Saturday 23 August 2014

Life through my lens #11 (Updates!)

Hello everyone,
Well it has been far, far too long since I last sat down and blogged. What with being on holiday, working and  seeing my friends and family I have been beyond busy, but in  the very best way. I though about going through these instagram collages and captioning them as usual, but a) that would take you an age to read and b) I think these picture speak for themselves and sum up a lot of my summer. In terms of updates I have a lot to tell you all!
Instagram- alice_evans_

Ok so first thing, I now have glasses. I need them for distance and for when my eyes feel all tired, meaning when/if I learn to drive I will have to wear them, I might do a post wearing them at some point! I've also been loving work, everyone there is so lovely and I feel like  proper part of the team now. I had a really lovely week in Wales (it didn't rain constantly like the forecast said) and it was so good to catch up with my family.I did try to take some outfit photos, but only one has turned out half decent so we shall see if I actually post them!

One fab thing that happened lately was finally getting to meet Lily! We had the best day in Birmingham and I have a full post on it coming soon.

 And the thing that has given many a sixteen year old a sleepless night, GCSE results. I am chuffed to bits to tell you that I achieved an A* in French, Textiles, English literature and English language, an A in Science, History, Humanities and Drama and a B in Maths! I really couldn't be happier with my results and am honestly still in a sate of shock. It is so satisfying to realize that hard work pays off and all that effort was worth it! I hope you all got the results you were hoping  for, let me know! I'll be starting Sixth form in September, studying English Literature, French, Psychology and Government and politics- I do and don't want to start in equal measures. 

I have to add that this summer has been one of the best I have ever had, I've done so much and just loved every week, I can't really express how much fun I've had and the people I've shared it with have just been the best.

I'm going to do my best to get back to blogging regularly, I've missed you all! 

What have you been up to lately? 

Thursday 7 August 2014

She said the bleedings incidental, because she's so cool.

OOTD #55

Hello everyone, 
Some of you may have already spied this skirt on my Instagram, it was lovely that it went down well with my fellow bloggers! It was just £5 in the River Island sale if you can believe it, reduced from something like £26, bargain of the day was definitely achieved with this one. You should all know that I am obsessed with Cher and Clueless in general, so the addition of this to my wardrobe makes me very, very happy. I wore this ensemble for a lovely day in Portsmouth last week, and I actually managed to dress for the weather for once!

Crop top- Topshop
Skirt- River island 
Watch- Olivia Burton 
Bag- Primark
Socks- Primark 
Shoes- Primark 

Here it is in all it's glory; I adore the combo of blues and what is actually a pale pink (rather than the super light yellow my camera picked up), the wrap over design, complete with the little buckle at the top. I can't wait to wear this with jumpers and boots when it gets to autumn!

New favorite bag alert! I'm in love with the detail on it, the perfect size as well, I can fit my phone, purse, a jumper, makeup essentials, my camera and all my other bits an bobs in into with ease, so the girl who has everything with her at all times dream. 

How adorable is this combo? Frilly socks and cut out shoes are my favorite, I feel Cher would approve.

Oh and also,the title of this post is from the 1975 milk (listen here, I'm obsessed!) But it really reminds me of the song that's playing at the party when Tia slips down the stairs, thoughts? 

What do you think of this outfit? Have you found nay bargains recently? 


How much is my face worth?

Hello everyone, 
I love these posts because you a) get to share your most used products (so some unsung heroes) but also b) because I'm intrigued by how much my makeup actually costs me! These are the products I reach for when I want my make up to be simple and unfussy, but I absolutely love it. It's neutral so goes with anything I'm wearing and I can do it all in about ten minutes. Just a quick disclaimer, this is not a post for any form of bragging, just a bit of fun!

-On the face-

Rimmel fix and perfect primer - £6.99
Miss sporty liquid concealer - £2.99
L'oreal true match foundation - £9.99
Sleek contour kit- £6.49
Sleek blush in Pixie pink- £4.49
MAC soft and gentle mineralize skinfinish- £23.00
Maybelline fit me powder- £5.99
total = £59.94

-On the eyes-

Urban decay naked3 palette- £37
Eyeko skinny eyeliner- £12 (free with Glamour magazine!)
Maybelline rocket volum' mascara- £7.99
Total =£56.99

-On the brows-

MUA Pro-brow palette - £3.50
Maybelline BROWdrama - £4.99
Total = £8.49

-On the lips-

Rimmel appocalips in celestial- £6.49
Total = £6.49

So in total, the makeup I wear daily, if I was to purchase all of the products at once, would cost me £131.91, ah that is a lot! Since I've starting working, it has really put what I spend my money on into perspective, like when lunch a Pret costs more that what I earn an hour, you start questioning theses things! However, makeup is what I'm all about, and I've collected these products over time or as gifts, so I can live with that total, especially when I've found things that suit me and products that I would happily rave about all day!
How much is your face worth? 


Tuesday 5 August 2014

Blue hydrangea, cold cash divine.

OOTD #54

Hiya loves, 
Sorry for my lack of posts yet again! I have taken photos of several outfits lately, but they have all turned out so dire they have had to be scrapped. However me and my sister went for a little walk around my village and since I had vowed to get out more of OOTDs, I took full opportunity of our surroundings. 

I basically wore this for a day of charity shopping and general errands, I achieved a lot though, my favorite type of day!

Hat- Select
Tshirt- Topshop
Jeans- H&M
Watch- Olivia Burton 
Shoes- Primark 

I forgot to take my usual close up shots (new surroundings and everything!) but I will still talk you through things. So I've wanted a floppy hat for an utter age, so when I saw this one for just £9 in Select, I had to snap up, it looks very similar to the £28 Topshop ones so I am super please with it! I picked up these jeans from H&M, for only £15 if you can believe it, I'm going to have to hunt down the black pair as well because they fit so nicely. The bag and shoes are Primark gems, I've been lusting after a pair that are not that dissimilar on ASOS for some times, so I was really happy when I saw these for just £12, really comfy as well! I loved the floral embossed design on the bag (which you can just about see) and it is such a fab size, defiantly my new through everything in it bag! This tee is an old favourite of mine, I always wear it when I don't want to think too much about what I'm wearing, such a staple.

What do you think of this outfit? What have you been up to lately?


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