Wednesday 31 July 2013

Collective haul: H&M, Primark, Boots, Superdrug.

Hello everyone :) This is a compilation of the things I have bought over the past few weeks, enjoy! 

First up is the item I bought longest ago, which is this gorgeous skirt from H&M;

H&M Geo print skirt- £20.00

I saw this skirt in store and just fell in love! I adore the geometric print and the silky material. It's not quite a skater skirt because it doesn't sit on my waist, so I think it's more of an A-line mini. Twenty pounds is a lot for a skirt but I think get a lot of wear out of this!

I also recently went to Primark with my Mum and sister. I didn't actually see a tonne I liked, but what I bought I love.

This is my favourite thing I picked up; it's just a basic cami shape, but I am obsessed with the blue and black contrast! I already know how I want to wear this so look out for an OOTD! 

Primark contrast cami- £4.00

Next up is  just a basic really, I think this will still look good in autumn because it's monochrome! I love the aztec print and how it hangs on. 

Primark aztec sleeveless top- £5.00

I seem to pick up another pair of these bed shorts every time I go to Primark now. I love the print on these ones, they are defo Cath Kidston/granny chic/vintage inspired!

Primark floral bed shorts- £3 or £4

I love the lace trimming at the hems, so cute!

I actually picked up some jewelry this trip which I haven't done in a while in Primark. They seem to go through phases of having loads or nothing at all that I like.
I'm loving turquoise at the moment, so I thought I would get this pendant to incorporate it into some outfits! This was really cheap so I couldn't really say no :) 

Next up were these really lovely earrings;
Primark blue and gold earrings- £1.50
I love this colour blue! Its so pretty with the gold edging. 

I also bought a little floral crown, I wanted one of the bigger ones (thats literally like a crown) but they didn't have any!

Primark floral crown- £2.50
I also went to Boots and Superdrug on another trip. My main aim was to buy one of the Maybelline Baby lips which have finally been released in the UK , but my Boots isn't stocking them :( I really hope they do in the future but the lady I went up to said they wouldn't be *cries*. However, all was not lost, because I got my hands on the other things I was after!

I saw online that Models own had a three for two on, so I took full advantage!
The first shade I picked up this crazily bright pink called `Bubblegum` from the Iced Neon collection;

Models own nail polish in `Bubblegum`-£5.00
Oh my god, I LOVE this colour! I put it on as soon as I got home on my fingers and toes and it just looks so lovely! It's super vibrant and just screams summer. The wear time is also amazing, I've had it on since Sunday without a top coast and there's not a chip in sight!

The second colour I went for is one I have had my eye on for a while. Indian ocean is part of the Beetlejuice  collection and is such a gorgeous polish!

Models own nail polish in `Indian ocean`- £5.00
I painted a friends nails with this and it looked so lovely :) I'm glad it's not going to end up being a top coat because often I find polishes like this don't give a proper, solid finish. 

The final shade is Hedonist from the Hed Kandi range;
Models own nail polish in `Hedonist`- £5.00
I love this shade! I've seen it bobbing around in the blogosphere and I knew it had to be mine! My sister also has a shade from this range called Disco Heaven which I think would look amazing over this :) 

With my Boots points I decided to purchase a new mascara; 

I have always heard pretty good things about this Mascara so I'm looking forward to giving it ago, it was only £4.99 (or free in my case!) so I'll be interested to see how it compares to the other Maybelline mascara's.

I was going to get this is Boots but it was typically sold out, so I turned to Superdrug and they did not fail me! I've been wanting a new blusher brush for ages so of course I went with real techniques :) 

Finally, I also purchased a new cream blush from Look beauty; 

I decided on the shade `Melon` and I love it! I was worried it would be very similar to my Topshop cream blush in `Head over heels` (which is gorgeous by the way) but it's actually much pinker. 

So thats everything I've bought recently, what do you think of my purchases?

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Monday 29 July 2013

Trend #1: Graphic.

Hello everyone :) I thought I would start a new feature here on the old blog, in the form of my favourite, current trends! 


