Thursday 28 March 2013

Just a note to say...

... I won't be posting again until Tuesday and I hope you all have a wonderful Easter! 

Tuesday 26 March 2013

You didn't tell me you didn't need me.

This is just a simple school day outfit today :)
T-shirt- Amazon
Necklace- Mum's :)
Jeans- Zara
Vans- Schuh

This is the kind of thing I wear for school a lot, we can wear any patterns, which is so annoying! so everything has to be plain, which is where being a bit creative comes in!

This Tshirt was crazy cheap, something like £3.79 on amazon! Its just a simple raglan/baseball top which I now have in three colours :) I love the bright blue of this one, I think it's nice and loud :)

I bought these jeans in a Zara sale a while ago, I love the fit and the little details on them ; you cant really see , but they have little gold zips on the bottom.

I'm wearing my beloved Asos jacket again, I'm not sure if I mentioned this in my last OOTD, but its actually part of my Birthday present, Ive already got so much wear out of it, but I have to say I was freezing a little bit cold :)
I love this necklace, and have well and truly stolen it from my mum :)

These are probably my most worn earrings, simple but effective.
(miss selfridge)

And finally, I'm wearing vans because there comfy :)


Monday 25 March 2013

The this and that tag.

I've loved reading this tag and watching videos of it on YouTube, so I though I would give it a go myself :) 

Blush or bronzer-
I like to wear both at the same time, but I would have to say blusher, particularly cream :)

Lipgloss or lipstick- 
Defo lipstick, I don't really like the texture of lipgloss and much prefer a matte lip. 

Eyeliner or mascara- 
Liner I guess, but then it would look weird without mascara... I don't know! 

Foundation or concealer- 
You can't cover your whole face in concealer! I would always so foundation. 

Neutral or colour eyeshadow-
Neutral, never been a fan of brightly coloured eyes. 

Pressed or loose eyeshadow- 
Pressed, loose eyeshadow is far to messy for me! 

Brushes or sponges-
Brushes; I find they give a more flawless finish. 

Opi or china glaze- 
I don't actually own either (I know!) but I love the names and colours of Opi.

Long or short- 
Long, but not overly. 

Acrylic or natural- 
Eau naturel is more my thing :) 

Brights or darks- 
Well as its almost summer (ha!), I have to say brights.

Flower or no flower- 
Bit confused by this one! Um, no flower! 

Perfume or body splash-
Perfume, lasts much longer :)

Lotion or body butter-
Body butter, nothing beats it on my legs :)

Lush or other bath company-
Lush; just saying that makes me want to have a bath!

Jeans or sweat pants-
Defo jeans.

Long or short sleeves-
Short, I never go for long.

Dresses or skirts-
That's a hard one! I'll have to say skirts; you can wear them in more ways.

Stripes or plaid-

Flip flops or sandals-
Sandals, I do like a tan pair :)

Studs or dangly earrings-
Studs all the way.

Necklaces or braclets-
Bracelets, I love to layer them up :)

Cowboy or riding boots-
Riding, I'm not cool enough to be a cowboy :)

Jacket or hoodie-
Jacket, I think a nice one can totally change an outfit :)

Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe-
I've never been into forever 21, but I've never heard of Charlotte Russe! For forever 21.

Abercrombie or Hollister-
Not major on either, but Hollister.

Saks 5th or Nordstrom-
Don't know what either are...

Curly or straight-

Bobby pins or butterfly clips-
Bobby pins, although I always run out :)

Hairspray or gel-
Hairspray, the idea of putting gel in my hair makes me feel all weird!

Long or short-
Long, long, long...

Light or dark-
Light, but it depends on skin tone :)

Side or full fringe-
Side I reckon.

Up or down-
Down :)

Rain or shine-
shine! defo need some at the moment!

Summer or winter-

fall or spring-
I love transitional seasons, both!

Chocolate or vanilla-
Vanilla :)

East or west coast-
Never visited the States, so I couldn't stay!

