleek Contour kit;

Sleek Face contour kit- £6.49
I'm really sorry about the awful quality of this photo, for some reason I can NEVER get a good picture of  Sleek packaging! 

I have been wanting to try this little compact for the longest time, but whenever I went to superdrug it was always out of stock or I would have already spend all my money! However it is now part of my collection and I love it :)  don't want to go into too much detail on it because I'm thinking of doing a review of it so stay tuned for that!

So thats what I have been buying lately and I now have no money again, as per!
I have however started picking up bits for my 50 followers giveaway! I can't tell you now much 50 followers (or as it currently stands 51!) means to me so thank you :)

What do you think of my recent buys?


Saturday 29 June 2013

Say you're sorry that face of an angel.

OOTD #17

Hello everyone! This is what I'm wearing today, wishing I was at Glastonbury but actually stuck at home writing a History essay. Boo.

Earrings- Accessorize
Hair bow- International
Top- H&M
Cami- New look
Skirt- Miss Selfridge 
Watch- Olivia Burton
Bracelets- DIY/Topshop
Sandals- Brantano

I love this top! I've been meaning to show it to you guys properly for a while now, so feast your eyes! It's such a pretty lilac and makes me feel so summery. Speaking of summer, where on earth is it! It's the end of June and I'm still having to layer up, today is the only day I've been comfortable enough (not dieing of cold) to not wear tights. So weather, sort yourself out please. Anyway! If I was going to Glasto, I think this little swing topnwould be perfect *sobs because it looks so amazing* 

I decided to wear my `biscuit` earrings (that's what one of my friends likes to call them anyway!) as I thought they look nice when I have my hair up, which takes me on to another accessory... 

My hair bow! Oh how I love this little clip, I think it just makes a simple messy bun a lot more interesting and so damn cute!

Sorry it's  wonky!

I also added these little bracelets to my ensemble; 

I made the rainbow one ages ago but I still love it, it just adds a bit of colour ya know? I also popped my little charmy bracelet on to keep with the festival vibel. 

I also had my watch on as ever :) 

I painted my nails last night with one of my favourite colours, it's one of the maybeillne colour show polishes in `Urban coral` and I blumin' love it! It looks really orange in these pictures but its much more pink, its so nice! *looks down and admires nails for a minute*

I thought I would whip out the old gladiator sandals for this look as well, I've had these for ages and I'm sure they will see me through another summer!

Of course I had to do my toes to match as well!

I hope your all having a lovely Saturday :) The other half of my haul will be up tomorrow so look out for that!

What do you think of my outfit? Are you as fed up with the weather as I am?


Thursday 27 June 2013

Haul part one.

Hi everyone! I'm sorry I haven't been posting much recently, I've been super tired every night I've got home from work experience, and blogger helpfully deiced to delete this post last night, so here we have my Wales haul (I'm sure I've mentioned it about a million times, but I was in Wales last weekend) -take two! 

This is a bit of a cheat, but I just want to start of with a few things I bought about two weeks ago, first of these much raved about Biore nose strips; 

I had really high hopes for these after all the blogger hype, however I was left really disappointed. Basically I followed all the instructions and stuff, but when it came to taking of the strip it was painful and had done nothing! I'm puzzled as to whether I did something wrong because so many people love these, please let me know if you've had a similar experience, I don't like to think I'm the only one these don't seem to work for! I will give these another go as I've only used one, I hope they work next time!

On a more positive note, I picked up one of my favourite skin care bits, the Nivea daily essentials express hydration primer. I love this stuff so much! It makes the application of my foundation a lot easier and it ends up looking much more even. I haven't even finished my last jar but I know I can't live without it so I had to stock up!

Moving on to what I bought on Wales, the first thing I picked up was this Nivea lip butter in `Caramel cream`;

Nivea Lip butter in `Caramel cream`- £2.25

I had been wanting  to try one of lip balms these since they came out and I really like this one, it smells just like shortbread!

I also bought the Maybelline Rocket Volum' mascara;

I'm not totally blown away by this mascara, I do like the effect it gives, but it transfers to underneath  my eye really easily and I end up with panda eyes by twelve O'clock, not a good look! I will keep using  this, but I'm not totally overwhelmed by it, lets just say, it's no holy grail item!

The only other shop I bought anything in was Primark, my home from home it seems non? 
I saw these lip crayons which are a blatant rip of the the Revlon Just bitten stains, which are a rip of the Clinique Chubby sticks, for just £1.50 each! I deiced on two shades, a  pretty pink and peachy- red :) 

Primark lip crayon's- £1.50 each

These are actually really nice! I wasn't expecting much for the price to be honest, but they have a great colour pay off and feel lovely on the lips. 

As always, I popped some of the face wipes into my basket, I'd just finished my other pack as well, so this was perfect timing.

Primark face wipes-  £1.00
I picked up two items of clothing, one being a crop top of course ;) I haven't actually got another long sleeved one, so that defo makes it ok... 