Topshop leopard dress / Topshop Andy Warhol crop, / miss rebel daisy jumper, / Topshop denim skirt / H&M kitty flats,  / Make me chic heart glasses

Now I love a good graphic print, (see herehere and here!) and it looks like the highstreet does too. The secret seems to be bold colour and eye catching prints. Topshop have this down to a T, but H&M have some fab offerings; would you look at those Charlotte olympia-esque flats! This is such a fun, youthful trend, I think we all need a piece in our wardrobes :)

What do you think of this trend? Are you a fan of any of these items?

Saturday 27 July 2013

And we danced all night to the best song ever.

OOTD #22

Hello everyone :) As the beautiful weather in the UK continues, I have subsequently carried on whipping long neglected summer dresses out of my wardrobe!

Sunglasses- Gift (Lipsy)
Earrings- Miss Selfridge 
Dress- Republic
Sandals- Brantano 

I bought this dress a few summers back, but to be honest, I've never really had the opportunity to wear it. I would wear it, go and sit in the garden and then ten minutes later have to come back in and change because I was freezing. Ahh the trials of living in England! Yesterday, was however, was perfect for this beaut. 

I absolutely adore the print on this dress; polka dots and florals? hell yeah! You know I love my little details, and this dress is full of them; the ruched panel at the top as well as the buttons, combined with the crochet hem and the tiny metal disc with embossed bird. Lets just say I've died and gone to little details heaven :).   

I'm wearing my favourite sandals and earrings again...

But, I'm not wearing my watch! I left it at my friends house, but fear not, it is not safely back on my wrist. 

These sunnies were a gift for my fourteenth birthday. It wasn't really sunny enough to wear them, but I love having them perched on the top of my head :) I love the pink frames because of the little flower design on them. 

My makeup is nothing too fancy, just a gold eye with winged liner and my faithful Mac lipstick in pink nouveau. I actually quite like it :)

I can't believe one week of the holidays is over already! I hope your all enjoying it :) 

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What do you think of my outfit? Are you still loving this weather?

Friday 26 July 2013

The seven deadly sins of beauty tag.

Hiya cherubs :)
My lovely blogging buddy Janiecy recently tagged me to do the `seven deadly sins of beauty` tag. I've seen this all over Youtube but not so much on blogs, so I'm excited to do it! 

Edited by me, orginal image found here.

The idea of this tag is that you are asked a question that corresponds with one of the `7 deadly sins`. Lets get started :) 

1. Greed: What is your most expensive beauty item?
I'm not a high end makeup girl at all, it's not that I wouldn't like to be (believe me) it's just my paper- round doesn't get me very far in a beauty hall! I do however have one MAC lipstick so that I think. On a side note, why have they put the lipsticks up by a pound? as is £14 wasn't enough! 

2. Gluttony: Which brand makes up the most of your collection?
I'm not particularly faithful to one brand, I like a bit of everything but overall I think either Rimmel or Maybelline. *Runs upstairs to check*

3. Wraith: Which beauty item do you have the biggest love hate relationship with?
I had to think quite hard about this one, but I reckon its the Rimmel Apocolips. I absolutely love the intensity of the colours and the finish they have, however I find they can be a bit of a pain to actually apply and I am not a fan of the taste at all . So I wouldn't necessarily say  it's a love hate relationship, more of a love/find- it-slightly-annoying relationship :)

4. Sloth: Which beauty product do you neglect due to laziness?
Like Janiecy, I don't always use my eyelash curlers, yep, guilty as charged on that one.  

5. Pride: Which beauty item gives you the most self-confidence?
Probably a nice bold lip, I feel a slick of lipstick can really brighten up a dull outfit and my mood!

6. Lust: Which item is at the top of your beauty wish list?
So many! I'm always seeing things I fancy adding to the old collection. At the moment though is a MAC pro eyeshadow palette, a YSL Rouge volupte lipstick and the Nars Laguna bronzer. Well a girl can dream!

7. Envy: Which make up product or look do you think looks great on others but not on yourself?
Without a doubt, Nude lipstick. It  completely washes me out and just makes me look ill! I'm not sure if this is something I've just got into my head but from past experience a nude lip is a `no`. Let me know if you struggle with nude lipstick as well! 