There we go, I hope you enjoyed this :) I tag anyone who reads this to do it, feel free to leave your blog link below!

Sunday 24 March 2013

My bedside table.

Hello lovelies.
What a boring Sunday I've had! literally just done homework all day , still only four days until my Easter break (not that I'm counting down or anything...)

For today's post, I though I would give you a glimpse at a little corner of my room; my bedside table!

The actually table was made by my Grandpa, who is like the best maker/fixer :) I love that it slots perfectly into place between my bed and the weird pillar thing. Its also a great size and has a little draw type thing underneath, where I keep my diary and blogging book :).

So, I will start at the back!

All of this stuff is actually resting on a fairytale book, which is lovely and also the perfect size! The little flower thingy, is a sort of DIY I did, I just found these faux flowers and wanted to use them, so I feel the bottle with beads, tied some ribbon around the neck and popped them in the top :)
Right of that we have my Harajuku lovers perfume in `lil Angel` I can't think of a worse name for a perfume, but I love the scent, so I keep it here to remember to use it!
Next to that, I keep some body sprays, this is the only Charlie scent I really like, I think the others are a bit grannyish, but I'm a huge fan of `touch` , the other spray I have here is a new impulse, which I adore :)
Finally, I have an Aldi deodorant :) it's actually really nice and a great deodorant.

Sorry about the lighting!

At the side of my table, I like to keep the books I'm reading. I have here, two of the Chemical Garden trilogy books, these are so good! if you enjoy reading then I urge you to give these ago :) , I can't wait to read the final instalment . Also I have `50 dresses that changed the world` which is a lovely, quality hardback from the V&A, perfect for when I just want to flick trough something. Next along is `the statistical probability of love at first sight` which is a ridiculous but great love story. And finally I've got Jane Eyre, which I am reading at the mo :)

I keep my little alarm clock here, it changes colour every hour! Personally I love thing like that :) I keep a pocket mirror here as well.

I also have a collection of lip balms, which are really here because I have no where else to put them, but I think they look quite cute :). I like to keep some handcream at my bedside as well, and try to put it on every night before I go to sleep.

Other things I keep here include my Ipod and dock, phone (when I'm being organised!) and my little Ikea bird lamp with a few bracelets on it and things on it.

Technically not my table, but I thought I would share the side of my bed as well! I have some fairy lights wrapped around the bars, which I think is really cute and makes them a bit more interesting. I also keep all of my big/ long necklaces on the side here.

So that's my bedside table! I'm thinking of doing a few more of these posts for different places in my room :)

Whats on your bedside table?

Saturday 23 March 2013

I just want to know you better now.

Hello all, it's Saturday!
I've been really tiered this week, but for know good reason, so the weekend is going to be a welcome break :)
Like quite a lot of the UK, it snowed again last night where I live, I am so sick of it being cold and  really need some sun!I hope it's warm by Easter. Although it's freezing, I really wanted to wear my new leather jacket! I never dress for the weather, so I was fine :) I'm actually in denial that it's still feels like winter...

Leather Jacket- Asos
T-shirt- Topshop
Scarf- Boden
Leggings- Matalan
Boots- M&S
Earrings- Claire's
Ring- Republic

Let me start with my new leather jacket! this arrived yesterday and I love it! It's currently in the asos sale, for £35 down from £50, which I think is a brilliant saving. Obviously it's not real leather, but I think it feels really good, durable quality. Initially I was slightly put of by the sleeves, because they're cropped, but I actually really like them now. It also has some lovely little details, like the quilted shoulders and buckles on the side. Leather jackets seem to be having a bit of a `moment` right now, but I know I will wear this forever, as they never really go out of fashion. In short, I just love it!

My T-shirt is another Toppers purchase. I know you cant really see it fully,  but I couldn't face taking my coat off!

I love the slouchy fit of this tee, and it looks great left loose or tucked, I've opted for the latter here :) The swallow print is also really sweet; one thing I do love about Topshop is their designs. I will probably feature this on my blog when it's slightly warmer!

