Wednesday, 25 September 2013

My first time tag.

Hiya everyone,
 I feel like I haven't done a tag in forever, so when the lovely Elise tagged me I was really looking forward to doing it! The whole `my first time` thing was started by the gorgeous Louise who I'm sure needs no introduction, so that made me even more excited to do it :) 

First bestfriend- My first ever best friend was a boy called Troy who went to the same  nursery as me, we used to play cinderella, him being my prince charming obviously hehe. My first bestfriend in school was a girl called Tegen, I introduced myself by tapping her on the shoulder and simply asking is she wanted to be my best friend and we have been ever since. If only everything was that simple eh? 

First concert- My first concert was seeing One Direction last year. They were amazing! I went with my friend Lauren and although we were literally two rows from the back of the o2, we had a fab time!

First celebrity crush- I'm not actually sure for this one! Probably Zac Efron to be honest, I went through the whole High school musical stage and I mean, look at the man.

First word- Pretty much just the generic `muma` `dada`, although my mum told me that `remote` was also one of my first words.  

First job- As I'm a fifteen year old, I obviously haven't really had any jobs, but I do a paper round, and I recently did two weeks work experience in a cafe.

First phone- First phone was so tiny! I had a silver sony ericsson t303 which was one of those slidy phones. Lets just say it wasn't a smart phone by any stretch of the imagination...

First tweet- Right I know I'm like the only person in the entire world, but I don't actually have twitter, not for any reason particularly, I just don't. My first Intagram picture on the other had was this one of me and some of my friends getting ready for my birthday meal.

First makeup item- I think it was a Collection mascara, it was pretty good actually!  How cute this this picture of me from one Chirstmas? I'd cleary been bought one of those cheapy make up sets and had rather a lot of fun with it!

So I would like to tag JadeEmma and Joni as well as anyone else who would like to do this :) 

Be sure to let me know if you do this and don't forget to enter my MAC lipstick giveaway


  1. This is such a fun tag :)
    I don't have twitter too, oh well. xx

    // Inês Paúl //

  2. I love this tag and have really enjoyed reading it on your wonderful blog. xoxo

    Like free stuff? Check out my international giveaway HERE

  3. Awww that picture is sooooooo adorable:) loved the post:-)xxx
    -from Annie ToadRoad

  4. This was a really cute and interesting tag! :)

  5. What a saucy picture of me haha. Omg cant believe its bit that long since we saw them!

    1. Haha yeah be both lok are best :p + I know! x

  6. Hiya, just letting you know I tagged you for the Liebster Award, you can see it here - :) You have a great blog!

  7. Fabulous post, thanks for tagging me - the post will be up soon! X

  8. I love posts like this! The collection mascara was one of my firsts too!


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