I really enjoyed this tag! Now I would like to tag...

2. Kia

If I haven't tagged you specifically please still do this tag! I would love to read your answers :) 

Wednesday 24 July 2013

All you need is love.

OOTD #21

Howdy everyone,
 I hope you're all enjoying your summer holidays, and if you're not off, then you're enjoying your life generally! Sorry if this is a bit of a cop out of an OOTD, but I really wanted to share a picture of my wedding outfit with you :)

Fascinator- Accessorize
Earrings- River Island
Dress- Miss Selfridge
Bracelet- Gift (Miss selfridge)
Watch- Olivia Burton
Clutch- New Look
Shoes- Deichmann

It was such a beautiful wedding; the sun was shining but it wasn't to hot or muggy, the venue was incredible at it was so lovely to catch up with people we haven't seen for years.

Sorry this was such a short post, but I really wanted to share this with you guys! I wrote more in depth about a few bits and bobs to do with this outfit here so check that out as well! 
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Are you going to a wedding this summer? 

Monday 22 July 2013

Celebrity style #4: Anne Hathaway.

Hello everyone :)
Its time for the fourth installment of celebrity style *yay* I haven't done one of these posts in forever, but the time has come! 
This weeks celeb is the fabulous Anne Hathaway. Anne is one of my favourite actors; hello Les Mis, Bride-wars and The Devil wears Prada :)

Let's start with her casual style;


1. This is quite a typical `Anne` look. She seems to often favor eastern inspired prints and this gorgeous blouse is the perfect example of that. Anne is also seldom seen with out a pair of sunglasses (see above!) and I love the shape of these ones. The navy trousers and flats keep this outfit practical but far from boring.

2. I think this is my favourite laid back look. I just adore the way this dress fits Anne; it's super flattering but also looks really comfy and relaxed. I would never think of wearing orange with this oatmeal-y colour, but it looks fantastic! Your attention is drawn to the shoes but the dress still makes an impression; top marks Anne!

3. Next we have a really simple, classic outfit. I'm a huge fan of skinny jeans and I love how Anne has paired this black pair with patent brogues. Mixing blue and black can occasionally be a risky business but Anne gets it spot on. I'm also very envious of that bag!

I always look out for what Anne is wearing at red carpet events, and I can say she never seems to put a designer-high-heeled-foot wrong!


1. This look is my ablouste favourite on Anne. I think she just looks stunning. This couture Chanel ensemble highlights her amazing figure and is just so elegant. White has been all over the red carpet lately, but the secret seems to be keeping it simple, understated and chic, which is certainly what Anne has done.

2. Strictly speaking this isn't a red carpet look but I though it was only right to include a LBD! especially as this Dolce and Gabbana one is so sweet. It's so simple but Anne really makes it work. Pairing it with this long antique-y necklace makes all the difference, and of course, a pair of sunnies! 

3. This dress seems very 20's inspired and Anne's pixie cut can only add to the effect! The beading is stunning and I love the strappy top. This is a bit random but one reason I have a soft spot for Anne is she is always smiling which I find incredibly endearing!

Anne's makeup also always gorgeous;

1. I love this youthful pink look. The finish is very dewy and her glowing blusher really extenuates that. Anne has really lovely brown eyes and has gone for a purple look here which really brings them out :)

2. When Anne cut her long hair, a lot of people weren't keen but I personalty love her new do! Her hair looks so sleek and glossy which looks amazing with this vampy makeup look and I'm now dieing to know what lipstick this is!
3. Lastly is a nude lip and smokey eye combo. I love how the eyes have been made slightly `cat-eye` as well. Anne's brows are always immaculate as well, can she get anything wrong!

So that's my take on Anne Hathaway's style :)
 I'm still pretty shocked that it is actually feeling summery in the UK, I'm just not used to not being able to complain about the weather! I've also just herd that Kate (Middleton) is in the earlier stages of labor, so I'm mentally sending my best wishes :)

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Whats your favorite outfit? Do you a fan of Anne Hathaway?

Friday 19 July 2013

Haul: Wedding make up and accessories.

