Tuesday 30 April 2013

We were caught up and lost in all of our vice's.

Hello everyone, I just want to get my sorry's out of the way now, I haven't blogged since last Saturday! What is this? So I'm really trying my hardest to get back on the metaphorical blogging horse this week :) 

So, I have an outfit post for you lovely lot today. Me and my family went up to London on sunday to celebrate my mum's birthday; we went to see the Roy Lichtenstein exhibition in the Tate modern , and then had an amazing meal there afterwards :)  But anyway, enough of that, you're here to see what I wore!

Jacket- Asos
Necklace- Mum's :)
Earrings- Primark
Crop top- Topshop
Ring- H&M
Jeans- H&M 
Converse- Office

Firstly can I just apologise for how tired/awkward/PALE I look in the above pictures, I am seriously going to have to fake tan this summer, because the whole  `Caspar the Ghost` look really isn't doing it for me!

I've worn this crop top in an OOTD before, what can I say? I just love it! I find it really does go with everything, I love the simplicity of it and just the fit in general,  I'm going to be wearing this to death I can tell you! I really hope Topshop bring out some more summery colours soon.

I have been wanting to wear these jeans since I got them for my Birthday, and they have finally had their first outing! I think their really simple in principle, but really do make a bold statement :) I did get  few weird looks from some old ladies in London , but oh well! I really love them, but I'm sure their not to everyones taste.

I have my current favourite nail polish on as well, H&M `Blue my mind` I'm not quite feeling springy enough for pastels, so this almost neon cornflower blue is my answer and the moment :)

I didn't want to wear too much jewelry with such loud trousers on, so I just went with a simple pair of stud earrings and a little gold  ring: 

But of course I'm wearing my Mum's necklace, Converse and watch again!

What do you think of my outfit? Are these jeans your cup of tea?


Sunday 21 April 2013

My skincare routine.

Hello everyone, sorry I haven't been that active on the blogging front lately, I've had lots of revision and homework to do, and honestly I haven't known what to post!

Anyway, I thought I would share my skincare routine with you, I personally really enjoy knowing  what products people use :) I would say I have combination skin; it can be quite oily in places, but then very dry in others. I also have quite large pore, which I absolutely despise! as well as the usual teenage blemishes.

So, when I wake up, I splash my face with water and then tone using this Simple `Kind to skin soothing toner` this leaves my skin feeling clean and supple, as well as really smooth.

I then moisturise with another Simple product, the `hydrating light moisturiser` this is such a good product for my skin type as it really does leave my skin feeling nourished and hydrated for a long time. It also sinks in really fast which is a bonus for my hectic mornings!

If I have any spots that really need getting rid of, I like to target them with this Simple `spot zapper`. I find this is actually really effective, so if like me you get quite obvious, and sometimes sore spots, I would definitely recommend this product :)

Skip of few hours, and before I go to bed, in-order to take of my eye makeup, I like to use the Simple make up remover.

As you can see, I have a bit for a love for this brand, I find some products can be too harsh for my skin, and often end up leaving it looking worse than when I started! But Simple things are always really gentle and do the job perfectly. They also don't contain any unnecessary chemicals, colours or perfumes, so are really beneficial in that sense as well:).

Next, I use a Primark face wipe to remove the majority of my facial make up. Their really cheap and fuss free, although they can tempt you into not cleansing properly!

With that said, I always like to use a proper face wash after , either the Witch `pore minimising gel wash` or the Neutrogena `Visibly clear facial wash`. Lately, I have been leaning more towards my Witch one, because of my dry winter skin I find the Neutrogena lacks the moisture my skin needs, although I'm sure I will be using it a lot more now, as it smells so amazing! I also like to use an exfoliater once a week (I forgot to photograph the one I use, typical!) but it's also a Witch product and I find it really effective, as it isn't to harsh.

Finally for the night, I use my Simple moisturiser again and the `spot zapper`, which will work it's magic while I sleep :)

Once or twice a month, I also like to use a face mask, I find this Mudd one does wonders for my skin, It feels incredibly soft and clean after every time I use it.

So that's my current routine! I tend to stick to this as it works really well for me, but I do want to try the hugely hyped up Liz Earle cleanse and polish, Bioderma and the Origins super spot remover :)

What's your favourite skin care brand? Do you use any of the products I love?


Thursday 18 April 2013

Tell me that you've had enough of our love.

Another outfit post for you lovely lot today :) This is what I wore for my first day back at school (mines non-uniform)

T-shirt- Topshop
Belt- H&M
Skirt- International 
Tights- Tesco
Converse- Office

I had been wanting a denim style skater skirt for quite a while and I was so pleased when I picked this one up! It's a really lovely shade of blue (cornflower I would say) and I think really suits my complexion. It's not actually denim, but a really soft jersey material, I think if it was real denim I would run the risk of looking a bit  cowgirl! 

I bought this t-shirt a little while ago but I just love the colour! It also has little speckles of blue, green, orange and more red running through it, which makes it a bit for interesting that just a plain top.

I told you you would be seeing my converse! These shoes are officially my babies at the moment, I'm going to try my hardest to keep they white... I think they look really cute with skirts and add a more casual spin to this outfit. 

I just have my usual jewelry on, My mum's gold twisty necklace and my miss selfridge pyramid earrings  I'm sure you don't want to see yet another picture of them!

Of course, I'm also wearing my watch! 

What do you think of my outfit? How was your first day back at school?

