Thursday 19 September 2013

Trend #5 : Totally Tartan.

Hello everyone :)
Guess what, this is my 100th post! I'm so proud that I've reached this milestone considering I've only been blogging since March. I feel like I've been blogging for about two minutes, so here's to another 100 posts! *raises mug of tea*

Anyway, onto todays trend, I'm absolutely loving tartan this season! I'm sure you're aware of this trend because everyone has been going crazy for it. 


Zara peter pan dress / Topshop plaid t shirt / Fashion Union Navy pleated skirt,  / Glamorous tartan playsuit, /Vivienne Westwood Tartan Card Wallet /Topman Red Tartan Scarf

My personal favourite has to be the Zara dress, look at it! I'm a sucker for anything with a collar so this ticks all of the boxes for me. I love the sort of schoolgirl feel it has to it, just too cute. Obviously I had to include some thing designed by the queen of tartan herself, Vivienne Westwood. I love the bright colours, it makes it a bit different, sadly this is definitely put of my price range, waahh. I have also been eyeing up the Topshop tee for a while, but I think it's pretty overpriced for what it is, if you've seen anything similar for cheaper let me know! Of course this wouldn't have been complete with out a tartan scarf, a total autumn classic. 

I hope you're all having a good saturday so far, I'm going to Costa later for my first hot drink of the season! 

What do you think of this trend? What's your favourite item?

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  1. I love the dress! It's so pretty and I love collars too! I also quite like the skirt and playsuit. I'm definitely going to have splash out a bit to buy some tartan clothing this season!
    Alice x

  2. The dress is my favourite too :) I love how you could put a white sleeved top under it when it gets a bit colder as well xo

  3. Everything on here's lovely, I adore that scarf! x

  4. I can tell tartan is going to be one of my favourite trends this year! Love these picks xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog

  5. Love the look of the playsuit and scarf! Totally agree, a tartan scarf is a must have for the colder months!

  6. I don't think this trend is my style but the shirt looks lovely ;) xx

    // Inês Paúl //


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