Tuesday 27 January 2015

When Alice did Paris: La Tour Eiffel and river tour.

Hello everyone, 
Now I know I went to Paris way back in October, but I don't want to not share a few images with you! 

We visited the Eiffel Tower, clearly a very touristy choice, but me and my sister both wanted to go up. It is actually smaller than I though it would be, it looks so cute poking out of Paris's skyline! I was an amazing way to see Paris, you really do appreciate the size of it from up high. 

We also went on a river tour this day, I wasn't sure what to expect but it was lovely! The sun was shining and I was sat in my dress feeling warm, it was honestly blissful. We went past the musee d'orsay, Notre Dame cathedral and the Pont des Art, all places I would not have seen otherwise. 

I often daydream about being back in this beautiful city, hopefully it wont bee too long! 

Have you been up the Eiffel Tower? Are you in love with Paris? 

Tuesday 20 January 2015

You're missing what is right before your eyes.


Hello everyone,
This is a super simple sixth form outfit from a week or so ago that I ended up really liking. It's nothing special but comfy and warm. Please excuse my resemblance to a ghost, no idea what happened with the exposure!

Coat- New Look 
Jumper- New look 
Jeans- Topshop
Loafers- Office

I've never actually featured my coat on here somehow, (despite having worn it pretty much everyday for a while!) but I love it. It is really warm and very practical (which is rare for me) I like the slightly over-sized fit and it goes with everything. This jumper has been another staple in my wardrobe lately, I've been loving anything high necked and this one is so soft. I got these jeans for Christmas, the Topshop Jonis, in a really lovely blue. They are a darker wash than my other pair, but are also seem brighter somehow, so are a welcome pop of colour for winter outfits. Finally is one of my favourite pairs of shoes ever! They are called Extravaganza and fit me like a dream. They are super soft leather despite having a patent finish, and would you look at that colour! I've got my eye on the rose gold as well...

What do you think of this simple outfit? What do you wear for sixth form?

Tuesday 13 January 2015

Haul: Shopping the January sales

Hello everyone, 
I did a spot of shopping last week and I thought you might like to see some of the bits I picked up. I found some real bargains this time! Please do excuse the quality of these pictures, the winter lighting struggle is real.

So lets start with trusty Primark. I bought this gorgeous lilac coat for just £10! It was £25 at full price so I couldn't really say no. It is a slightly over-sized fit and so so warm, I feel like it will be perfect for when it's still cold but I want my outfits to feel more springlike. 

I picked up these slouchy trousers (£10) because they are looked so comfy! They will be fab for sixth form  and just days when I wan't to be the optimum of comfort but not look too dressed down (read: not in a pair of trackies but wishing I was.)

I want to start doing some jogging to get myself a little fitter, so I figured it would be a good idea to pick up some appropriate clothes. These running trousers were only £9 so should be good for getting me going! 

I also purchased this sports bra / top (wishful thinking for my non toned stomach) because I loved the print. They has matching bottoms but they were rather see through. Primark's gym range is really impressive, so I'm sure I'll be popping back to have a look soon. 

Lastly just this top, I can't wait for spring to roll around so I can start! I cannot face running about whilst the weather is like this (its raining and snow is rumored for tomorrow night, I hope you feel my pain)

From New Look I picked up this dark peach scalloped top. Lots of people asked me if it was from Topshop but it was a little cheaper at jut £12.99! This is a really great basic to have in my collection as it looks nice with pretty much everything. 

I also bought this gorgeous skirt. I think it's very Motel and I love the blues. It feels really good quality and the design itself would be worth the slightly high price of £17.99 for me. 

I found these trousers in the sale for only £9 which was fab considering I was after them at full price! Like the khaki ones from Primark they will be perfect for lazier days. 

From this Miss Selfridge sale I bought this gorgeous dark floral top. I love the lace panel and flowy sleeves, I'm loving anything boho at the moment! This was £10 down from £35. 

Keeping the shirt theme , I bought this stunning one from Topshop. The collar has the most delicate lace and it's just so pretty! I feel like this will go with everything but is still quite a one off piece. This was £18 from £36, so a really good markdown at half price. 

I also bought this adorable thsirt! Ah I love the puppies. This is from the Tee and cake Topshop concession which make my favorite tshirts and you really do get what you pay for in terms of the quality and design. But saying that I only paid £5 for this when the original price of £22!

(Sorry if this too much info) but how pretty is this underwear? The bra was £3 (I know £3) down from £18 and the underwear £2 and £4 and all from Topshop. All so so gorgeous and fit perfectly. 

What do you think of what I bought? Have you found any gems lately? 

Wednesday 7 January 2015

2014: the outfits.

Hello everyone,
This is my annual outfit round up! if I'm honest I feel I should have documented what i wore better, especially in the winter, but the poor lighting and cold conditions made it much less appealing. I have lots of outfits planned so I need to get my OOTD game back up. I did a similar post last year which you can check out here, excuse the eyebrows!

OOTD #34 

OOTD #35

OOTD #36

OOTD #37

OOTD #38

OOTD #39

OOTD #40


OOTD #42

OOTD #43

OOTD #44

OOTD #45

OOTD #46

OOTD #47

OOTD #48

OOTD #49

OOTD #50

OOTD #51

OOTD #52

OOTD #53

OOTD #54

OOTD #55

OOTD #56

OOTD #57 

OOTD #58

OOTD #59

OOTD #60

OOTD #61

As you can see, my love affair for Topshop jeans and cute skirts is still strong! I ombred my hair this year (something I've wanted to do forever) and I'm planning to get it cut shorter, here's hoping I like it as much! I love outfit number 60, I felt rather Parisian which was so what I was going for. I also really like 43, 51 and 55 :)  

Let me know if you have done a post like this! 

What do you think of my outfits this year? 

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