Tuesday 30 September 2014

Inspo no.4.

Hello everyone, 
I've been back on my favorite website; Pinterest! My whole feed is slowly turning more and more autumnal which fills me with so much joy, these few months are my favorite. These are some of the photos that have caught my eye, I'm really feeling simple, basic pieces that can be thrown on with ease, as well as blue and black.

With less than a month until I'll be walking the streets of Paris, i'm feeling heavily influenced by effortless french style, so stripes and simple lines are whats on my lust list! Also, the perfect coats, I am determined to find one that I love this year, I've already tried on some contenders, but do let me know the best places to look. I'm also counting down to the day that it's cold enough to wear a scarf again, hounds-tooth and tartan are my ultimate faves, I need to hunt down that double sided Primark one that has both! I'm also obsessed with backpacks like the one in the last picture, so chic.
What's inspiring you at the moment? 

Wednesday 24 September 2014

Maybe I pulled the panic cord.

OOTD #57

Hello my loves, everyone's week going well? I took these photos hours before I ombred my hair, it feels weird seeing it like this already!
This is a super simple outfit that brings together some items that I've been living in lately. 

Crop top- Topshop
Watch- Olivia Burton 
Jeans- H&M
Belt- Primark 
Shoes- Topshop

I never thought I'd be a Mom jeans gal, but after trying on a few pairs I was hooked on finding some! This H&M pair fitted the bill nicely, a goregous denim wash, perfect turn ups and flattering high waist. They are still too big for me around the waist  (story of my life) but this Primani belt sorts that problem out nicely. 

I've broken these shoes in! I was moaning about them in my last outfit post, but they're all good now, become a total fave of mine, they go with everything. 

Watch on as per, I'm always complemented on it which is just lovely :)

I'm still snowed under with sixth form work, although I am going to Oxford this Saturday which should be good, one of my favorite places ever. 

What do you think of my outfit? What are you up to this week? 

Sunday 21 September 2014

Going Ombre: Bleach London dip dye kit review.

Hello everyone, 
You will do doubt know if you follow me on Instagram or twitter, that I Ombred my hair yesterday. I've wanted to do it since the trend started, but as ever I was last to the party, I just had the urge to do it and I'm so so pleased with the result. Huge shoutout to my fab bestie and fellow blogger Lauren, and too my sister for doing it for me,  without whom my hair would probably be a complete mess!

I went with the Bleach London kit, after lots of research and a quick chat with Eleanor who I had a huge ombre crush on, I was sold. This kit is so easy and contains everything you need, all for just £7!

So in the kit you get two sachets of the bleaching powder , plus the developing lotion which you mix together to actually dye your hair in the tray using the brush. The Blending lotion was one of my favourite things about it the kit, it means no harsh blocky line. You're also given a reincarnation mask which made my hair feel so soft, me and Lauren were shocked! The last thing is a pair of comically large gloves, why so big Bleach?!

The first thing we did was read the instructions very very carefully, they are worded a little confusingly, but were really easy enough to follow. 

We started by sectioning my hair up. We split in into my top layers and bottom layers, clipping the top parts up. Then we applied the blending lotion to above were we wanted the ombre to start and massaging it in, so about two and a half inches below my ear. This was purely down to personal preference, the kit recommended just below the chin, but really it depends on the length of your hair.  

Lauren in the ridiculous gloves! Obviously when dealing with bleach and other chemicals it's importation to keep them on at all times 

The next step was to mix up the bleach. You simply pour the right things in and give it a good mix. We didn't use even a third of the bleach, it made so much!

Then you  get it on, you can see at the top of this picture that it lighted my hair pretty much from the start. All you do is use the brush supplied to paint it onto the hair. You want to concentrate on getting a gradient, so apply more towards the ends. I left it on for 25 minutes in total and that was just right. I have naturally pretty fair hair with some quite blonde bits around the front, so this kit was perfect. After the times up, you wash it with shampoo twice, then leave the reincarnation mask on for 10-15 minutes, then blow dry (with lots of heat protectant)

I bought the John Freida sheer blonde colour renew shampoo and conditioner, just to keep brassy tones at bay. I'll report back as to if they do their job!

This is the result;

I love it so so much! I was really worried about it being ginger, or having that awful line along the back, but o mu relief the opposite happened! The colour is a lovely buttery blonde, and it's really blended. 

I would with out a doubt recommend it, the whole thing cost me just £13 (good old boots 3 for 2) and I don't think I would have been more pleased if I'd got it done professionally. A few people have even asked me if it was done by a pro! 

What do you think of my ombre? Have you tried this kit? 

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