Sunday 29 March 2015

Charity shop finds #3 (and where I've been!)

Hello everyone, remember me?
It's been over two months since my last blog post. I never intended to take a break, but February was a tricky month as I was ill and I had lots of family stuff going on, and March has flow by so quickly I simply haven't have the time, with English coursework, French mocks and work keeping me busy. However since it's the Easter break and I've missed blogging so much I'm vowing to get back into the swing of things! 

Yesterday my Mum, Sister and myself went out for some lunch and did a bit of charity shopping in Stony Stratford. I can't tell you how nice it was to have break from revision and going into work! I find thrifting can be really hit and miss, I'll either see nothing at all and have a bit of a waisted trip, or come home with loads, and this time was definitely the later! 


One thing I picked up was the navy, red and cream striped top. I am a stripe addict so this caught my eye straight away! Its Zara so is super soft and feels like really nice quality. It's a large so has a cosy over-sized fit. 


This H&M top was only £1.50! As I said, huge lover of stripes so for a such a low price I couldn't really leave this. It's again a slouchy fit on me which I love, perfect for sixth form and I already know what I'm going to wear this with so look out for an outfit post! 


I thought thought this goregous crochet cami would be lovely for the summer moths. I really like the dainty straps and I feel like I'll get so much wear out of it when the weather warms up. 


I love the simplicity of this top, it's something I feel Audrey Hepburn would have totally rocked. I'll wear it tucked into skirts and anything highwaisted. 


This was technically not my purchase but I have to share the jacket my sister bought! It looks so smart and the nicest length. I wish it wasn't so huge on me or I would be stealing it 24/7!


I think this skirt has to be my favourite purchase. It's vintage so has that lovely '50s shape, so super flattering on the waist. The combination of colours and the pinstripe design make me so so excited to wear it for a stroll along the beach! 


One little trinket I found was this adorable metal elephant, It looks so cute on my window sill next to another one I have. 


Finally is this mason jar glass, not actually from a charity shop, but I though I would include it here anyway. It's the most adorable design which I'm sure will encourage me to keep my water intake up! 

So that's what I found! A pretty successful trip I would say. 
It's my birthday next week (17!) so I have lots of fun things planned, as well as a stack of revision bigger than me to get done, so I will do my best to keep posting. I have honestly missed blogging so much, how are you all?! Do let me know if there are any specific posts you would like to see :)

What have you been up to lately? Are you a fan of charity shopping?


  1. Yey! You're back Alice! You found some lovely items :) Can't wait to see more posts x

    Lydia //

  2. I'm glad to see your back, revision can be a pain. I love that skirt.
    Bows of Style

  3. Yay, I've missed you! Glad you are back to blogging, I really like the black top you picked up, nice! If you have time please check out my latest blog post

  4. You found such adorable things, it's making me wanna go charity shopping so bad right now aha! I especially love the crochet cami, I feel like it's perfect for when the summer comes back around :) Hope you're having a lovely day!!

    Nabeela x

  5. I'm so in love with that mason jar, it would definitely encourage me to keep up my water intake, especially during dreaded exam season! Also love that jacket your sister got, such a cool shape and it looks so slick and smart!


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