Hiya sweets,
 Oh summer holidays how I love thee... I'm now off for six weeks! *does a little dance*

Tomorrow, one of my Mum's closest friends is getting married, so that obviously means a wedding! I haven't been to one since I was four, I was the cute little bridesmaid :)
 Anyway, pack to present day! I wrote this post awhile ago, outlining how desperate I was to find a pair of shoes, but I now have everything sorted; hurrah!

As you can see, I'm going for a distinctly pink theme! My dress the the only thing not included in this haul, this is it but in a nude-y pink shade :) 

So, starting with my shoes. There was a bit of a saga to find these; I originally ordered the ones I featured in the my earlier post from ASOS but they were literally crippling! My poor little toes were completely squished wearing them for two minutes let alone an entire wedding so they had to be sent on their merry way, I guess somethings are eleven pounds in the sale for a reason! After being pretty put out because this were definitely not right, me and my mum went shopping the next day and found these beauts;

So pretty! I don't really wear heels at all, so I can't walk in anything that is the size of the empire state building very high, but these are perfect for my inexperience feet! 
They're such a pretty pink shade and I'm sure I'll wear these if I fancy dressing up to go out or whatever :) They're from Deichmann and only £14.99! 

I also had a bit of trouble finding a clutch I liked (talk about pointless 1st world problems, blimey!) but I decided to go for this offering from New Look;

I adore the roes gold details from the studs and the chain, and just the overall feel of the bag. It's big enough for all my bits and pieces without being OTT (just thought I'd let you know I actually typed OOTD then, oh the blogger in me!) It was a bargain at £12.99 as well. 

This is properly my favourite thing in this haul;

Just look at it! I was admiring this a few weeks ago in Accessorize but A) I didn't have my dress with me to check how the colour went and B) It was something crazy like £40 at full price, yikes. However, when I went in the next weekend, low and behold I had my dress and they had a sale on. In short, it was the perfect colour and half price, high five for waiting a week! These pictures really don't do it justice, but take it from me;  it's a work of blumin' art. 

Now onto make up, obviously I have the rest of my makeup collection to play with and help create the perfect look, but I knew there were a few things I needed! As I said, I'm thinking pink, so that's really what I went for.
I've wanted to try one of these 24 hour colour tattoo's for an age, so I though this was a great time to pick one up. This is my favourite shade from the range, I just wish they had more neutrals, because sadly I'm not a purple or turquoise girl!

I also picked up a new Collection why is it not still 2000 product. It was on offer for £2.50 so I couldn't resist because I love an eye-shadow stick. My plan is to wear this all over the lid and they have to colour tattoo in the outer corner and crease. I've tried it out and I think it looks pretty good!

As it is a wedding I'm going to, I thought it might look a bit weird wearing heaving winged liner *cries* For this reason, I deiced a pair of eyelashes was in order, just so that my eyes don't disappear into the vortex of time. Now I've never really worn eyelashes, I've tried some out before but never actually worn them. I've always heard great things about Eylure so I figured they were the brand to go with. I didn't want an extremely dramatic pair so I went for these. With lashings of mascara hopefully I won't miss my eyeliner too much!

The next two products are more essentials than specifically for the wedding, one of them being the Rimmel stay matte powder;

This is a blogger favourite and although I'm not sure it totally lives up to the hype, it is fine for a basic powder. I mean a powder will only ever be a powder! 

I also popped a new concealer into my basket. I find my favourite collection one really drying so I thought I would try something new, in the form of this . I really like it at the moment, let me know if you would like to see a review :) 

The last item I purchased was this lipstick, sadly, I don't really like it! When I swatched it on my hand it looked like an actual solid colour but on the lips it's more of a pearlescent shade. Well, if you know me,  you should know that I am not a fan of anything shiny on my lips, I much prefer a matte finish. However, I am going to make the best of it and wear it over my trusty pink cream puff; lip situation saved!

I'm getting my haircut in a bit so I will be 100% ready! But if they do more than a `trim` I might cry... Anyway, I obviously won't be able to post tomorrow but I'll try and get some decent picture of my outfit :)

What do you think of my purchases? Are you going to a wedding this summer?

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