Now onto my leggings, I picked theses up a few weeks ago and have lived in them and my other pair (a dark grey,) simply because they are so super cosy! their really thick compared to a lot of my other leggings, so have kept me nice and warm. I love that they are almost like rinding pants, with the seem running up the middle. The little gold zips are a nice touch as well. I hadden't been into Matalan for a while, but they actually have some really nice stuff.

These boots are actually my mum's, but I stole them :) they're really warm and comfy and I think look lovely with my jacket, even if it does look a bit motor-bikey :)

I thought my outfit was looking a bit too monochrome, so I added this neon pink scarf! its so soft and cosy and the perfect bright pink, it always cheers me up as well :)

I've kept my jewelry quite simple today:

I like these earrings, because I think it makes me look like I have more piercings :) I've actually had these for ages, I haven't been in Claire's for so long!

I always seem to have a cross in my outfit somewhere, so today its in ring form :) I like this, as it has a sort of drop feature, rather than being actually attached, I don't know! hard to explain...

Ive got H&M `Get a rose 4 me` on my nails, which I've been craving to wear after I blogged about it this week! I attempted some nail art (polka dots to be precise) , but it didn't turn out to well :)

Sorry about how uneven my eyes look!
My make up is just standard today really, I used my trusty Cream puff on my lips (shade three!) which I love for a my-lips-but-better-look. I've just shoved my hair up into a messy bun, my favourite easy hairstyle :)
There we have it! I have English work which needs doing for a CASS this week, so it looks like that's what I'm going to be doing today.
Whats the weather like where you live? How are you spending Saturday?

Thursday 21 March 2013

Tutorial : How I curl my hair

In this post, I'm going to be showing you how I like to curl my hair. I've never seen anyone else use this method, (I would be interested if you do!)This actually came about incidentally; I randomly decided I would curl a few strands of my pony-tail and leave it up for the day like that, I took it down when I go home and loved the effect (natural looking beachy waves, so now, this is how I always curl my hair :)

What I use:

  • Hair brush: I choose to use a tangle teezer to brush my hair, but any brush would be fine. If you don't own this fabulous little thing, I urge you to buy one! after using my tangle teezer, I cant use a normal brush! their seriously good :)
  • Heat protectant spray:obviously when using heat on your hair, its important to protect it! I like to use this V05 one it leaves my hair really soft and smells lush as well :)
  • Texturising spray: I love to add a slightly messy beachy finish to my hair, so I use a salt spray! This also smells amazing. 
  • Curling wand: I love this little babaliss beauty! It's perfect for creating tight curls or loose waves, It also heats up really fast, so it's great for that morning rush! 
  • Hairband: this ones a bit of a no brainer! I like to use a thicker band, as they last longer for me, I tend to bit a bit rough with them :) 
  • Comb: I don't use this religiously, but it can be useful to separate out certain sections, I like the double end on this too. 
  • Back combing brush: my one if a good old primark bargain (one pound to be exact!) I don't back comb properly, because it can be really bad for your hair, but I like to tease certain sections around the front, to help give my self a bit more volume.
  • Clips: I tend to use one ,much larger clip, but I couldn't find it for the life of me! however, these work just as well! 

This way works on both freshly washed or second day hair, but I tend to do this after I have washed and blow dried my hair.

1. Turn on your curling wand and brush your hair! please do excuse my oh so glamorous dressing gown ;)

Simply make sure you have no knots or tangled, this will make it much easier later.

2. Spray your hair with heat spray, make sure you pay particular attention to the ends, because this is where mot of the heat will be focused.

If you feel like you have added to much, you can always brush your hair again, but I recommend using a fair amount.

3. Put your hair up into a high pony-tail.

I find this really is the easiest was to curl my hair, it's a lot less time consuming that trying to curl individual layer, because their all tied up!