Primark Mickey mouse crop top- £6.00

But in all seriousness, I love this top! The print is so fun; give my anything Disney and I'll be happy, and I literally can't wait to wear it! The only slight downside is that it is very cropped, so I think I will have to stick to wearing it with skirts, which takes me nicely onto my last thing;

You guy's must know I love a good old skirt, and I've been looking for a nice maxi for a while now. This one caught my eye because the maxi part is actually sheer and then it has a little underskirt at the top.  
Primark black sheer maxi skirt- £5.00
I just thought that was so cool! I think it makes the simple black maxi a lot more interesting, and the best part? This beaut was only £5 in the sale down from £12! As I would have happily payed full price for this, I sauntered over to the till feeling very smug.

The reason this is part one of a haul is I also went shopping yesterday after work and I didn't want to shove it all together, so look out for that in the next few day's! 

What do you think of my picks? Do you have anything similar?


Tuesday 25 June 2013

I'm not who I was last summer, not who I was in the spring.

OOTD #16

Hi guys! I hope your all doing well :) I've started my work experience this week so I'm pretty tired, my feet are killing me! But I am really enjoying it :) This is what I put on when I changed out of my uniform, I've been wanting to show you lovely lot this jumper on for ages now, so I hope you like it!
Sorry for the face on the right :p
Shirt- H&M
Chain- DIY
Jeans- Republic
Watch- Olivia Burton
Bracelet - gift 
Nike blazers- Office

I love this jumper! Its so cosy without making me overly hot so it the perfect spring/ summer knit (not that we need to be worrying about that in Blighty at the moment...) It is much brighter in person which is a pretty weird thing for me, because I normally hate neons (they just remind me of `tammy girl` awfulness) but I'm super pleased with this item :)

I decided to pop this little sleeveless blouse underneath, so I could juts have the collar poking out, which I think works really nicely with jumpers like this. I also added a little chain, now I'm not really one for (what I consider) chavy chains like this, but I thought I would give it ago, this outfit is just full of adventure! It's actually a chain from a bag, just being resourceful :p

One of my lovely friends bought me this bracelet back from spain, I love the fact that it has clear beads, it goes with everything! 

I thought the khaki would go nicely with the bright pink, so I decided on the blazers :)

My hair is just natural today; I just washed and blow-dried it the morning and then had it up all day!

I'm going to try to post more this week because I'm really enjoying blogging at the moment :) I'm so close to 50 followers on bloglovin now, so if you haven't already done so them please follow me, I have a giveaway planned for when I do! I also have a haul post in the pipeline so look out for that! 

What do you think of my outfit? Are you a fan of neons?


Saturday 22 June 2013

Celebrity style #3: Ellie Goulding.

Today's celebrity is the wonderful Ellie Goulding. I literally love this woman, she is one of my favourite artists and I just love how unique she is, and she also has great style!


1. I think this first look is so cute! I love Ellie's varsity jacket, because along with being one of my favourite colours for clothing, it's also super on trend at the mo. I love her little shorts as well, I think without the dark tights this would look ridiculous, but Ellie just nails the winter shorts look.

2. This outfit is slightly crazy, but I think Ellie really pulls it of.  I love her jumper, it looks so sunggly!I also think the cute beanie helps make this look more daytime appropriate. I'm not totally sold on the whole leather boots and trousers combo, but I think she really makes it work :)

3. Finally for Ellie casual style is this sweet little ensemble. I think the little blouse is so pretty and looks really nice on Ellie's small frame. I do love a good smart and preppy outfit!

Ellie also has dressing up to a T, always keeping things fun and slightly quirky;


1. I love this outfit :) Although it does risk slightly looking like you've left your skirt at home, I just think Ellie really works the androgynous trend with this jacket and shirt, whilst obviously keeping things girly by getting her pins out! I think it's a really fun read carpet look when your young and don't need to take yourself to seriously. 

2. Oh I adore this dress! You must know I like a little bit of midriff and this dress looks so good on Ellie! I love that it's a sheer panel rather than actually bare skin, because it just makes thing all the more refined. The little studded clutch is a really lovely addition to this look.

3. More sheer material! Can you see what Ellie likes ;) I think this dress is absolutely beautiful; the beading is so intricate and detailed and the colour looks so good with  Ellie skin-tone. On a different note, she also had the gorgeous Jeremy Irvine on her arm at this event, so cute!  


1. This is such a pretty makeup look. I love the pale lilacy lipstick and the gentle blusher combo, it looks so good on her fair complexion. I do wish Ellie had gone for slightly more defined brows for this look, because I just feel like it would bring everything together totally. 

2. This has to be my favourite look out of the three, because of that lipstick shade! It's just so pretty and complements her (amazing) pink hair perfectly. I'm also in love with that blusher, seriously want to  know what it is :)

3.And last but my know means least, is this gorgeous berry toned look. The lipstick looks a lot like my Revlon lip butter in `raspberry pie` which makes me look really sad excites me because I feel like I can recreate this look!

So that's my take on Ellie Goulding's style! I really like doing these posts and I have a few other Celeb looks in the pipeline, let me know if you have any requests! I'm going to Wales this weekend, so I wont be able to post then I'm starting my work experience on Monday so I'll be pretty busy then, but I'll try my best to keep blogging! 

What do you think of Ellie's style?

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