Bucket list.

 In no particular order...
1. Go to a music festival.
2. Have a proper shopping spree in London.
3. Treat someone I love.
4. Raise a large sum of money for charity.
5. Do something spontaneous.
6. Go on a girls holiday.
7.Visit as many famous landmarks as I can and take a touristy picture next to them.
8. Go to Paris.
9. Have a movie marathon.
10. Be involved in a flash mob.
11. Road trip America.
12. Have a penpal *hey Alex*
13. Reach a big milestone on my blog (500 followers?).
14. Own a pet.
15. Go to IMATs with my sister.
16. Go to Uni.
17. Meet new people.
18.Take pictures in a photobooth.
19.Do some DIY.
20.Do well at school.
21. Watch a sunrise. 
22. Be romantic with someone.
23. Read all the books I want to. 
24. Try as many new foods as I can.
25.Try something crazy.
26.Dance in the rain. 
27. Run through a fountain at night.
28. Attach a lock to the lovers bridge.
29. Be an extra in a film.
30. Cook every recipe in a book.
31. Have children.
32. Do a proper photo-shoot for my blog.
33.Write a message in a bottle and throw it into the ocean.
34. Arrange a surprise party for someone.
35. Be featured in a magazine.
36.Own a Mulberry handbag.
37. Let off a Chinese lantern at night.
38. Go to London fashion week.
39.Camp on a beach.
40. Plant and grow my own tree.
41.Get another piercing.
42.Cook Christmas diner for my family.
43.Meet my favourite bloggers. *I met Zoe and Louise!*
44. Leave my hand print in wet concrete.
45. Go to the Harry potter studios.
46.Get a natural tan.
47. Try making something using a potters wheel.
48.Try skiing.
49. Go to prom.
50. Make a scrapbook.
51.Watch another Broadway show.
52.Find somewhere secret.
53. Get married.
54. Spend a day taking pictures of things.
55.Go to a spa.
56. Walk down a red carpet.
57.Watch all the Disney cartoons.
58.Relive childhood memories.
59.By a bottle of perfume in duty free.
60. Join a gym.
61. Ride on a gondolier in Venice.
62. Eat Italian food in Italy.
63. See Taylor Swift on tour.
64.Swim  in a tropical sea.
65. Go on a massive rollercoaster *went on the Smiler at Alton Towers*
 66.Go snorkeling. 
67.Go to disneyland
68.Complete a `wreck this journal`
69. Do a blog swap.
70. Learn all the words to Les Mis 
71. Get a Henna tattoo.
72. Own a Polaroid camera.

I will be adding to this and crossing things out so be sure to check back every now and then!


  1. I really love this idea to have a bucketlist on your blog. i stumbled across your blog today and i love it!!

    tabithacourtney.blogspot.co.uk (new fashion and lifestyle blog)

  2. I was just scrolling through & saw you met Zoe & Louise! That is so exciting! I would love to meet them! :)

    Maggie D. xx


  3. that's a great idea!!! i may do something like this myself because there is soooo much i want to do

    have a great day!



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