4. ( I will try my best to explain this part!) Take a section of the ponytail from either side, the size of the section will determine how tight the curl is. Personally, I like to take quite a small piece, because I like to be able to shake it put and loosen the curl at the end.  So, take your section and wrap it around your wand, I like to hold it for about twenty seconds.

I hope that wasn't to confusing! it's super easy, just quite hard to explain.

The curl should look like this!

5. When you have done this, take your clip and fasten them around the front, like so :)

6. Continue curling and clipping until you have finished the whole pony-tail. It should look like this!

7. The next step is to take down the pony- tail, et voila! At this stage, I like to spray with my salt spray, just to add a little more texture, you could also spritz with some hairspray, but I find my curls hold with out it.


This really is too easy to do, This regularly takes me about 10- 15 mins, I have it down to a fine art now!

How do you curl your hair? Let me know if you try this :)


Monday 18 March 2013

Collection: H&M nail polish

Quite a lot of shops now have their own make up ranges; the likes of Topshop, accessorize and new look are all on that bandwagon. Obviously everyone loves the Topshop range, (which I adore too,) but I'm going to be telling you about the H&M nail polishes! I haven't heard much about these in the blogging world, (if anything,)  but personally, I love them!

My collection!

These polishes are a very reasonable £3.99, and last ages with a top and base coat. I also really like the bottles, I think there just a bit different :)

Red nail-

First up is Red nail! This colour is just a classic red, perfect for when going for a vintagey look! A great thing about these polishes is that they dont take many coasts to reach the desired opacitity, perfect for an impatient person like me!

Check me out-

This polish is a lovely coraly pink, it looks absolutely gorgous with a tan, *looks down at the palest hand ever* and is a lovely summery shade. I'm really looking forward to matching my fingers and toes with this little gem when the weather gets it's act together.
Get a rose 4 me-

I love this colour, because it is such a perfect pastel/ nude shade. If I just want an undersated, neutrel colour, but something slightly more intersting than a beige, I would defo go for this. The consistensy of these polishes is also fabulous, they look so shiny when they've dried! This also looks lovley with a gold glitter :)


Can I just start buy saying how much I love the names of these polishes aswell!? this is a gorgeous gold with pink tones in it, I just love it! its probably my go-to gold and I use it quite a bit. Another thing I like about it is that the colour works for every season, come rain or shine, this looks lovely :)

Lady luck-

This has to be my favourite polish im my H&M polish, its the perfect mix of green, blue and gold;  its just so pretty! I love the finish and shine it has, it actually reminds me quite a bit of the Models own beetle-juice collection, becasue it has that gorgeous mix of colours in differnt light.  I dont think the colour is done justice in the bottle, so hear it is all its glory!:

Blue my mind-

Blue my mind, is a lovely neon, indigo colour. I absolutely love it! as you can sewe from the grubby lid, I use it a fair amount :) It's so eye-catching and vibrant, and I'v actually worn it quite a bit this winter, in an attempt to brighten up those dull day's!

Dazzing jade, purple glitter & dazzling nude-
Finally, we have my mini polishes, I think htese are some thing crazy like 99p! the quality is exacty the same as the larger bottles. as you can see, I have used dazzling jade a lot! I just adore the rich blue colour :) I bought purple glitter around christmas time a few years ago, and I love the mix of glitter, I though it was a top coat, however I love that it is'nt, its such a gorgeous solid shimmer! dazzling nude is also a firm favourite, a perfect pale colour; nudes have been alover the runways for this spring/ summer, so I will be wearing this a lot more :)

So there you have it! my collection, I always have a little peak at the make up section when I'm in htere, so no doubt I'll soon have a few  more :)

Have you tried any H&M polishes?


Sunday 17 March 2013


I'm sure, If your a blogger, you will know that GFC is ending, or something is going on with it, which has sent everyone into a panic! So, I'm sorting out my bloglovin account, if you follow me already or would like to , please do on bloglovin! I would really appreciate it! If you are a new blogger like me, feel free to leave your URL in the comments, and I will be happy to return a follow :)


Wishlist #1

I always have a mental wishlish on the go, so I thought I would share what I'm currently lusting after!
1. Crop top- River island

I'm really loving crop tops at the mo, I think its because I'm craving a bit of sun. This is obviously a nod to the monochrome trend which I love and fully intend to embrace by adding this piece to my wardrobe! Its pricey, and £20.00 for a tee-shirt, its not cheap, but I can see myself wearing this loads; think disco pants, jeans and skater skirts!