Tuesday 16 April 2013


Seen as we have just had the Easter holiday, it means I've had plenty of time to shop! I have had Birthday money and have been saving up for about two months in order to go on  a bit of a spree, so this is what I have bought recently :)

On this trip I really wanted to buy some new clothes, but not much really caught my eye. However, as you  can see, I did much better in Boots and Superdrug!

Let me start with my new Converse :)

I had been wanting these for quite some time and have already worn them so much! They are pretty expensive for a pair of canvas shoes, but I personally think they are worth it as you get really do get great quality.I have a feeling these are going to be in a lot of OOTD's soon!

I also made some Mac purchases :) (my first can you believe it!) my lovely Lauren got me a Mac voucher for my birthday, which you can imagine went down pretty well!

I deiced to get a lipstick in the shade `Pink nouveau` 

I love this colour so much! it's a perfect bubblegum pink, with out being too `in your face` I think this is going to look so gorgeous with so many colours, particularly white in the summer :)

I also picked up the much raved about `Fix +` to try 

I've been really enjoying spritzing this onto my skin before applying my make up lately, and after if I'm looking a bit powdery :)

Boots had a 3 for 2 on (never good if your trying not to spend to much!) so I picked up some things I've been wanting for a while.

I recently ran out of my beloved Health mix foundation but fancied a bit of a change...

Step up Rimmel match perfection! This foundation is really good! I was dithering between this and the `Wake me up` one, but seen as I'm not really into foundation with a glowy/ dewy finish, I went for this, and I have to say I've been really loving it :) I found they also had a wide colour range, and I think this one is a great match for my fair skin. 

I needed a new eyeliner and have heard great things about this one, so I thought I would pick it up.

At first I found it quite hard to work with, I'm used to using a dip- in liner , technical term there ;) which is kind of ironic considering their famously harder to use, but after a bit of practice I've become  fine with this and actually really like it. 

One thing I knew I wanted to buy were some Rimmel Acpocalips!

I chose the shades `Big bang` , `Apocaliptic` and `Celestial` and I have to say they defiantly live up to the hype :) 

I also picked up a Balmi, which happened to be half price! while this was great, it did mean they only had the peppermint one left, however, I actually really like the flavour! 

The last thing that managed to find its way into my basket in Boots was this Rimmel Scandaleyes eye shadow stick:

I was just drawn to they colour :) the Balmi wasn't actually on the 3 for 2, so when the lady told me I could still have one thing for free, I dashed back to get this! I love the consistency and it's really easy to use :)

In Superdrug, I bought a new red lip liner (thrilling stuff!) and the new MUA undressed palette. 

There's not much to say about this, I just needed this!

As I think I have mentioned before, I'm trying to get a bit more creative with my eyes, I want do do more than just my eyeliner! so I thought this would be a good way to play around with some eye shadow, and for four ponds, whats not to like!

We also went into international, where I bought this gorgeous denim look skater skirt

This is actually from the kids bit because the adult one looked weird!  I actually wore this today for my first day back at school :) (OOTD to come!)

The last thing I bought on this trip was this really cute hair bow

I cant wait to wear this at the back of a messy bun, just to make it a bit more interesting :)

I also went shopping another time, (I know, addicted) mainly to go to Primark because there isn't really one close to wear I live, so when ever I go it becomes a bit of a trip :p

I'll start from the top :) 
One basic thing I bought were these `shoe liners` 

Not hugely exciting, but I needed them :) I do like the colours though, theses are just what I like to wear under short Converse and Vans.

As these are £1 for two (I will never get over that!) I always pick these up. I like to use them to take of my facial make up before actually cleansing :).

I popped these into my basket as my other eyelash curlers have lost their spring, and for a pound, you cant go wrong :) 

  Next up, hairbands! I like the Primark ones because a) their crazy cheap and b) they don't have the metal bit which can damage your hair.

Unusually for me, I didn't actually see that much jewelry that I liked, but I did pick up some earrings :)
Firstly, these gorgeous arrow head style ones. I'm not usually a big fan of drop earrings, but I love these, also, they were just a pound! I think these also look a bit Topshop. 

 The other pair are these simple oval studs, there just simple, but I rather like them :) 

I think Primark is the perfect place for me to buy sunglasses, I'm sure if I bought an expensive pair I would end up breaking or loosing them! Anyway, when I saw these I feel in love a little, as you may have realised from reading my blog, I adore anything vintagey! so of course these appealed to me :)

One of the items of clothing I picked up is the gorgeous peplum top! look at the print! My mum actually saw this and said she new I was going to pick it up :)

Another top I spied is this sporty style crop, I love the sort of see through material and the motif :)

I also bought this simple top for school, bit boring, but I do like the colour :)

Another crop top?! I seem to be slightly addicted :) I love the cute Disney print on this one. I like that the bottom of it is actually finished as well! often I find crop tops are left un-hemmed and start to fray really easily (I'm looking at you Topshop!)

Lastly from Primark, my Mum kindly bought me some new PJ's :) I think I'm defo going to have to wait for summer to wear these, but I can't wait too!

We popped into new look as well, and I saw that they were selling these t-shirts for £5 instead of £7.99, so I thought I would bag my self a bit of a bargin! I love the blue colour and the grey will go with everything. 

And last but not least, I bought theses cuter than cute socks from River Island :) They are going to look so sweet  with my new converse :)

Few, that was a long post! thank you if you read this far! I think I can safely say, that's it for a while and my bank balance officially hates me :)

What have you bought recently? What do you think of my purchases?

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