2.  Vera Wang lovestruck (floral rush)

Every time I have been shopping lately, I've had to go it boots and spritz my self with this, I just love it! I'm awful at describing scents but I would say it was quite floral (duh), but not overly sweet. It reminds me a bit of palma violets as well. With any luck, I could be getting this beaut for my birthday :)

3. Lush- Fluffy egg bath bomb

Everybody love a bit of Lush, and I really want to get something from their Easter collection. Personally, I prefer the bubble bars to bath bombs, but this one looks lovely, and is a snip and only £2.95.

4. Urban decay `Naked basics` palette-

Everyone knows how brilliant UD's palettes are, and I would love to add this to my collection! I don't think I could justify spending the large amount on this lovely fellas famous cousins, but I don't think the £20 price tag of this one is too bad. I'm trying to mix up my look from eyeliner everyday, and I can see my self getting alot of use out of this, asd there all wearable shades. (On a side note, is it just me that thinks eyeshadow palletes with neon oranges and greens are just a tiny bit pointless?!)

5. Jack wills Merrifield dress

I love this dress! it's currently in the Jack Wills sale, for £49, which although is a lot, I think is actually quite good for JW, I just adore the vintage-esque print and the colour are to die for. I probably won't be purchasing this, because it is pricey, but hey, this is a wishlist!

Thats what I'm after currently! The weather is awful where I live right now,  I actually need some sun!

What's on your wishlist?


Saturday 16 March 2013

Out of focus, eye to eye.


Hello all!
 If you live in the UK, you will know that yesterday was Red Nose day! for most people of my age, this means raising some cash for this amazing cause, and one of the best ways to do it is buy wearing what you want for school, and bringing in a donation. So... seen as my school is always non- uniform, but with a strict dress -code, I thought I would take full advantage buy wearing all the things I'm not normally allowed to wear! 

Anyway, onto my outfit:

Sorry about how gross my hair looks( I just got out of the rain!)
Denim shirt- River island
T-shirt- Zara
Disco pants- Misguided
Socks - M&S
Converse- Schuh

I love this t-shirt; I like the colours and the motif in general really! I bought it a size up, so its quite over sized, but that's how I wanted it :). It was also a total bargain, this beaut was £3.99, reduced from £16.99! I always think its worth having a look in the sale section in Zara.

I wear these disco pants a lot, and hopefully I'm getting a proper pair ( not the AA ones, but a pair with the pockets and a zip) so i'll be waering them even more!


My denim shirt was also a little sale item, I bought this after Christmas; it was half price, £20, down from £40 :) I had my parka on over this as well. I wanted to take theses shots outside, but it was pouring :(

Necklace- Republic

Earrings- primark

I decided to keep my jewelry quite simple for this outfit. I have quite a collection of crucifix necklaces now, and I love the turquoise colour of this one. Ive just got a simple pair of studs (in both respects!) for my earrings, nice and simple :)

I wore my trusty converse as well, I honestly think these are the comfiest brand of shoes ever! I thought I would wear socks with stars on, just to match my T-shirt :p I also wore my little DIY anklet as well.

I didn't have time to put much make up on this morning, But I did my eyeliner and applied Topshop `Brighten Rock` to my lips, I think its the perfect neon pink :)
Obviously I'm not wearing any red *Slaps wrists*, but I did have a red nose..

I did like my little dinosaur. 

As a class, we raised £85.30 for this fantastic charity., which I thought was pretty good, considering we normally have a measly £12 or something! I'm going to the theatre tonight with my family, I have no idea what to wear!

How did you spend your Red Nose day?

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